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  1. Seriously, Isn't The Source Of The Qur'an In Doubt?

    Brothers and Sisters, You know this man seeks no truth but only trys to decieve. Inshallah one day his blindfold will come off. My question is 'why' is he here? ~shrugs~
  2. Burnt Qurans

    Anyone? I would rather not get my info from a catholic site (they talk about this endlessly) I wanted some Islamic input please!
  3. Burnt Qurans

    Can someone explain the incident in Africa or Turkey??? that surrounded some burnt Qurans that were found? ( or direct me to past threads) I have a Islamaphopic person who is constantly trying to challenge me so now I am trying to study harder on the issues that scare people or the issues people want to debate constantly.
  4. Americans Hate Islam

    Why do americans hate Islam so much? I donot even wear hijab because of a few things that have happened to me. I am not being general with my statement either, I see such hate and fear it starts to scare me. I cannot be who I want to be because of fear. Our Masjid was vandilize with spray paint telling us to 'go home' but I AM an american. This is my home. Even on tv states want to punish Shiarah law with 15 years in prison. I under stand this is america and american laws come first, but this is so extream. Its just sad! Salaam
  5. New Muslim

    Asalaam Aluakim; I am a new muslim. I was catholic but converted. My family was not happy,but I feel better believing in one God. My father made some hurtful remarks,but I Hope things will work out. I live in the south and don't advetise my new faith because I feel it may be dangerous. Inshallah it will get better.