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  1. Is Jesus God?

    I always wondered what angles you guys used to get people to look past all the ludicrous ## in there.
  2. Something does not become a (scientific) theory without being tested with predictable results and having those maths and outcomes reviewed and tested by other scientist. Your day is probably filled with things that are completely dependent on science and its tenets. Your cell phone, oven, computer, your car, your electricity... on and on and on? If you get leporicy are you going to take some pill or are you going to kill a pigeon, sprinkle its blood on another pigeon and then fling the blood onto the leper 13 times or whatever like it says in the bible? You will take the pills. Its because science works! And unlike primitive mythologies it evolves and becomes strong as new things are discovered and old errors are corrected. Arabs were once amazing astronmers and inventors and lead the civilized world in technology. Unfortunately something happened about 700 years ago and they haven't seriously moved forward since. Its really really sad that such a respectable people allowed themselves to become so deceived. What is predictive about religion? Prayer? Wrong again. Nothing is predictive about religion short of its ability to manipulate people, soak up cash, and spread itself like a virus.
  3. Been gone a couple days: See you have been busy. Theists love to speculate precisely because they have absolutely no evidence for their claims. Their argument always looks really weak when compared to reality. So they try to take you out on this mind bending "philosophical roller-coaster" until your head starts spinning. Then they say "The great big magical invisible sky daddy did it!" And your proof? Some primitive desert nomad copied a bunch of mythology from other sources of the same time period and had it put into a book. He then said it was from God and that he was God's official messenger! You are going to need more evidence than that. That is the difference between eastern and western philosophy. Eastern Philosophy - We make crap up and you believe it or you will you! Western Philosophy- I won't believe it until I see some very solid evidence. In regards to the "creating life thing'. They actually created the DNA from scratch assembling billions of base pairs flawlessly in yeast. It booted up a cell. They have been booting up cells with clone DNA for decades now. It was not a matter of cloning DNA and booting up a cell with it. They actually "created" DNA from scratch and booted up a cell. That means they can essentially make any genetic changes they want. There is actually work underway to bring an ancient mammoth back from extinction using this technique. The rest of the cell is relatively primitive in comparison. You can put chicken DNA in a cow cell and it will become a chicken. They know how to grow the other parts of the cell, we have been doing it for centuries. It is the DNA we are experimenting with. Anyway the reason you are not going to convert most atheists is because they require evidence. Atheists are simply people who require solid evidence in order to believe something. Speculating about cosmology and forces out in space are not going to convince me to worship some 700 year old desert nomad. Oh and so you know.. sperm is not produced in the middle of your spine. Yeah, the greek doctors thought it was back in his time and he copied that bit of "divine" knowledge into the Koran. It was wrong too.
  4. Wake Up Atheists !

    This is not an argument against your points, it is more to emphasise and add minor corrections: According to multiple big bang theory we have found evidence the universe has contracted and exploded many times, so in fact the universe is much older than 13.6 Billion years... this was just the latest explosion. Also keep in mind that according to the creation story in Genesis god spent 1 day creating the earth then spent 1 day creating the quadrillions upon quadrillions of other worlds, galaxies, suns, starts..... Because they are nothing but little dots in the sky, am I right?
  5. Why Is Jesus White?

    It has nothing to do with any of this. The people running the US and Europe have highly developed political and intelligence programs. The people who run it know there is no such thing as 'God" their people are successful because their politics are effective at achieving their goals. (Most of the time). Religion exists so the politicians can blame god for all their scams.
  6. Why Is Jesus White?

    Because it would be really hard to get a bunch of "good old boys" in USA to pay money to worship a dark skinned man.
  7. Christianity Simplified

    Har har! The Romans really botched the whole Jesus mythology didn't they?
  8. Haha!! Or maybe make a female one... Me too. I enjoyed our discussion. Peace Brother
  9. Look up: "Craig Venter unveils "synthetic life" on youtube or watch?v=QHIocNOHd7A (add that to the youtube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)) Look up "multiple universe theory" in google (sorry link did not go through correctly because of permissions)
  10. There are many references on the web.. I am not allowed to post links yet I don't think, but here is one cosmologytalk.tribe(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/thread/50163ecd-973b-47c1-80ac-6aa0534a34e7 I don't know exactly how many.. again.. we don't know.
  11. "Then you would also know that we are made up of atoms the very same materials that made up lifeless objects such as lego blocks, yet we are living and they are lifeless, how do you explain that? Created life? copying some existing codes and applied a couple of loops can hardly be called creating, unless I'm missing something?" Matter behaves in a variety of ways. This is why 'organic chemistry' is a separate field from "inorganic chemistry". In organic chemistry chemicals form bonds in such a way that they can self replicate and divide. Again.. we created life with a computer by assembling ordinary chemicals.. it was nothing that has ever existed here on this earth.. we understand the process. We may not know the exact specifics of how it started since it was billions of years ago, but we have a pertty good idea. No god is required for life. You won't be allowed access to that knowledge in most Islamic countries though. That is really going to be bad for you people too since the next huge world industry is going to be bio-tech and you are running out of oil. Its called evolution. Most people in the developed world know about it. Unfortunately the teaching of this extremely well documented body of evidence is banned in most Islamic countries... probably because if you learn the evidence behind evolution it will make you question the validity of your religious teachings.
  12. Im going to start answering your latest big reply one part at a time becuase I am not sure how long I can hold out, its late here: You said, Well it is pretty much established that the universe started via the big bang approx. 13-14 billlions years ago.Not that you don't know. Look, forget God for a moment, let's deal with the 'Cause'. Using law of Causality, we know that Cause + Action = Effect. For things to exist from non existence, they need to have a cause + Action, this is true for your computer and also true for the universe. So we know that the Cause of this universe MUST exist. The arrogant part is not the 'humble' 'we do not know' but rather in refusing to admit the existence of the Cause. Actually there is evidence that a "big bang" type event had happened repeatedly as matter contracts and explodes. The evidence of this is found in matter here on earth that has many different "rings" leading to timescales way before the big bang as we know it. There are many rings indicating that the universe is much older than that. You seemed to demonstrate no knowledge of m-verse theory or evidence for multiple big bangs... you are a little behind the times brother, no offense. To go on and tell me that I "know" something to be true, and am just in "denial" when the edges of modern science says leads otherise is just a personal attack. It has nothing to do with the rationality of the issue. What did Allah do during all of those other big bangs? Create the earth over and over again as the cosmos rhythmically contracted and exploded? Why is our own galaxy in the process of coliding with another one at this very moment? What was his intentions? I am sure the Koran explains this somewhere, right? Science and Reason are just a FALSE western construct so what does your truth book say about it?
  13. Again... you object to me calling your 'we have a finite amount of matter' to 'a supreme being created it and controls its paramaters' an inductive leap. If you are going to make a connection between the amount of matter in the universe and a prove of the existence of a "supreme being" and further even go on to describe that that "supreme being" has some "role" and subsequently go on to claim that you know what those role are.... You need something to tie them all together without any gaps. Instead you just jump from one to the other without any explicit connection. That is a logical fallacy and the most common one to be precise. Many religious organizations bombard people with a constant stream of logical fallacies, preying on their lack of education or sheer exhaustion. People blindly accept these irrational arguments from their trusted leaders. They then use these same logical fally patterns in other arguments. I actually consider it a form of brain damage inflicted on people. They get to a point where they quickly and easily accept irrational arguments at truth, and just submit to whatever they are told to believe. It is not what I choose for my life, but hey if that is your thing then all the power to you. Peace
  14. I quoted my own post which answered those questions.
  15. I have answered that question at least 2 times.. let me quote my own post where I did so.....