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  1. Avoiding Arrogance-why?

    Jazak Allah khair sister for another very important reminder. Most certainly arrogance affects our manners and causes us to fall down low in the eyes of Allah. A person who is arrogant can never have good manners. :sl:
  2. True Muslims Have Good Manners

    Jazak Allah khair sister for having the courage to speak up and remind us Muslims about this very important matter. :sl: Such reminders are a constant necessity because we tend to forget after a while that we need to mind our manners.
  3. Does God Only Love Muslims?

    Hey there tom! Thanks for showing me a line that's kinda similar to the line THERE'S NONE LIKE UNTO HIM. I really didn't know such a line existed in the Bible. However, the Qur'an had more of an impact upon my mind regarding the true nature of God because the line THERE'S NONE LIKE UNTO HIM came along with other very powerful lines that left no doubt who the true God was. Those lines are as follows: 1 Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; 2 Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; 3 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; 4 And there is none like unto Him. There is no place in the Bible where all these lines come together to explain who our true God is. You tell me, what would affect you more: that isolated line you mentioned in Jeremiah 10:6 or the combined power of these 4 lines mentioned above?
  4. Does God Only Love Muslims?

    The Qur'an does say that God does not love the disbelievers. But who these people are, we really are in no position to say. That is for God to determine not us. We cannot say that such and such is a disbeliever and therefore God hates him. We have no right to even call a person a disbeliever. If so, how can we go about saying that God hates such and such people? It's possible that the person who we call a disbeliever is guided by Allah and wins His pleasure and it's also possible that the person we call Muslim be misguided by Allah and earns His wrath.
  5. Does God Only Love Muslims?

    Alhamdulillah! Good points, mashallah. Jazak Allah khair for speaking up. :sl:
  6. Does God Only Love Muslims?

    The part where it says, "There's none like unto Him." When we read the Bible, we do not get a real idea of what God is like. We get the impression that God is like us, human beings. No wonder then that the Christians have begun to believe that Jesus is God. "There's none like unto Him" in the Qur'an told me one thing and that was God is NOT like human beings at all. He is nothing like anything we can even imagine. There's nothing comparable to God in the universe. So it's foolishness to try to imagine what God is like or to even think of him in the form of a human being, who is limited in his sight and hearing. He has only two eyes and two ears. But God hears all things, sees all things and knows all things. How can we imagine a being like that? How many eyes, ears and brains would He need to be able to do all that? He knows what I'm doing right now, including my thoughts, intentions and at the same time He knows what's happening in Japan where people are beseeching Him for help. He hears the cry of each and every human being on earth. All at the same time!! The Bible doesn't have this kind of line to describe God: "There's none like unto Him." The Qur'an does. And it made perfect sense to me. Sorry for the late reply.
  7. Those Who Claim That They Love God

    This post is for people who claim that they love God. Well, if they love God, then they must follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad sallalaho alayhi wa sallam. If you refuse to follow the Prophet sallalaho alayhi wa sallam then it would mean that you do not love God. :sl:
  8. And this is how it is in South Africa. I wonder, is it also enforced on the internet?
  9. Glad you finally figured out what we are ALL creatures of free will. You're not the only one who has it.
  10. I know this is directed at sister Redeem. I think that's rather disrespectful. Now I could call you all sorts of names. But I'll refrain despite how I feel about it. It's a teaching in the Qur'an. We're taught to repel evil with good and that it's better to overlook and forgive rather than seek vengeance and retaliate in kind.
  11. Does God Only Love Muslims?

    Perhaps you need to read history with a more objective mind and then you will realize that Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alayhi wa sallam never forced people to accept Islam. On the contrary, when he had conquered the city, he declared to the people of Makkah that he had forgiven them. Please read about all the cruelty inflicted upon the early converts to Islam by the Makkans and also the attempts made to kill the Prophet sallallaho alayhi wa sallam. I'm appalled to learn that you have paid no attention whatsoever to the gruesome tortures faced by the early followers of Islam. Instead, you prefer to incline to an opinion that pleases you. In one word, it's called "bias". To answer your second question about why I was in a state of denial, it was because everything that I was learning was contrary to what I had always believed to be true. And the Muslim friends I had been acquainted with were very pushy and judgmental. I didn't like being pushed so I resisted. So how did I become a Muslim? Well, let's just say that I realized one day that God couldn't be one entity and still be present in the minds of people everywhere simultaneously. This was not a human quality and the Bible doesn't address this issue at all. But the Qur'an does. It was just one single verse that stood out and spoke to me and answered my question. In Arabic it says wa lam yakul lahu kufuwan ahad. "There is none like unto Him." That's it! I hastened to accept Islam soon thereafter and this time I didn't care how pushy my Muslim friends were. I wasn't doing it for them. :sl:
  12. Thank you samantha-g for citing the source of your information. It was very interesting to learn something about South Africa and how efforts have been made to stop the use of derogatory racial terms. But what you have cited only shows that attempts have been made to stop the use of those words. The fact and reality remains that despite these attempts, people still continue to use those words today: Kinda reminds me of the time when America banned alcohol and made it illegal. It didn't work. :sl:
  13. Do You Muslims Really Believe This?

    You're right. But there are also plenty of things in your daily life which you can't prove to me because you don't have the evidence for it. For example, you could tell me that you tasted frog meat two years ago. Sure it's the truth, but since you don't have the evidence to prove it, then I would have to say, "Sorry bro. I don't believe you." You may not be able to prove it but that doesn't change the truth that you did eat frog meat two years ago. :sl:
  14. Satyagraha, Jihad And Islam

    We could consider which philosophy has been more beneficial, effective and victorious for mankind. Without doubt, Islam emerges as the triumphant force. Books of history plainly declare which philosophy is superior. So the comparison you made doesn't upset me at all. :sl:
  15. Do Muslims Love Non-muslims?

    You mean you came up with that concept based upon the responses given in this forum and a little of what you read online? If you go by what the majority says, then your conclusions will definitely be wrong. Before the coming of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alayhi wa sallam, the majority of people in Arabia were wrong about their beliefs. When the Prophet sallallaho alayhi wa sallam declared to his people the truth of God's oneness, he was only one man. Now if you were to conclude that the majority is right, then you would side with the polytheists. A conclusion based upon an erroneous concept. So please get your facts right before making assumptions, sis. Thanks.