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  1. Islam In Denmark

    Asalamu aleikum No one write something about Denmark before me, so I decided to give a little info about how Islam is in Denmark, since i also live in denmark. Danmark lies in Scandinavia. its capiatl is named Copenhagen. The population is 5mill. The Muslim population in denmark is around 180.000 and Islam is the second minority religion in the country. Many danish converts to Islam, and the statistiks says its around 5.000 and more Allahu akbar. The bigst etnics are from Pakistan, Turkey, Palastine, Irak, somalia, bosnia etc. The first muslims come 60's as " Guest-work", and was mostly from Turkey. There is a famous Danish muslim, Knud Holmboe who was converted 1930 and changed his name to Ali Ahmed. He was the author of the book " Desert Encounter ", in which he condemned the colonial powers. The book was immediately banned in Italy. The Italian colonial powers were outraged at the content of the book that described a Libya where the Muslim population was being subjected to "genocide". Knud Holmboe was an open-minded man and had a good understanding of the Arabs. After completing his book, Knud Holmboe started on his hajj to the holy city of Mecca (now officially spelled Makkah). In circumstances that were never fully explained, Knud Holmboe was murdered just south of Aqaba (modern Jordan) on October 13, 1931. Speculations that Italian intelligence ordered the murder of Knud Holmboe have never been verified. ( from en.wikipedia) In the Masjids the adhan is not alowed to hear puplic, but Inshallah we hope that we someday will get. The recently Danish goverment is right-wing, and therefore it is very hard for muslims and foreigners to be there, cause they feel uneccepted. As u may heard recentlig, a danish newspaper painted ugly picture about our beloved Prophet and it make a huge debat inside Danmark and the Muslim world. Danmark is beauifull because its nature and its famous places like Tivoli, Den lille havfrue, H.C Andersen etc. if anyone else have something to add or ask u wlc. asalamu aleikum wrwb
  2. Science/history/bible Convinced Me

    Asalamu aelikum mashallah beautiful story. :D