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    Asalaamu Alaykum I found this article it is a good read mashallah, check it out ----------- Brotherhood Asalaamualaykum Undoubtedly, the ties, which bring people together, are of different sorts. People are grouped according to tribes, nations, countries and nationalities. Different nationalities may gather together under one banner for the purpose of religion or common interests. The bond of kinship or being descended from a common ancestor is considered to be one of the bonds which formed the basis of the earliest human societies. When Islam appeared, people were grouped according to tribes, as in the Arabian Peninsula and other places; or according to nationalities, as in Persia; or as religious groups, as in the Byzantine Empire. Islam made the bond of faith the most important basis for binding people together in harmony, although it permitted and even encouraged, other bonds such as family ties as long as they did not conflict with this principle. The importance of brotherhood in Islam can never be overstressed; there are many ayah’s of Quran and Hadiths of the Prophet (saws) which highlight the importance of it. It is also important to note that the brotherhood between the believers was established by Allah (swt) himself. In Surah Al-Hujurat Allah (swt) says: ÅöäøóãóÇ ÇáãõÄãöäæäó ÅöÎæóÉñ “Indeed the believers are brothers†(49:10) Also in surah al Anfal æóÃóáøóÃó Èóíäó ÞõáæÈöåöã ۚ áóæ ÃóäÃóÞÊó ãÇ Ãöì ÇáÃóÑÖö ÌóãíÚðÇ ãÇ ÃóáøóÃÊó Èóíäó ÞõáæÈöåöã æóáٰßöäøó Çááøóåó ÃóáøóÃó Èóíäóåõã ۚ Åöäøóåõ ÚóÒíÒñ Ãóßíãñ And He has united their (i.e. believers’) hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but Allah has united them. Certainly He is All- Mighty, All-Wise. What unites us as brothers and sisters is our belief in Islam, its teachings and the way of life we should strive towards as Muslims. Unlike other bonds such as nationalistic, patriotic… all of which are superficial, emotional and even reactive. The ideological bond of Islam unites the believers irrespective of their race and status in this world. In fact as many of us have seen first hand, that one of the first concepts taken on board by those who choose to submit to the will of Allah (swt) and embrace Islam as their way of life, is that he is a brother of ALL his fellow Muslims. How many of us have seen in the masjid’s or in our universities brothers come up and offer you food, assistance in a matter or at the least a warm greeting. I remember when I first came to university, having previously gone to a school and college where there were few Mulsims, a brother saw me in the prayer working on an assignment, he sat down next to me and began helping me solve the problems. The brother was in the year above me, I began thinking at the time “what does he wantâ€, but quickly realised he was not doing this so in some way he could benefit himself, he was helping me because he saw me as his brother who required assistance. This occurrence really touched me and inspired me to help other brothers as I had been helped, feesabillah. This is something that I have seen in abundance whilst in university and have seen brothers begin practicing again because the impact their “akhi’s†have played on them, as well as having seen people become Muslim because they see the bond that the brothers in university share and wanted to become part of it. So it is not really surprising that one of the first Arabic words which new Muslims learn is akhi, in fact this is the most common word used by brothers. While we know akhi to mean “my brotherâ€, many linguists firmly believe the word akh is actually derived from aakhiyyah. This aakhiyyah is known to refer to length of a rope in which the two ends are buried underground and are attached to rock, which is used to tie a camel, horse or another animal to a place to ensure it does not wander away. This derivation of the word would mean that our “akh†is one end of the rope while we are the other, to not only ensure that we remain close but that we stop one another from wandering off away from the path of Allah (swt). There is another group of linguist who on the other understand akh, to come from the word wakhaa, this is known to refer to an aim of a desire. They therefore understand the word akh, to not only mean brothers but brothers who share the same aim, the same desires. When people share the same desires and know that its not finite, as jannah is not finite, then they will readily assist one another in achieving it. This understanding of the word akh, reminds of a story from just after the battle of Badr. Abu Aziz ibn Umayr related what happened: “I was held captive by a group of the Ansar after badr and we were eating dates, they were under instruction to treat us captives well, I then saw my brother, Musab ibn Umayr, pass by me so I called to him. Turning to me he spoke to the Ansar saying: ‘Tie him firmly… His mother is a woman of great wealth and maybe she would ransom him for you.’†I could not believe my ears. Astonished, I looked to Musab and said: “My brother, is this your instruction concerning me?†“He is my brother, not you,†replied Musab pointing to the Ansari. This narration shows that Musab, understood the word akh to mean more then just brother, more then just blood. It in facts compliments both of the roots described for the word akh. Another story which comes to mind, which does not include the word akh, rather it involved Nuh and his son. When the Ark was floating through the waves towering like mountains, Noah saw one of his sons separated from the believers and called out to him to get into the Ark, but his son rejected his call, saying: ÞÇáó ÓóÜٔÇæì Åöáìٰ ÌóÈóáò íóÚÕöãõäì ãöäó ÇáãÇÃö “I will betake myself to some mountain and it will save me from the water†(Hud, 11:43). When Noah saw his son drowning, he called out to God, saying: My Lord! My son is of my family! And Your promise is true and You are the Most Just of Judges! (Hud, 11:45) God Almighty replied to Noah: O Noah! He is not of your family. For his conduct is unrighteous. So ask not of me that of which you have no knowledge. (Hud, 11.46) This story Allah (SWT) teaches us that just because you share the same blood, does not automatically make you family, it is our belief, our aims and desires that connects us. It is not uncommon to find Muslims who have been let down by their brother in Islam in many different ways, which is a contradiction to what the meaning of the word akh is. It is our duty to help our fellow believer in this journey of life, in what ever capacity we can, to keep one another on the path of Islam, to keep each other from sin and at the very least give each other a warm greeting! -------------------------- but i think it ended too quick...
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