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  1. Islam In Belgium

    Assalamu Aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Well,i'm also from Belgium, and i am happy to see i am not allone here. I am from Beringen,sow if there is somebody close here,let my know insaAllah.
  2. Assalamu Aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu I have seen all the country,but i have not see Romania,that's whi i open this topic. I am romanian and muslim elhamdulillah,but i leave in belgium.Still romania have a lot of muslims,and hwo knows,maibe here are allso romanian people,sow feel free to join this topic insaAllah
  3. Trouble

    Assalamu Aleykum Tifani Elhamdulillah you became a muslim! Think of that every time your mother make you a hard days.You know there is a reasen whi you converted,and that reasen only Allah subhanna wa taallah knows it. You just pray to Him with all you hart,and Allah Allmaity will gide you insaAllah. As about hijab,well, my opinion is not to worry about it ,beacose Allah taallah knows wat is in your hart,and He wil show you the way,you just have to belive it. Don't give up your fate,and make saber,just like our profet Muhammed (sws) did make saber. And Allah know's better Jazak Allahu Khairan!
  4. Need Help!

    Assalamu Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu My name is elif,and y need yours hulp dear broders and sisters. I wreally hope that you will understand what i'm writtyng,becose my mother language is not english,and maibe my pronuncion it is not correctly. I return to Islam 1year ago,alhamdulillah,and for a wile everithing was good. i do my prayer,learn everything that i can about Islam,i wear hijab from the first day... Now after 1year i am disperate. I don't do my prayer any more(when i try,i do it for one of two days,then i stop). I still learn about Islam from everyweare i kan,i begin a cours for learn to read qur'an in arabis,i memorized few suras,i wear hijab everyweare i go,i do belive that Islam is the true,and Muhammed(sws)is the mesenger from Allah(swt),but i don't know what is happening with my. I'm most of the time angry,and i became verry sad,allmowst all the time i cry.Everything make my cry... And now i am gonna tell you few things about my. When i became a muslime,i had few friends(sisters) who help my with alot of things.We use to go dergah together,some times i go to them in visit,of they are comming to my. Then i go to my country for a wile,untill i was propose to maryed with a muslim men. He came in my country,we did nikkah in the first day,and sow i come back hier.ever siens,(5months ago) i stay all the time in the house. Ihave no friends;nowbody speaks with my(my friends from past no longer will keep contact with my,and i think that is becose the man i am now maried is theyr family(uncle for two of them)),my husband go in the morning at work and kome back in the night,and all day i stay internet for nowbody kome to me. My huspend family from hear don't want to see my,and don't agreed our mariage,becose i am from europa,and they are from turkye(kurdish from turkye). My huspend is good with my,but i feel that maybe something is not write,that he seems to be ok that i stay all the time inside the house,and i have no contact with enybody. And that is how i became no longer do my prayer... How cane i kome back with everything? I do have allot of peyn for what i am doing,but is like..i don't know,i can't explain...i feel like i am lost . When i think to Allah and His mesenger(sws) i begin to cry becose i am afrayd,but sometymes is like i just don't kare. I need hulp,and hear there is nowbody to help my.Pleasa make dua's for my,becose sometimes i have no power to make a dua too. I feel that this hous became my greave,and i am afrayd from the Day oj jujment. Plese help me some how!!!
  5. New Member

    Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu My name is Elif,and i have join you just now(and insaAllah i post in the rite place) I want to tell you broeders and sisters that maybe my engels sometimes is not very goed. Please forgive me for that insaAllah I am from belgum,muslim for about 1year ELHAMDULILLAH. InsaAllah this forum will help my to finde everything that i need to became a much better muslim insaAllah,sow i can make myselfe pleasent to Allah taAllah And i have notice that in this forum y kan finde allot subhanaAllah. Allah to be prowd of the administrators of this forum,and to all of you broeders and sisters from everywere insaAllah.