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  1. Surah Ar-rahman

    Very nice brother, please pray for us to get forgive and mercy from Allah...
  2. Your Duas Will Be Accepted

    Aslam Alaikum... Thanks for you nice post this will help us to get more Tawakal and strong belief in our Allah...
  3. Thank you very much brother, I am waiting for Allah grace and help for me to awake and arise from difficulties and failures..
  4. Aslam Alaikum brothers and sisters, Currently I was suffering from severe struggle in my life, which I have never seen earlier in my life. I was worked fine in my office and have a good work but later client of my project have started a new company in my location. This made me to stay in my office without work. Those people worked with me have left me alone and moved to the client company but my company owner doesn't transfer me to the client Company. I was given full support and taken care by one girl in my office. By getting good care and affection from a girl that made me to feel very happy but later she also left me alone. Now she is not even speaking to me. This making me to feel very bad because whomever I think closer to me are left me alone. Now I doesn't have any work in my office and looking for job in outside. I was affected mentally without job, caring and feel very distress. I know that nothing is permanent in our life. The true care, love, affection is only we get from our Allah. Please ask me Dua to overcome my failure and struggle. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please ask me dua to get good job and placed in a good company. Please ask me to Dua to overcome my pain and struggle.
  5. Ur New Brother

    Aslam Alaikum, I am new to our forum and I want to say about myself. I am working as IT Professional and feel very happy to join in this forum. I hope that I will get a good support and caring from all of you in this forum.