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  1. What Is The Name Of The Prophets (pbuh) Cat?

    I never knew the Prophet (saw) had a cat.
  2. Islamic Jokes :))

    Asalamu alaykum. great jokes. keep them coming.
  3. Cut Off The Hand Of The Thief... (5:38)

    I would love to live in a Country where I can leave my house or car door open and not be worried about it being stolen. It interestinmg that Saudi kings and princes are stealing the wealth of the country and I dont see any of their hands being chopped off :sl:
  4. Asalamau Alaykum

    Asalamau alaykum from Sydney Australia. I'm looking forward to participate in the discussions here. Please make Du'a that the Egyptians finally rid itself of the dictorship that has been plaguing their country for 30 years and that Allah (swt) makes the people turn to Islam for all their problems. Ameen!