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  1. My Way To Islam

    Assalam-o-Alaykum, I would like to share with you all why and how I converted to Islam. In the beginning I was born in family of unbelievers. Even if they practiced some christians holidays, they never believed in God. At school we had religion lessons provided by catholic priests. I believed there is One God. and I grew up as catholic. I used to believed in Trinity, but i couldn't understand why I should pray do some saints. And in fact many of other christians don't do it. I couldn't understand why I should ask angels for help. I just liked to pray to God only, like Jesus taught us. Than I moved from my land to the west, where I saw for the first time muslim women. I was wondering how they can be dress like this, when outside is so warm. I had just t-shirt and some skirt on me. And those muslima were fully covered. I realized at that time about existance of Islam, so I started to be interested in it. I wanted to know more and more about this religion and people who who believed. For me the key that supposed to be unbreakable was believe what Bible says. And in the Bible is written, that whoever deny Jesus as son of God is antychrist. So i used to believed in it and deny Islam. I was strong catholic. But Allah opened my eyes via many muslims who showed me the truth, but also that i started to see that Bible indeed is corrupted. I remember that one chapter is totaly fully copied in other part of Bible. there are many errors, later corrected. All is in footsteps. All this crashed my catholic faith. I knew there is God, but I didn't know who HE is. I left my research for awhile and after some time, my catholic faith came back but than i found another error in Bible: Camel toe and how catholic prists try to explain or rather proove that is false in fact. I do not want to go in details, but this crashed my faith totally. At the same time some muslim send me Quran and i started to read. This translation of Quran changed my life for ever. If translation can be so powerfull, than how more wonderfull is original Holy Quran. After reading 1/3 of Quran I felt a spiritual fire inside me. I couldn't continue reading. So I put it away for awhile. later I read another 1/3 Quran and to my eyes came teas. I felt guilty. My eyes went open and I started to see all what I did wrong. What I believed wrong. So again i put away for a while Quran. Later when I finished it, I wasn't able to say NO to Allah. I believe that this happened because I read it with my heart. I know that some people, they will read it like a normal book, they will feel nothing at all. Why? Becasue they are not able to open heart for what they read. They are sceptic. I was believer and I am still believer, but now I am not the right way. Straight way to Allah and this way is called Islam.
  2. Do You Muslims Really Believe This?

    Hello Agnostic... You think you are wise, you think you know the truth, but this all what you have is nothing, because you don't have the most important thing: Faith. You say show me the evidence. Example with frog won't persuade you, why? because you demand other sort evidence. Evidence of God's existance. Allah says in Quran to look at all His creation. Look around you. God created this all, if you believe or not, it is the truth. For me evidence of God is that He gave us Holy Quran. I know that for you it is not evidence at all. As Quran says, you will say it is made up and false. But bring me or create any Surah like this in Holy Quran. Can you do it? look around you, evidence of God's existance is out there. maybe put some glasses on, if you cannot see it.
  3. Assalam Alaikum

    salam. my name is roshani. what i would like to share about me, is that i am converted muslim and i love to learn more and more about Islam. i am sure i will be learning all my life as subject of any religion is very deep. once we get sit on the ship, we should swim forward, no matter if it is wonderfull peacefull day or storm comming. Allahu Akbar so we should put all our trust on Allah and listen to His Holy words. I am muslim 2,5 year now. I thank Allah to open my eyes and heart, when i was searching the truth about Him. Maybe one day I share with you about this special experience...