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  1. Ancestors Slept Differently - Tahajjud?

    'the ideal time for study and contemplation was between “first sleep” and “second sleep.”' Jzk khair for sharing, really good article!
  2. Please Make Dua For My Cousin Who Just Died

    May Allah accept him in the highest Jannah, Ameen
  3. Do You Back Western Intervention In Syria

    I do not back the western intervention, while i know it is a dream I would prefer to see the leaders of the muslim nation grow a backbone and assist in the removal of the tyrant. But for that to happen so much must change in the world, along with the stigma that is attached to people who wish to assist the Syrian people by the western governments.
  4. Do You Back Western Intervention In Syria

    I agree, there is not a great deal of natural resources in syria so the interest that the US must have is to reduce any potential threat on Isreal.
  5. Marriage Issues

    Salaam, Sister you need to understand that Marriage is a tough institution, Such that Iblis (shaytan) puts a crown on the head of the devils that cause seperation between a husband and wife. Communication is critical, you need to communicate how you are feeling. The both of you need to sit down and address the issues that you have. The scholars have said that marriage is based on Love and mercy, the love part is easy, mercy on each other however takes effort. To be able to overlook faults do things when you dont feel like it, which in turn increases the love. this is the case for both of you. I would advise that you speak with your husband and discuss how you feel, do not mention divorce but speak about how you feel distant and tell him what you want from him and ask about what he wants from you. The fact that your first year of marriage was great means that it can work out. If that fails then seek the advice of an Imam who can sit and give you both council. But the most important thing you need to remember is dua, call to Allah and seek his help. May Allah ease your situation
  6. Updated Forum Rule For Non-Muslims

    I agree again, there should be freedom to debate and to use any sources that one may wish to use. As sister Amna said we may lose a lot of people who come here see the rule and leave unhappy they can express their views openly. The Idea of forums like these are to invite people in, we do not want to lose that.
  7. Updated Forum Rule For Non-Muslims

    I agree with the posts we need them to feel that we need to allow other people to feel that they can debate, otherwise they will not engage us and this is a form of dawah that will be lost on the forum. Scholars from the past debated people from all religions so it is acceptable.
  8. السلام عليكم

    Asalaam Alaykum Maryama, are you pashtun? reason I ask is because how you name is. Would be interested to know if i am right.
  9. May Allah Bestow peace and tranquilty upon you and keep guiding you closer to him
  10. Laser Hair Removal And Islam

    I think that while it is becoming ever popular, prob best to stick to old school ways. Maybe I just prefer methods which have been tried and tested. There is that benefit of ease with the laser, but in a similar way i train in MMA and boxing and 90% of people use these supplements, in the same way I avoid them and stick natural as you have no idea what effect these could have on the body.
  11. Prayer Question

    Wa alaykum Asalaam Ameen is recited at the end of Surah Fatiha becauase has been described as a Dua and the prophet SAWS was also commanded by Jibreal to say it after Surah fatiha. In the same way many say Ameen at the end of Surah Baqarah as it also ends with a dua in salaah and when reciting it. This comes from a narration that Muadh Ibn Jabal would say ameen after finishing surah Baqarah
  12. Help A Brother In Need

    Now you just sound childish... brother this world is not a fairy tale where everything has a happy ending. Sometimes we are put through tests and hardship. That muslims donated from this forum, who do not know nor have they seen you, should uplift you. No denies what you are going through and for sure it is not easy, but acting out like this is not the right response And We will most certainly try you with somewhat of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits; and give good news to the patient ones (155), who, when a misfor­tune befalls them, say: “Surely we are Allah's and to Him we shall surely return” (156). Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course (157). Surah Baqara
  13. How Much More Will The World Destroy Me?

    That you are hurt is understandable, but dont give up. Private message some of the sisters on the forum and seek advice through them. InshA that route would be better for you and you will avoid any dodgy muslim men. Dnt give up, have faith in Allah that he will make a way for you.
  14. An English Translation Of Ahmad's Hadith Collection

    to be honest the amount of books in English has barely scratched the surface of what there will be soon inshA. Only in recent times has there been a need to translate into english.
  15. How Much More Will The World Destroy Me?

    Sister which country are you living in, maybe there is a sister on the forum who lives close by who you could meet talk things through. My advice is to make dua, from the bottom of your heart. Wake up in the middle of the night and pray to Allah, make dua in sujood (while prostrating on the floor) and remember that Allah says in the Quran "indeed with hardship there comes ease"
  16. What To Eat For Suhoor

    Wheatabix! slow releasing energy and healthy
  17. Sunni Shia Marriage Problem

    Sister you need to understand the creed of such a person, some shia beliefs take a person outside the fold of Islam. So investigate further. But before even that you need the consent of your parents, The prophet SAWS said in his Hadith that there is no Nikkah without the consent of a Wali (gaurdian) in this case your father. there are cases when a wali can be passed if the father is being unreasonable, but this is judged according to situations. Also remember the strongest bond of love is when the love of two people is based on the Love of Allah, if this is just lust then it is something that will pass and at all times we should trying to please Allah not ourselves and our desires.
  18. Islamic Lecturers?

    Bilal Asad Shaykh Ismail Menk they have some very good lectures up. I normally listen to Kallamullah everything is good there :)
  19. Corrupt And Rich

    Its a complete joke... in jeddah it is poverty stricken yet they dont fix up the slums rather they spending a Billion on building the world biggest tower...
  20. Dare To Be True Game

    Yes do you like junk food
  21. Niqab (Thinking To Get One)

    As a guy its quite difficult to comment and i cant get abayas right when i buy one for any of them. I guess you need to look around and find one for yourself, the best ones i have found for them are Saudi style ones which widen at the bottom allowing you to climb stairs without issue. plus i think they slightly elastic which helps.
  22. Niqab (Thinking To Get One)

    I think that it is an excellent idea as this is something you want to do, from what I can tell you see it as a way of getting closer to Allah and there is not better idea for doing anything aside from trying to get close to him azawajal. I would suggest Ebay, one of my sisters has purchased hers from there. Just a side point only one of my sisters chooses to wear Niqab the rest wear full abaya, we all support her as she sees this as a way of getting closer to Allah. I dislike when people try and write it off as culture, if you follow the opinion its not compulsory then fine but we should not discourage others from doing it. We should always encourage one another when trying to engage in good. So sister I wish you all the best and inshA through this you will get closer to Allah
  23. Dare To Be True Game

    GAWAHER WAS SKINNED!!!!!! Fav food?
  24. How To Prepare Meal During Battle - By Abu Sakkar

    I think people are missing a huge point... what has driven that man to do such an act? that is what people should be asking
  25. Do Not Marry 7 Types Of Men

    In truth regarding all the issues I listed you will find aspects of them in every woman, however that is not a bad thing only when these are in excess. I myself dont expect marriage to always be rosy, its hard work and one of the best pieces of advise regarding marriage is "if you find something you dislike in your spouse, then remind yourself of her good qualities and dont dwell on negatives" from our Beloved Prophet SAWS.