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  1. Sunnymaboy - your only interest is in proving others wrong? Presumably, you think that only you have the truth? But if so why not. Post about the subject of the thread. For example it has been shown that most so called science miracles in the Quran are the result fallacious reasoning so let's hear your refutation
  2. Merits Of Zakah

    One wonders if this.amounts to EARNING Allah's mercy meaning that it is not really mercy but a kind of reward? I would rather expect it to be the Christian and Jewish what that you do good deeds exactly BECAUSE you have been shown mercy.
  3. The idea that science 'improves' overtime is slightly misleading since occasionally what was thought to be true is totally discarded.
  4. The great Jewish philosopher Isaiah Berlin said every idea down through the ages (including all religions) can be classified into three groups: those that can be proved by science, those that can be proved by logic and perhaps the biggest group those that fall in the middle. Indeed the middle has all the things that are really interesting - why am I here, what does life mean and and what's its purpose, why do we find music in every society etc. It is obvious that Islam (or any other religion) cannot be proved to be true for the simple reason that if it could be proved we would have no rational choice other than to believe. Instead we seek for the religion that gives the best explanation of the way things are. For me that best explanation is Christianity.
  5. The science in the Qur’ān claim commits a logical fallacy called the fallacy of the undistributed middle. This fallacy is where two different things are equated due to a common middle ground that is misused. Below is a generic example: An example: John needs oxygen to survive My dog needs oxygen to survive Therefore John is my dog As can be seen above, the middle ground that is misused is oxygen. Although the first two premises are true, that both John and my dog need oxygen to survive, it doesn’t follow that John is my dog. Most of the science in the Qur’ān arguments commit this type of fallacy. Below is a summary: A description of a scientific fact A uses C A description in the Qur’ān B uses C Therefore, the description in the Qur’ān B is the description of A The following are some specific examples: The scientific fact in embryology is the implantation of the blastocyst in the uterine wall. Implantation can be attributed as a safe place. The Qur’ān uses the words qarārin and makīn, which can mean a safe place. Therefore, the Qur’ān is describing the scientific fact of the implantation of the blastocyst. In the above syllogism, it doesn’t follow that the words qarārin makīn (a safe place) imply the process of implantation just because it to shares the attribute of a safe place. The argument will only be valid if all descriptions of qarārin makīn refers to, and describes, the process of implantation. Since qarārin makīn can also refer to the womb, which was the 7th century understanding of the words, then the argument is invalid. The mere correlation between a Qur’ānic word and a scientific process or description does not ascertain the intended meaning of the verse.
  6. Importance Of Iman

    I see it says 'whom Allah wants to guide' so what makes All WANT to guide - is it just a matter of chance or whim or what?
  7. Where do you get this notion of 'best person' from and is Allah so limited that he can only use those?
  8. Allah Is The One Who Gives Light And Guidance

    If this is true one wonders why so many Islsmic nations are in turmoil and the export that misery to others
  9. The Seal Of The Prophets

    I think we need to be clear what is meant by prophet. Usually, Christians say there are two kinds of prophesy: foretelling and fourth telling - that is we might get prophesies about the future but more often prophets explain the scriptures. In this sense neither Mohammed or Jesus was the last of the prophets since anyone with the Spirit of God can tell us or explain to us the scriptures. We also say that any piece of scripture has only one meaning but many applications since a scripture which cannot be applied at any time or place is worthless.
  10. Muhammed

    What exactly is the 'Covenant of the Prophets'
  11. The Significance Of Prayer In Quran

    In what spence can prayer prohibit anything. Perhaps you means that if you are doing wrong the your prayer is invalid?
  12. If we look at Muslim majority countries with their intolerance and lack of common freedoms one wonders if Islam has anything to offer in a modern world. We don't see science flourishing and it terms of simple things like book production the output of Islamic countries is pitifully small
  13. Freedom And Law

    As I read the news I wonder why freedom is such a rare quality in Muslim majority lands. Even if we take Turkey which is supposed to have a secular constitution we see that it has the worst record in the world for locking up journalists. It seems that Islam wants everyone to pray in the same way to dress in the same way to speak only Arabic so conformity is it seems to me demanded and so Islam deposes any culture not its own. This reminds me of the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible where the whole world spoke a single language but God intervened and so multiple languages and cultures were born. The lesson is clear, forced conformity brings intolerance and the hate of the other.
  14. The Spirit Of Islam

    Being indifferent to pleasure and pain makes you deny your humanity. If one believes that everything comes from God it seems illogical to regards all such things the same.
  15. One Of My Friends Was Killed Today

    Perhaps you should read the fllowing http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6754/palestinian-jihad-lies But we might discuss whose land is involved. We can go back almost 3,000 years and see invasion by Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Muslim armies etc.
  16. One Of My Friends Was Killed Today

    first of all I didn't say theWest Bank was democratic and free, you invented that, you told a lie. But tell me are you happy with the genocidal values of the Palestinians? Why rant against isreal but say nothing about the huge number of Palestinians killed in the Arab states?
  17. One Of My Friends Was Killed Today

    It's is always sad when lives are lost to violence but this violence has been generated by virulent and genocidal hatred shown by Hamas and PA leaders. Jews have always lived in israel for about 3.000 years and much of the land they occupy now was actually bough from absentee Arab landlord who thought the land worthless. You want it seems to replace the only democratic and free society in the Middle East with genocidal regimes. Why don't you find out how the average Palestinian is treated by their own governments or how many Palestinians are killed not by israel but other Arab powers?
  18. No but neither did the modern violin which incidentally is derived from instruments from Arab culture. But what is this prophesy you speak of as there is nothing as far as I know in the Quran.
  19. GENESIS 1:1-5. These first five verses contain the account of the first day of creation. The 33 Hebrew words used have a numerical value of 6188, or 884 x 7 The total value of the 33 initial letters used is 2401, or 7x7x7x7 (or49x49) The 16 different initial letters have a value of 1281, or 183 x 7 The first and the last words in the vocabulary arranged alphabetically total 658, or 94 x 7 Arranged in order of occurrence the first and the last words total 924, or 132 x 7 The value of every seventh word totals 1008, which is 7 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x2 x 2, not only a multiple of 7; but having seven factors, which add up to 21, or 3 x 7 So the Bible must be of divine orign
  20. Let's take this prophesy about musical instruments and music. Music occurs and has occurred as far as I know in every society since time began. Music is one of the most magnificent creations and the Bible is full of verses that talk about music.
  21. William James: American Philosopher

    One wonders if a faith that is totally untroubled by the world around them is faith at all.
  22. God's Oath

    How can we know anything is true? Even in science every result is provisional rather than an absolute truth. So perhaps all we can do is examine the Biblical claims for plausibility. So the Bible speaks a lot about love: love God, love your neighbour, love the stranger, love each other and love even your enemies? Surely these are at least lausibkd truth for humsnity
  23. Facts About Prophecy And The Message

    The one "Then Allâh misleads whom He wills and guides whom He wills.' Only makes sense if Allah has no reliable character and imlies he acts on a whim
  24. The nature of proof is that the same proof must apply to every instance of the underlying system. It follows that if these mathematical curiosities prove divine authorship then ANY book which has them must also be of divine origin. If these so called proofs only apply to the Quran then it would be like saying Ohm's law only applies to one particular circuit and so it would be worthless. In fact one can find the numerical curiosities in all sorts of books including the Bible.
  25. Yes and one can find such numerical curiosities in almost any book and certainly in the Bible. But the point is that IF such curiosities are proofs or Devine origin then ANY book with one is also Devine.