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  1. Translation of leaked Syrian memo on how they'll crush protesters and blame it on Zionists, Saudis and America. Syrian Arab Republic Department of General Intelligence Unclassified / Top Secrecy Department of General Intelligence / Top Secrecy Detailed Plan for the Bracing Subject: There is a growing tendency amongst a tiny faction to imitate what happened in Tunisia and Egypt, benefiting from economic conditions in the country and from the external conditions that abet activities amongst the populace. This tendency may increase after what happened in the town of Dara a few days ago. Evaluation: Must benefit from past experience in dealing with hostile Muslim Brotherhood movement, and benefit from the mistakes of the Egyptian and Tunisian regime. In particular, they hampered the powers of the Army and Republican Guard from the outset, and allowed the media to cover every move until things got out of control. Things will not, if we use the methods set out in the Detailed Plan, reach a state that poses any serious danger to the public order and the country, or that threatens the continuity of the status quo. The net result will be the passage of several tiring months, then the emergence of a stronger regime that will continue without limit. The smaller Security Committee [herein] met, consisting of: A.Sh., M.N., S.H, ‘Ayn.M., H.M., [Arabic initials à Ô, ã ä, Ì à , Ú ã, à ã ] as of 03/23/2011, with regard to protests and inimical demonstrations, discussing them from their security, political, and media angles. The following measures and strategies were put into place. It was emphasized that the treatment requires the combination of three types of action fronts: security, media, and political/economic. Detailed Plan: The plan depends on three integrated components: an information campaign; security response and performance in the field; an political/economic action. The Media Element: • Link the anti-regime demonstrations and protests to figures hated by the Syrian populace such as the usual Saudi and Lebanese figures, and connecting the lot of them to Zionism and to America. There is a plan to be conducted by a security cell, which is preparing for it, and is slipping it in, in the appropriate ways, in suspicious sites, under the name “Bandar Ibn Sultan’s Plan;†it has a chance of being believed and of being persuasive. (Date Stamp) Department of General Intelligence March 23, 2011 • An intensive media campaign accusing the protesters and the enemies of being agents of Saudi Arabia, israel and America. In the event of murder operations, the media security cell will repeat the charge that there are armed gangs or extremist gangs, and that the security forces and the Army are protecting safety, stability, and populations. • An indirect media campaign in the television and private channels and the streets around sectarian strife. Frighten Christians and Druze of the Muslim Brotherhood and extremism, which they will face if they do not participate in ending the protests. And in the coastal region, alarm the Alawites to the defense of their regime and their lives, which will be threatened by the Sunni side. • Assign some security personnel in all security agencies to work via Facebook, in order to respond to and to jam up the opponents. Some should pose as anti-regimists under pseudonyms, and slip in methods and directives that tarnish the reputations of opponents, while discovering the methods and designs hostile to Mr. President and the country. • Ban communications media from being present in populous places and punish those who convey any news that does not serve the country, and show no leniency in this matter. • In the event that the opponents are able to film and transmit any videos or images, the media security cell should process scenes of protests to insert gaps in them. These scenes can then be displayed in the Syrian media and other media networks with the gaps pointed out, thus spreading doubts in everyone's mind, to strip the opponents’ footage and photos of credibility. - Media outlets often depend on eyewitnesses when their reporters are banned from covering a story, and we expect that some will dare to call satellite channels as eyewitnesses. Therefore the duty falls on the media security branch to provide eyewitnesses, who are professionally trained security agents that will speak with television networks and provide an exaggerated narrative that leaves out clear gaps and contradictions that can in turn be easily refuted by our media outlets and cooperating networks. Therefore the use of eyewitnesses becomes a worn-out card. - The assignment of some Members of Parliament with the task of responding to opponents and vandals by drafting talking points and defining tactics to be used in their responses. - The assignment of political figures within the state who belong to areas of protests to respond to protestors and opponents. - In case the animosity is extreme and difficult to overcome, it must be transformed into local demands applicable only to those areas. - The mobilization of a fleet of cars carrying pictures of the President and the Syrian flag can be added, driven by members of the security forces and their friends, children of public officials, and officers inside those cities. Those vehicles should be supplied with a siren similar to an ambulance siren, to create fear among residents and passers-by. - Hosting moderate opposition figures on Syrian Television using a mix style of guiltbearing and eloquent talk with them to ease off their demands and change them to simple demands which they request of the President to deliver. This also has the benefit of creating a rift between hard-headed opposition members. - The issuance of strict directives and warnings to schools and students regarding using the internet or facebook. - Assigning well-known and respected actors and artists in the entertainment world whose loyalty is confirmed, or who have been arrested before, to speak at areas of protests and to respond to the opposition and the protestors according to what we assign them. The Security Factor and Field Operations: - No leniency shall be observed with regards to smearing the image of our highest symbol [bashar Asaad] regardless of the costs, because ignoring such violations will further empower the enemies to cross other lines. - It is expected that gatherings of protestors will occur in highly populated areas in order to get the most attention and in hopes of encouraging others to join them. The location of the protest must then be blocked off and enclosed, followed by civilian-clothed agents infiltrating protestors, in an attempt to cause a state of chaos and to persuade them to call off the gathering as soon as possible. If the situation demands, then one can also arrest active members among the vandals and protestors. - Assigning the information technology branch in the security agency and the Center for Scientific Research to cooperate with both cellular phone networks to seriously monitor all land and cellular lines of some protest-instigating known personalities. - A campaign of calling in youth to for questioning by security agencies in order to create an atmosphere of fear resulting in hesitation to participate in protests. In addition, arresting some of those who are called in for questioning and the announcement of a mandatory recruitment in the military and armed forces to exhaust the youth by requesting their visitation to military recruiting offices. - The exhaustion of opposition figures with lawsuits of all types to smear their moral and religious reputations; we can use different prepared methods in this regard. - Issuing a strict travel ban on influential figures in the Syrian opposition inside Syria. - The strict surveillance by the military security branch of the agency over military and armed forces personnel including medium and high leadership levels, especially Sunni figures. - In case of confrontations between military units and the protestors, a clear order must be issued for the Army not to use live ammunition as that will be restricted for trained security agents along with the black [battalions] and the secret [plainclothed] battalions. The use of snipers by both battalions should be concealed in order to prevent any notice of the source of shots fired. In addition, it is acceptable to shoot some of the security agents or army officers in order to further deceive the enemy, which will further help the situation by provoking the animosity of the army against the protestors. - Any area where protests go out of control: o The seclusion of the area and circling it with security and army personnel; the cutting of electricity, communications and internet. o The arrest of key influential figures in that area and, if the situation is critical, to kill them. o The utilization and flooding of the area with criminals and smugglers to create an environment of chaos. o The spread if trained security agents in civilian clothing within the area of the protest to try and convince protestors to use weapons against army and security forces. o The entering of security forces and the two battalions (the undercover and the black[shirted]), along with snipers, in organized campaigns during the protest. However, the number of people killed must not exceed twenty each time, because it would then be more easily noticed and exposed, which may lead to situations of foreign intervention. - The deployment of members and officers of the Army who are of the Christian and Druze sects to enter inimical protesting areas, and enticing them to defend themselves. In addition, the usage of army units whose members belong to cities or towns far from the areas of protests, to prevent the possibility of defection, hesitation or refusal to follow orders. - In case the situation reaches a critical and dangerous stage, drag everyone to make a choice between security and stability, or the freedoms they call for, and they will choose the continuation of security and safety. This can be done by means of assassinating members from different tribes or sects or using explosive bombs at key places of worship in highly unstable locations. Political Economic Factor: - Organize a massive march to support the president of the republic prior to his speech in front of the Parliament, so his speech will seem merely an answer to popular demand. Here, strict instructions must be issued to all government institutions, unions, and schools to mobilize employees and students and distribute new chants among them. - The anticipated Presidential speech: o Postponement of the speech as much as possible, because this demonstrates the strength of the state and its indifference to what may be happening. In addition, this will contribute to the clarity of the situation and to the determination of the needed action on political, media and grassroots fronts. o Any reform that we may have to promise should be presented as something we had already planned and called for prior to this time. o Present a coherent image of all pillars of the regime. - Procedures or directives that could be presented in the Presidential Speech at the Parliament: o Raising salaries for state and public sector employees, after consulting the Minister of Finance and laying down a plan for financial stability within three months, especially since this raise might shake stable economic interests today. This temporary raise will have a positive impact on the level on protests in decreasing those opposing our nation. o Issuing a promise to create new job opportunities distributed among the different provinces o Lowering the price of diesel and basic commodities in a doable manner. o Partially changing the government and exposing the corruption of some ministers. This requires a security committee that will choose ministers who can be sacrificed. This will further contribute by convincing citizens of the serious nature of actions taken by the political leadership toward reforms. o Lowering rates for cellular phone calls officially. A portion of this can be reclaimed by means of unnoticed fees. - Providing private and public privileges to religious leaders among Muslims and Christians who are close to the regime, and using them to address the public in order to vilify protestors and those opposing the regime by referencing verses and prophetic traditions that will convince them to refrain from participation in what is going on. - Sending official figures who are relatively acceptable to the internal opposition to express the agreement of the political leadership to dialogue with them. Of course, some will immediately accept, others will conditionally accept, and others will reject. This is beneficial in exposing a constant discussion and disagreement among the opposition which will not allow them to appear in an influential and agreed-upon stance, thus limiting their ability to mobilize the masses. - Agreeing to some of the Kurdish demands, especially in regarding to citizenship solely, in such a manner that will not change their situation within the state or society, and without disrupting existing social balances at the time being. This agreement is meant to neutralize them and prevent their confirmed inclination to seek support from hostile foreign forces in case protests escalate more than anticipated. The north-eastern area is the only frontier gap from that direction; all other areas carry no potential for such scenarios. - Issuing of constant reassurances by Syrian Embassies abroad and the Foreign Ministry to the United States and European states and reminding them of the possibility of a shake-up in stability affecting the Golan front in case extremists reach it or take control of affairs. - Surveillance by Syrian Embassies abroad of all Syrian nationals’ actions and behaviors. It is incumbent upon the Foreign Ministry to act upon this matter. Expected Hot Spot Areas: Daraa, Deir al-Zor, Hama, Baniyas and some scattered neighborhoods in other cities. Needs: Preparation of needed security and media structures to implement in the quickest way possible and in a highly discrete manner. Note: The complete detailed plan shall not be shared with any member or team that will be tasked with implementation; it shall be broken into segments and assigned to different branches and command centers, depending on their specialty and other assigned tasks
  2. Do Muslims Love Non-muslims?

    5:51 O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends: They are but friends to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.
  3. See, he saw it, too. So what does that mean, you just roll over and let the world goose you ? So the next time a Muslim moans about the West burning him, I can just say 'Hey, Allah did it to you, not me'. Right ?
  4. I'll let you ponder that for a while.
  5. As we say in the West, Yasnov, you couldn't carry her jock strap. (if she wore on, of coarse)
  6. It's always like this.... 'The Muslims did this great thing.... The Muslims did that great thing' But it all was over a THOUSAND YEARS AGO !!!! Muslims haven't done SQUAT SINCE accept piss and moan how the world takes advantage of them. Well, the reason the world 'takes advantage' of you is because THEY CAN !!! You're weak !! There, I said it.
  7. The people get the government they deserve. Thomas Jefferson, I think. Someone much smarter than you. And I'll ask what I please.
  8. I have scuba gear I need to work on. I'll be back to laugh at you geniuses ( you know who you are) in a little while. Later.
  9. I'm tire of doing the heavy lifting for you and Yasnov. Retrace the posts, read them slowly and figure it out for yourself.
  10. Maybe I am a 15 or 16 year old. Now what, genius ?
  11. Look who's calling the kettle 'black'. HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! It's just so much funnier coming from you, Yasnov. HAHAHAHAHA !!!!