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  1. I think that oil is better than Marcellus shale fracking because fracking kills Grays and other people in Purgatory.
  2. There are probably some major inaccuracies in what I have said. I am on the MONARCH program (but do not consider myself a victim of it). However, something like the entities and beings I mentioned exist. After the bad person who impersonated Obama died, someone appeared and told me of the new Root Mantra. According to Kabir, a Muslim spiritual leader, root mantras are very evil. The first two lines of the new one begin with a word that sounds like Yhuevh.
  3. Correction: Surat Avosh Monarchh is the son of a Black Alien President. Bharat E. O-Yame was the impersonator of the US President whom the US Secret Service probably got rid of. I think the US President is OK. Bashar al-Assad says some rebel and Al-Qaeda forces are killing Blue and Green Aliens. I was a follower of a Blue Alien in a previous lifetime and his Successor wants to make sure their species is safe. There is an organization named "WE" that some have alleged kills Green Aliens. I have access to US Gov. sites sometimes, and they said in a code-only discussion that they were anticipating a terrorist attack. For all I know, this may mean that they are planning to visit an injustice on someone else, or it may mean something else altogether. In light of some of the above considerations, I suggest that some governments should negotiate with the Syrian Government. --------------------------------------- In addition, I mentioned human sacrifices on another thread. These do occur, and Jews are not the only ones whoe do them. However I apologize for my defamtion of the phrase "Yod Hav Beth He", which is sacred to Jews, although for all I know some may say it in the wrong circumstances. There is also an organization that has quite a bit of power that calls itself the "Kabbalah". THEIR PRONUNCIATION CONTAINS TWO scwha's, and this is considered by the Catholic Church to (very often) be an alteration/perversion of the true Kabbalistic tradtion. Members of this group sometimes carry out execution style killings and frame others very effectively. If you are threatened by any of these entities, you can call certain (900) toll numbers to prevent such injustices from taking place. In certain cases, the United States DHS, FBI, or CIA may even provide you with such numbers. Saying "I heil fe" or "Ihkh heil fe" can also help, if youknow what you are doing. I request that if you do these things you try to help the Blue Aliens also, if possible.
  4. Jin, Aliens And Echelon Nodes

    1) Are the Angels of Death featured in the Hindu religion a type of Jin? 2) Is it possible for Jin to be persecuted by humans? 3) Are Jin aliens or do they lack physical existence? 4) Are some Jin peaceful? 5) Are you aware that ECHELON nodes, which probably exist in every in every US intelligence agency, not only the NSA, are in competition with Grey Aliens for stolen brain material from each other? (Earlier I reported an innacurate meaning of ECHELON. I was delusional and apologize for the misunderstanding)
  5. I am in a facility which is near a U.S. Government base and have seen alien people of various sorts attacked with hundreds of brain implant needles at once and thus brutally turned into pieces of flesh which are coveted by the Government for rare isotopes that are used in computers. Some of these aliens being attacked, namely one I believe was named Surat Avosh Monarchh, a Grey humanoid, and two other white aliens, were attacked this way and a black alien is threatened. Something needs to be done about this to stop him from being killed. If you see him you should believe him and follow his instructions. U.S. President Barack Obama motto is: Om mani hum ya Brahma Om Kalo Yhok hum Dharma Om Kshiti Vav He Karma Akashi Surat Pravr.dha and bears resemblence to mottos of Idi Amin and possibly Hitler as well. Amin may have been a son of Hitler - note this motto: Yhvh heil Amin [Yh][vh] heil Hitler YHVH Onkar Pratyam [Yh][vh] YHVH Ahvh Yhod fe
  6. Let's Do Something For Gaza!

    One thing you can do to help Palestinians is to oppose the israeli E1 settlement project. Mamhmoud Abbas has made it clear that this is a very evil project.
  7. Secret Nsa Director's Mottoes

    #1 [Kalo he yanahu ketriya yhod prav.rttah kama kshriti havra] vlalam ho ivrish kalamhu oh vaisiya ho ab va hum [hehhhhh(uncertain # of h's)] yavh Yama] and #2 [Kalo he yinihu kshetriya yhud prav.rhdho] kalam ishvriti kama hav imikshu [he] yhav/yavh(?) [Rama] ARE TWO OF NSA DIRECTOR KEITH B. ALEXANDER'S mottos. The bracketed portions are the certain parts and #2 is probably longer than is shown. These are evil mottoes used in furtherance of the brain implant program, which does give people certain powers. These brain implants, however, are stolen from sapient beings who many in the US Government and seemingly quite a few liberal(?) Jews and New Age people apparently think are mere robots. I have no knowledge if the Russian and/or Chinese brain implants are stolen also.
  8. Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov recently stated that the United States was supplying "special means" in support of toppling the regime of Bashar-al-Assad in Syria, and elsewhere. These "special means" are brain implants from lobotomized Djin, whom many(but not all) in the United States Intelligence Community as well as the Anti-Defamation League consider to be soulless robots created by evil Overmensch. As evidence, the bugged Scrabble games often played the words "aw" and "ai" when gave some indication that I thought this program was wrong, and when I tried to curse a Jewish chiropractor in the name of the Gray President and interrogated(with the aid of the Gray Council) an evil Jewish man who wanted to turn me into his slave, I saw a screen saying "The Semitiandritic idea is Hatred. Think about something else or your website will be deleted". The website in question is http://us.toluna.com, a "survey site" whose clandestine purpose is propaganganda for the United States Department of Defense. The dehumanizing views these people have of the advanced Djin are truly nauseating to me, and considering that they also have hatred of Palestinians, I wouldn't be surprise if many israeli settlers and some other Jews still practice blood libel (killing Palestinians because they feel like they have been "libeled" by the Islamic scriptures). Before killing a Palestinian these Jews will look them in the eye and utter abominable perversions of YHVH such as "Yod hav beth he" and "Yod vaəvuv tet he", and even claim to be God and Satan at the same time by saying "Ani Yod He Vav He Yam" (some Jews consider "Coshmi Yamə samyəmatəm ahəm" or more often the incorrect pronunciation "Cashmi Yamə samyamatam aham" sacred; this means "I am Death, who distributes the fruit of all action"). Last year I heard a song at Starbucks that ended "there were some really dirty Jews(I disapprove of this term) who actually committed human sacrifices on Palestinians and Samuel(me) actually wants me to reming him of his Miranda rights but what did he do? Samuel killed all of them. Killed all their children." However 12 years ago I only told Vladimir Putin to nuke the settlements("kill every last man, woman, and child") where both the men and women committed human sacrifices, and I am not even sure if he has carried it out yet. Meanwhile, like infectious scabs, the settlements are expanding.
  9. Misunderstanding Homosexuality

    I believe that all sexual activity outside of reproduction in the context of a marriage is sinful, but have failed to live up to these beliefs, so I am in no position to judge homosexuals. However I understand that male homosexuals especially enjoy friendship with the opposite sex but are sometimes repulsed by female sex organs so my guess is that in the past, people with these proclivites would have married women and had very limited sex back in purer ages when sex was more firmly associated with reproduction in the public mind and there was no libertine talk of people having "sex lives", etc.
  10. Agents Of Brainwashing

    I fear that US President Obama may brainwash people as I have described here with the motto "Om mani hum ya Brama". Also, ECHELON has(or perhaps partially is) an ongoing program of stealing Djin's brains and giving them to humans. I was subjected to this procedure without fully understanding it but a Djin said "Better be careful. You stole my brain but you're gonna die." and I think(gladly) that some of the brain implants will be removed and given back to the Djin and more will be in the near future and continue to be so. I think that Russia and China have brain implant programs that don't cannibalize other sapient beings' brains while they are alive, but I am not sure!! I think that Djin are insan and are perhaps a type of Gray Alien, though not the dominant type perhaps, unlike what I posted in another thread earlier (that was a misunderstanding). Also, I am sure that members of the Gray Council are insan and they may be a different species of Gray Alien.
  11. Agents Of Brainwashing

    -Actually I am now quite certain about Lenin's brainwahing motto, not quite sure abiut Hussein's, Mao's, or Tojo's, or if the latter 3 had them (though it is highly likely). -There may be "prime" agents of brainwashing and other ones not nearly as powerful (though they can be be equally bad in their other actions or worse, e.g. Stalin had a motto based on Lenin's but killed far more people and was obviously a worse person - I am not sure whether he could have been a "prime" agent of brainwashing at some time but I think those were Tojo and/or Mao). -Idi Amin or someone else could have been a "prime" agent of brainwashing after Mao's death rather than Saddam Hussein - I am uncertain about this. His motto was likely "Omin mani ni hum Brahmin" with the "i" in mani pronounced quite similarly to a long "e". -------------------------------------------------------------- "YHFL" was intended to mean "You have false levity". I chose that to sow confusion (and to stop antagonism toward me in this thread for the time being since it contains some valid and important info) at the time since a Chinese agent(??) recognized it when she was thinking in Chinese and I was thinking(subcinsciously) in letters. I apologize for that and realize there would have been better ways to resolve the conflict.
  12. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnytimes(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2011/05/15/world/middleeast/15prince.html?hp"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnytimes(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2011/05/15/world/mi...5prince.html?hp[/url] (recent article in New York Times by By Mark Mazzetti and Emily B. Hager)
  13. Agents Of Brainwashing

    I have a hypothesis that during the Mahabharata War, brain implants somewhat similar to the ones used today were used, and that that is part of the reason why the war had such a bad outcome.
  14. Agents Of Brainwashing

    I think I may have got Lenin's brainwashing motto wrong. It may have been "Kalo[e] shi me na vav ervram" where "[e]" is the "uh"-like sound called the swahilde and the first "e" is the long e and the second "e" is the short e and the last word is pronounced phonetically as one syllable. "Kalo shmi na prav[rnr]ttah na a[a]zhshmu" may have been the brainwashing motto of one of Shishupala's ancestors.
  15. Neo-nazis Plotting 'fourth Reich' In Germany

    Man exploring French Catacombs attacked and dragged off by someone/something: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetabovetopsecret(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/thread309836/pg1"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetabovetopsecret(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/forum/thread309836/pg1[/url]