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  1. Why Are Muslim Countries So Behind?

    What's wrong with the hajj travel now?
  2. Why Are Muslim Countries So Behind?

    What are Muslims doing wrong exactly? And how are Muslims not practicing Islam properly? Do we have any solutions? What can be done?
  3. Salam, Why are so many Muslim countries seen as "backward" by the rest of the world? Why are Muslims so economically behind the rest of the world? Does this mean to be a good Muslim, one must live a poor life and be humble with that? The prophet (PBUH) once said "my poverty is my pride". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_and_poverty Any thoughts? Do you have to give everything for the hereafter to be a good muslim? If not, then why are so many Muslim countries behind the rest of the world (e.g. in science & technology etc)
  4. Is This Haraam?

    Umm am I attracted to her? Not physically but she was born in Australia but comes from my parents' country (Indonesia) and she is Muslim and everyone who has an Indonesian background and is Muslim and is a woman and single and roughly my age I automatically consider as a future spouse in my mind as most people I see in my day-to-day life don't fall into this category. However, I like to check compatibility by spending some time getting to know them first. I'm not really the type of person to just marry any stranger. I do like the western-style courtship style of getting to know someone but prefer to get to know other Muslim women through group outings etc. The problem is in my opinion that there aren't really aren't enough venues for young Muslim men and women to meet each other but asking someone is easy. I'm sure there's a way of getting to know someone in a halal way, right. edit: sorry, what I meant to say is that I don't look at her lustfully.
  5. Is This Haraam?

    Salaam, Hypothetically, if I asked a Muslim sister to go with me to the Islamic museum in my area, would this be considered haraam? We wouldn't really be in the same room and alone as there would be other people around I'd assume. I heard that it's haraam if you are alone with the sister. I'm not sure whether she has any brother's which could accompany us so yeah... Thanks
  6. Why did Abu Talib (the prophet's uncle) not allow his daughter to marry the prophet mohammed (SAW)? If the prophet Mohammed was known for his honesty why did his uncle refuse the prophet from marrying his daughter? Thanks
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn6naoKowMM
  8. Hi, Do you mind if I ask you what your religious background is? What religion were you born into? Are you currently an atheist/agnostic? I'm a little uncomfortable with your 'non-religion' label. What made you choose to join an Islamic forum? I think it's really important to know what a forum member believes so we can assess where personal biases in opinions/assertions are likely coming from etc.
  9. Asalamualaikum, It has been my experience that most Muslim couples do not share many common hobbies together. It has been suggested that a possible explanation for this could be because most Muslim countries are developing countries at the moment and most Muslims can't afford to do things like badminton, roller-blading or bike riding (and many similar things like that) with their wives. Another explanation is that Muslims put religion first above everything else, although this does not mean that you are not allowed to have any hobbies, it does mean that hobbies aren't looked at as something essential to have and it's importance is often overlooked. What has your experience been in this area? If you are a Muslim what sorts of things do you like to do with your husband/wife? Do you share any extra-curricular (non-religious related) hobbies with your husband/wife? As someone who was born into the religion and living in a non-Muslim country, this is something that I have noticed but never commented about over the years. It seems in many cases, the more devote you are in your deen, the less hobbies a Muslim has. Another explanation could be the restrictive nature of Islam. Some women for example, may feel embarassed to go jogging in public with a hijab or rollerblading with one. If playing badminton between Muslim vs non-Muslim, the non-Muslims may not know that opposite genders are preferred not to touch each other (e.g. after the game to say congratulations + good game etc) Anyone agree/disagree? Share us your experiences!
  10. Dual Citizenship?

    Are there any Islamic countries which allow dual citizenship with Australia? I'm really keen on getting dual citizenship because it sounds really cool to be a citizen of two countries. Which country does everyone think is the best to have dual citizenship with?
  11. To share your life with others and show non-Muslims that we're all really aint that different.
  12. Asalamualaikum, Is it Haraam to show pictures of your wife and daughters to male non-mahram friends? e.g. through facebook Also, what if they're modestly dressed? i.e. wearing the hijab and conservative traditional Islamic clothing. Lastly, is it okay (halal) to add people of the opposite gender as friends on facebook? Thanks!
  13. Asalamualaikum, Is it Halal to introduce your male friends to your wife? I've heard that this is Haraam. Is it Haraam? Thanks
  14. Asalamualaikum, Is it true that most of the Islamic scholars in Western countries have Christian wives? I think I have heard somewhere (perhaps this forum?) from people that this is the case.