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  1. Science In The Quran... Or Is It?

    WikiIslam is an anti Islamic site run by kuffars. Rebuttal to their article islamic-replies.ucoz . com/Rebut_WikiIslam_Gender_Sperm.html
  2. Translation

    Salam. Could someone could translate from Qurtubi's tafsir: listenarabic . com/ar/tafseer-quran33-1.html
  3. Translate This!

    Salam. Could someone could translate from Qurtubi's tafsir: listenarabic . com/ar/tafseer-quran33-1.html
  4. Can Anyone Comment On This?

    Bilal Philips comments on this Hadith: "This statement of the Prophet ® does not mean that people have no free will or choice between good and evil, for if that were so, the Judgment, reward and punishment would all be senseless. Allaah’s creation of a person for Paradise simply means that Allaah knows fully well before his creation that such a person will be among the people of Paradise due to his choice of faith over disbelief and good over evil. If someone sincerely believes in Allaah and tries to do good, Allaah will give him many opportunities to improve his belief and increase his good deeds. Allaah will never cause sincere belief to be wasted; even if the believer falls off the path, He will help him get back on it. Allaah may punish him in this life when he goes off the right track to remind him of his errors and wake him up to make amends. In fact, Allaah will be so merciful as to take the life of the sincere believer while he is doing a good deed, thereby insuring that the believer will be among the fortunate dwellers of Paradise. If someone, on the other hand, disbelieves in Allaah and rejects righteousness, Allaah then makes evil deeds easy for him. Allaah gives him success when he does bad and that encourages him to do more evil until he dies in such a sinful state and is flung into the everlasting Fire because of his evil deeds." (Bilal Philips - Qadar (Predestination). If Allah really controlled our free will, how could Allah blame us for doing evil deeds? Allah doesn't control our free will.
  5. Can Anyone Comment On This?

    The Hadith when read in context of the Quran shows that they will act like those who deserve hell/heaven, and that Allah helps one who chooses to do right (i.e. Quran 15:39-40, 42:13) do right, and helps one who chooses to do wrong (i.e. Quran 10:44, 18:57, 6:25) do wrong. That doesn't mean that the person cannot then choose to do right after doing wrong & vice versa.
  6. Unlocking The Forum

    In order to use this forum, I have been told: "To unlock the forum, you need to start a Start new topic in the "Have a Welcome Drink" section. You will need to type this password: orange Once you introduce yourself in enough words (at least 3 lines), the rest of the forum will be available to you." So, I've started a topic. Hopefully, they will let me use the forum now.