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  1. Glycerin?what To Do?!

    Thank you,i will stop using it but do i have to clean my face with soil and water?
  2. Mind Secrets Exposed!

    Add me on Facebook: Orpheus Zealot
  3. Glycerin?what To Do?!

    I've read that Glycerin is a doubtful ingredient as it might be from animals or plants.last night,i was washing myself with a cleanser and upon reading the ingredients I was astonished to see that it uses glycerin.What do i do?Do i need to clean my face with soil and water?Please reply fast because i'm really lost now? Add me on facebook:Orpheus Zealot
  4. When i think of my deaths,i always thought of my sins.I always question myself if I was forgiven if i ask Allah for forgiveness.Does He forgives my sins to other people in the past eventhough i haven't ask for their forgiveness.I was a shy guy so for me to ask for forgiveness is unimaginable to my self.Can anyone shed some light regarding this issue?
  5. The Tree Of Iman

    It really shed the light to me on what is called Iman.Thank you for sharing,White.
  6. Face

    I've been wondering as sometimes when i look in the mirror,i've been getting depressed as how i'm going to live with a not handsome face.Can anyone give me any tips to overcome this problem since i'm starting to hate myself.Can anyone give my guidance regarding this?
  7. Hi,i'm New

    My name is Wan Muhammad Zulfikri Bin Wan Yusoff from Malaysia.I'm currently waiting for my SPM results which is a really important exam in my country.I wish that people can accept me as it is.I realized that i'm currently free right now and i took a decision to register in this forum so that i can fill my time with better activities.With that,assalamualikum.