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  1. Women And Islam

    Salaam to all. May Allah (SWT) help you in sorting through it all, and guide you to the true path of Islam - Insha-Allah. Just the fact that you are considering this, indicates that the Almighty Allah may already be looking upon you with favour and is reaching out to you, hoping that you will take His guiding hand. I hope you do take the hand that He is offering you, my Dear Sister, and make the best decision of your life - one that will simplify your life, and fill it with peace and tranquility. So go ahead - say the Shahaadah, accept Islam, and watch your life change, so very much for the better. Allah (SWT) never disappoints His true followers, Sister. Don't you want to be one of His favoured ones?? :sl: I hope to see you here soon with wonderful news..... and we will all welcome you with open arms - Insha-Allah! :sl: All the best and Wassalaam, DEENIGIRL
  2. Americans Hate Islam

    Salaam to all. I think that this is flat wrong. If us Muslims did not 'know' about our religion, we wouldn't really be Muslims and would certainly not be so loyal to our faith now, would we? We would have to 'know' a few things to be able to talk about our religion, and to explain/defend it when needed. What we certainly do not know is exactly what goes on in the minds of extremists/terrorists (Muslim or otherwise) and how far they may go to further their agendas. 'Most Muslims' (the general population) are not terrorists or even, extremists - we like to live and let live. As many people do not understand, there is a big difference between the average Muslim in the general population and a terrorist. It goes without saying that they do not think or act alike. :sl: Hatred doesn't come from the unknown, but it is a common fact that we, as human beings, often fear the unknown. And I myself have seen this to be true. Wow! Some people sure like to generalise! Who is the 0.1%? You??! I think you need to give the rest of the people in this world a little more credit. I know people from all walks of life who know about both of the above (and as a hobby too!) - from school kids to pensioners! :no: I think that misinterpreting/misunderstanding statements made by others blinds people to the truth and to making absolutely silly and unfounded statements. :sl: Wassalaam. :j:
  3. Americans Hate Islam

    Salaam. Not presumptuous of us at all! We know what we are talking about. Perhaps it is you who needs to get their facts straight by not 'looking' at Islam, but studying it, even if a little. Anyone who is well-informed in the ways of our religion will not speak of it as you do - now THAT is a fact! :sl: Therefore, consider halting your media-fuelled hatred outbursts, even if temporarily, and go and sincerely find out about the religion you despise so much - the Islam that millions follow with such unwaivering faith. Why? Go and find out, and then maybe a few things may get through your head! If you're going to make such a strong decision, to hate a religion that so many follow with such dedication, then at least make an informed decision. We are not forcing anything on 'you all'! We are only answering the questions you are asking (mainly about dogs, from what I have read!), on our Islamic forum. We are, very pleasantly, giving you answers/opinions/advice on topics YOU are bringing up! We didn't make you join this forum - you came here of your own accord! Easy enough to get through your head? Deal with that! :sl: Maybe some people need to watch less TV with their dogs and start educating themselves a little. Salaam.
  4. Smoking - Unable To Quit

    Assalaamualaikum WRB. Alhamdolillah Sister!! Welcome to our, and your, Islam - you are already on the right path. :sl: Wonderful advice from Sister Redeem - this tenacious habit, I have heard and seen, can be hard to break, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Stay steadfast in your good intentions and keep persisting - Insha-Allah, you WILL quit. I have myself seen a couple of males in my extended family successfully, and permanently, quit smoking Alhamdolillah, therefore I can assure you, IT CAN BE DONE. :no: Just promise yourself that YOU WILL DO IT - for Allah (SWT) and for yourself. And stick to the promise. Insha-Allah, this will work out for you, as well as everything else. I wish you all the very best. :sl: Wassalaam. :j:
  5. Americans Hate Islam

    Assalaamualaikum WRB. Kathleen, I hear you! And I completely understand. Muslims are being targeted everywhere, even if not as individuals (although here in Australia, this is happening, but isn't publicised), but as a religious group/community. It is indeed very sad that some people would stoop as low as what you have described. This is the mentality of the western world, Sister. They either do not, or are not willing to, understand that, like them, Muslims are everywhere - in all countries, races etc. The worldwide population of Muslims is, Masha-Allah, tremendously huge, and we are spread out all over the world. The non-Muslims of the western world do not understand that, like them, where we live, we also call it home. This is especially true in cases similar to yours; where converted Muslims, whose origins are in western countries, are also made to feel that they now do not belong only because they are Muslims. Does it matter to them that you are a patriotic, law-abiding American citizen and have been all your life? No. This is how unreasonable and single-minded they are! The purpose of these fear-mongers is only to generate and fuel fear and hate, and to some extent, they are succeeding. I have come across so many Muslim people (mostly younger Muslims) who are, if not afraid or disillusioned, but very nervous and closeted because of either the negative media attention or general discrimination/racism they encounter due to their religion. If this hate campaign continues to succeed in this way, I shudder to think how far they could go before causing real damage to us. Here in Australia, not a week passes without some kind of negative feedback about Islam broadcasted from the national media, and even more shocking are the local polls, votes and forums. 10 years ago, I never would have guessed that so many fellow Australians could be so single-mindedly racist! With all the anti-Muslim 'societies' and Islamophobic groups that they are forming, these unreasonable, so-called 'patriotic Aussies' don't realise that they are, ultimately, hurting their own country (that they profess to love more than the 'rest of us') by encouraging the uprising that seems inevitable now. The sheer number of Muslims in the world is formidable, don't you think? We are all part of one religion, all Muslim brothers and sisters who, together, are, if not completely devoted to our Deen, then at the very least, are doing all we can to be true to our Islam. Thousands of people convert and/or revert to Islam everyday, while even more people become interested in this wonderful religion. I think that it is because of these reasons that these anti-Islamists are feeling overwhelmed and challenged. Not to mention that people often fear what they cannot understand/comprehend. And it is in this area that we, as individuals, can make a difference. Kathleen, Allah (SWT) has given you the opportunity to view life from 'both sides of the fence' (so to speak) - you can, so easily, share the story of how and why you chose to happily become a Muslim, especially with other people who are interested in Islam - if not to encourage them to follow in your steps (although this would bring you the greatest rewards from Allah (SWT)), then simply to show them that we are not as the media so negatively portrays us to be. Self-preservation is one of the strongest human instincts, of course, and is an inherently basic part of us. But, I believe, our religion requires some degree of loyalty from us, even in the difficult times that we, as Muslims, face today. Even though I encounter discrimination, if not verbally, then certainly in the looks that I get from people, on a regular basis in my country, I will NOT consider taking off my Hijaab or becoming closeted. NEVER Insha-Allah! Because I know that, although, by becoming a closeted Muslim, my life will become much less complicated and people will look upon me a lot more favourably, I will lose the pleasure and favour of the One that matters most - Allah (SWT)! Allah expects us to EARN the rewards he is waiting to bestow upon us - let's do all we can to earn his pleasure! Can we do more for our Islam? Of course we can! Never underestimate the power or immense reward for Daawaa (when one proclaims to be a Muslim - for example, Muslim women who wear a Burqa or a Hijaab). Wear your Hijaab, and be happy in the knowledge that Allah (SWT) may be smiling down at you at that very moment. However, if you still fear for your safety, it may be wise to move to an area which has more Muslim residents, so that you may feel safer, as well as happier as a Muslim. I hope everything works out well for you Insha-Allah! Wassalaam. :sl:
  6. Salaam. I agree with most of the earlier replies - turn to Allah (SWT). Remember, He is testing you, RIGHT NOW. This girl has been sent in your life AS A TEST. So, what will you do? Will you turn to Allah (SWT)? Will you learn from this experience, strengthen your Imaan, become stronger and wiser? I know it sounds harsh, but, at the end of it all, your life and your Imaan are your responsibilities. You really want to put both of them in jeopardy for another person? Often, some circumstances in our lives, although almost unbearably difficult, seem 'unnecessary', undeserved and leave us asking, "Why me? What have I done?" But what we all should be doing is being mindful of the fact that Allah (SWT) only tests those of his people that he deems are worthy of his tests and therefore, his attention. Never be disillusioned with difficulties in your life - they have been sent by Allah (SWT). Always always remember - He is watching over you, and is wanting you to make the right choices! Good advice! Get to your nearest Masjid, dedicate time in praying, dhikr and commit to Sadaqah. Try to talk to the Imam/Maulana. Remember, getting started/motivated is the first, although sometimes the hardest, step. But get going, now. Allah (SWT) is waiting for you to take the first step - He will help Insha-Allah, as he has promised. I also know of someone who may be able to help - please send me an email if you would like his contact (email) details. Salaam.
  7. Women In Hell Fire?

    Salaam. I believe that both men and women have equal chances to enter Paradise, but also that, in general, women have more opportunities in our lives to earn this ultimate reward. Because women, generally, are more emotional than men, I believe that it is for this reason that we, as women, have been especially warned (which, I think, is a privilege) and need to be more careful with our choices/decisions in our lives, as hard or unpalatable as they may seem (at the time). It all depends on how we navigate our lives, how consistently devoted we are to our religion, and how important it is to us each to earn and retain Allah's (SWT) pleasure. Its upto us as individuals - to resist evil and temptations, and to make the correct choices. Wassalaam.
  8. Hiya All!

    Waalaikumassalaam WRB Sister. Welcome aboard. Hope to see you online again soon. Wassalaam. :sl:
  9. Assalamu Alaikum

    Waalaikumassalaam WRB. Masha-Allah! It is truly wonderful to here how devoted you are to Islam! Great to have you here with us. Wassalaam. :sl:
  10. Do You Muslims Really Believe This?

    Assalaamualaikum WRB Sister. Jazak Allah Khair. My family and friends also tell me often that Allah (SWT) has blessed me with the above skills. I do my best to put myself and my skills to good use by spreading the message of our Deen, whenever I can. May Allah (SWT) bless us all for our efforts, and be pleased with us. :sl: I love hearing from you - please do stay in touch. Wassalaam. :sl:
  11. Salaam. Are you serious with your questions? How do you think children are viewed??? The second question itself seems to be going in so many different directions! And what do require from us when you ask your last question??? IF Moderators, seriously???!!!! Salaam. :sl:
  12. Do You Muslims Really Believe This?

    Salaam. I am not going to waste any more of my time with people who are stuck at the same old point and are unable to move forward from there. To begin with, why don't you try and make more sense with the statements you make, as the above certainly doesn't make any sense - THAT WILL BE PROGRESS! :sl: Well, why don't you give Islam a try?? Read the Holy Koran, be a true Muslim for a couple of years, I challenge you. Surely you must be a little interested; otherwise, why else would you be visiting this forum so regularly? All the millions of converts can't all be ignorant or wrong, can they now? Why don't you try it and see why us Muslims are so passionate about our religion and unwaivering in our faith? We don't have to wait for science - our Prophet (SAW) predicted all the important things 1400 years ago, WITHOUT SCIENCE!! :sl: Exactly! Science tries to explain the Universe and tries to make sense of things that is logical to us. Allah (SWT) created the Universe, and controls all things in it. Allah (SWT) controls humans and their emotions. How do YOU explain the gaps that science cannot fill - the subjective aspects? Do yourselves a favour - read The Koran, experience Islam for yourselves, and then ask yourselves these questions. End of story for me - signing off this thread. Salaam. :no:
  13. Alone

    Assalaamualaikum WRB Brother. You are not alone - never! Allah (SWT) is always there - pray, do dhikr, read the Holy Quran and the Hadith, especially when unsure. Insha-Allah, our Rab will fill your heart with the light of knowledge and clarity. Above all things, Allah (SWT) KNOWS HOW YOU FEEL, and is testing you and your Imaan. You know that, right?? And your Muslim brothers and sisters are always here online - all you have to do is log on. We all get tested at some point in our lives - this may be your time. Never get disillusioned with your Islam and Allah (SWT) - please stop yourself if you feel you may be going down that road. If people around you are making you question your Imaan or something to that effect, please remember that Shaitaan is at work (this is his job!). Do not let them, or Shaitaan, succeed. If these people, who are asking you 'to relax', are Muslims, you should consider to counter their advice and tell them that 'relax' is exactly what we shouldn't be doing! If they are non-Muslims, then set a good example by being an outstanding Muslim. If you read some of the posts that have recently been uploaded, you will see what I mean. I know it is difficult to be strong when you are living amongst non-Muslims or Muslims who are not active/responsible, but if your Imaan is strong, it will not matter where you live. You will always be a good, active Muslim Insha-Allah. Ask yourself: maybe there is a reason that Allah (SWT) has placed you among these people? I believe: Allah (SWT) only asks of you what He knows you can give. Please do consider my advice, and remember that your Imaan is your responsibility - please nurture it and strengthen it. Hope to hear from you soon. Wassalaam. :sl:
  14. Islamic Unity

    Assalaamualaikum WRB Estrella. Welcome aboard! Could you please provide more info on this conference? Any updates on the issue would also be very much appreciated, at least by me. The more we know, the better, for sure. Thanks in advance - looking forward to hearing from you. Wassalaam. :sl:
  15. Introduction,

    Waalaikumassalaam WRB Babu. Welcome! Is this Gurgaon in India? Which state? Wassalaam. :sl: