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    Playing Basketball, Pool and Cards. Reading the Holy Qu'ran and other Religious materials. And just enjoying life in general.
  1. The Broken Seal...

    Kind of Odd how Non-Muslims are more willing to accept my experience as truth than real Muslims are. Suppose it is understandable because most of you " Muslims " are just in denial of being able to be " touched " by an Angel or making it to " Heaven/Paradise " while still on Earth. Even though your thoughts/opinions totally contradict the Quran itself... Also, I have read the Quran from front to back two times so far... Working on my thrid time right now. Also, you say " You cannot enjoy rather have to struggle and have patience for the ''maginicifent, unvisioned reward'' The crucial aspect of Islam is ''patience'' .. you gotta have patience. " roflmfao... I struggled for 5 years of my life waiting for that so-called " unvisioned reward " and I got it. Don't even get me started on having " patience "... Another thing - show me where it states in the QURAN that you cannot have friends of the opposite sex? What do you want me to do ? Become GAY ? Also, show me where it says no Music as well... or are both of the things I just talked about some perversion of Islam? Are you a radical ? Sounds like it. What a gay and boring life one would lead without girls for friends and no music. Oh and Allah banned Pot too ? Another perversion. I know he says no Alcohol but no pot as well ? I don't think so. I have done many good deeds in my life. Above most is the fact that I have never lied about anything. Even when I was a kid I wasn't a liar. I never lie for personal gain or anything. Come Monday I will talk more about my " good " deeds. Don't have time now. And sorry if my post offends you as that wasn't my intention. I am just curious for your response, that's all. Anyway, g2g now. School time. Talk later. ~ Matt ~
  2. The Broken Seal...

    Really ? Worse than I had it ? Hmm... I think the only people who have had it worse than me are the ones who committed Suicide. Here... a typical day for me was to take up at whatever time... First thing I did was smoke some pot to ease my nerves and try to forget about how awful my day was going to be. I never went outside during the daytime because I felt like anyone who layed eyes on me was judging me badly and it literally drove me to the brink of insanity. So I would only go outside during the night time. The Summer was the absolute worse time of my life. Like when my dad wanted me to go outside and cut the grass we would literally almost get into a fist fight because I would try so hard to refuse to do that task. Also, I skipped out on about 5 years worth of family reunions because I literally almost forgot how to communicate with people and felt totally detatched from my family. I couldn't even talk to my family. And a typical converstion with my dad consisted of me saying about 5 words " Oh ? Really ? Uh-huh... Yeah... " ... I pretty much didn't talk for so long that I couldn't carry a competent conversation with my own father... Also... I didn't smile for the longest time that whenever I would smile it would hurt the muscles in my face... no bullshit... So there I sat for 5 years... age 17 to 22... all alone.. absolutely no friends whatsoever... just me all by my lonesome... Again, how I managed to hang on is beyond me... I seriously cannot believe that I am not doing a life sentence for blowing up on someone and killing them for looking at me the wrong way... you just have no idea the kind of mindset I lived in for 5 years... it was scary to say the least... And yeah, I do feel a little special for wheatering the storm and making it out without a bruise... And I BEAT my depression and social anxiety disorder on my own WITHOUT bunk medications... I took babysteps but slowly crawled out of my hole in the Summer of '07... Man... I blew so much that year... I started working at this Mexican Resturant and met this girl named Amanda... mexican girl... a dime piece ( model material ) ... I could never see what she wanted in me... But she did want me... Funny... that fateful Sunday of October 7th, 2007 she was going to come over that night and we were going to drink some Crown Royal and just chill... well... do more than chill ... :sl: ... but then I had that revelation and I went out on that fateful Journey... Sighs... I miss her... Anyway, I'm just rambling now and have to go back to school work... be back in an hour or so... - Matt...
  3. The Broken Seal...

    Goofing ? How so ? ~ Sensing Denial ~ ke ke ke... We'll see who gets the last laugh wheter it is on this Planet or in the Hereafter. o_O <(*.*<) KiRbY
  4. The Broken Seal...

    Yeah they diagnosed me as a Paranoid Shcizophrenic. I call it my " Diagnonsense " heh... Anyway, obviously I started off in Jail. I spent 10 months in Jail just waiting to get moved to the " Forensic Center " The top State Hospital in Michigan. Then I spent 3 and 1/2 months there. Then they moved me to a so-called " less restrictive " Hospital named the Caro Center. There I spent 11 months. Then I made it to a Group Home and spent 6 months there until I relapsed on Dro and dropped dirty. Then they send me back to the Caro Center where I have been for the past year of my life. So approx 3 and 1/2 years locked up in total. However, I should be going back to another Group Home within the next couple months or so. I don't plan on drinking alcohol or smoking pot again tho... As I will be on a " 5 year NGRI Contract " ( Probation ) ... I plan on taking up Boxing as a hobby so it will motivate me to live a healthy lifestyle. And I know it is not my fault for having an unexpected revelation. It literally hit me out of no where. I was just sitting on my bed thinking about whatever I was thinkin about then BOOM! " I'm in Heaven ? " wtf ? That's really how it went down. Not like I left my body and went to Heaven or anything like that. Rather it was a feeling that I felt... Also, feel free to try and communicate with me as much as you wish. I don't ignore anything and try my best to respond to as many post as I can but am on a limited time schedule with school work ect. Also, I think you were the one who called me a " Troll " ? heh... well, if I am a troll, am a cute one at that... :sl: I have a Facebook account so feel free to add me if you wish. Just search " Matthew McDonell " and my profile picture is in black and white. Heh... " Oh, I know! " is my quote for that picture... heh... you'll understand why that's the quote when you see my pic.. heh... :no: xoxo... Matty Fre$h... =)
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  6. The Broken Seal...

    I said that I am either a Prophet or a Messenger. I really don't know. All I know is that ever since that day of October 7th, 2007, I have had nothing but peace in my Heart. It was around the Summer of '07 that I started caring about my life again. I was so afraid of dieing in my sleep or dropping dead from some random heart attack or something ridiculous like that. Anyway, since that fateful day, all of those thoughts have been completely removed from my mind. I know I am going to live to see tomorrow. There is no doubt in my mind anymore. Most cannot say that. Also, as far as " banging " Pagey Page goes - I think she wants me more than I want her, bro! =P heh... If you only knew... And before that day, I never really fantasized about Page Hopkins. All I really ever thought to myself was " Man... If she gave me a chance she wouldn't regret it! " heh... =) Also, I don't fantasize about being a Prophet either. I am very humble person and happy being who I am without the status of" prophethood " ... Anywho, I know where I am going when I leave this planet, do you ? :sl:
  7. The Broken Seal...

    Chapter 10: Johah Part 11: Divine Judgment 106: And call not besides Allah on that which can neither benefit thee nor harm thee; for if thou dost, thou shalt then be of the unjust. 107: And if Allah afflicts thee with harm, there is none to remove it but He: and if He intends good to thee there is none to repel His grace. He brings it to whom He pleases of His servants. And He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. Chapter 37: Those Ranging In Ranks Part 23: The Judgment 35: They indeed were arrogant, when it was said to them: There is no god but Allah; 36: And said: Shall we give up our gods for a mad poet ? 37: Nay, he has brought the Truth and verifies the messengers. 38: Surely you will taste the painful chastisement. 39: And you are requited naught for what you did-- 40: Save the servants of Allah, the purified ones. 41: For them is a known sustenance. 42: Fruits. And they are honoured, 43: In Gardens of delight, 44: On thrones, facing each other. 41a. The word ma'lum ( known ) shows that the sustenance mentioned in the verses that follow is one that is already known to those servants of Allah who are purified from every pollution. This description of the blessings of paradise shows that all blessings were spritually tasted by the righteous in this life. In fact, their brief but important description as fruits in the next verse clearly shows those blessings to be the fruits of their good deeds. Chapter 42: The Counsel Section 5: Revelation guides aright 51: And it is not a vouchsafed to a mortal that Allah should speak to him, except by revelation or from behind a veil, or by sending a messenger and revealing by His permission what He pleaes. Surely He is High, Wise. 51a. This verse shows how Allah speaks to a person or makes known to His will to him. Three modes of this are stated: (1) by wahy, which word is generally translated as meaning revelation. The primary significance of the word wahy is, however, a hasty suggestion, and since the different kinds of revelation are spoken of here, the meaning intended must be the primary significance of the word. Hence the inspired word which enters the hearts of the prophets and of the righteous, is called wahy or revelation, because it is like a hasty suggestion made directly to the heart of the inspired one, ilqa-'un-fi-l-rau'i. It is in this sense that a revelation is spoken of as being granted to the mother of Moses ( 28:7), and to the apostles of Jesus who were not prophets ( 5:111). (2) The second mode of Allah's speaking to His servants is that He speaks from behind a veil -- a scene is shown as in a vision carrying deeper significance, or words are heard by the person spoken to as from behind a veil. (3) The third form of revelation is that in which a messenger -- an angel -- is chosen by the Almighty to deliver His message to the person to whom He wishes to speak. This is the highest form of revelation, and such revelation of the Qu'ran is granted to the Holy Prophet, being recited by Gabriel. This revelation is granted only to prophets, while the other two may also be granted to the righteous who are not raised to the dignity of prophethood. It should, however, be borne in mind that in all these cases the recipient of the revelation is granted certain other senses. He sees what others do not see and hears words which others do not hear. It is, therefore, with what may be called the spirtual sense that he hears and sees and feels things which others do not hear, see, or feel. Just a few quotes from the Holy Qu'ran, that, well, remind me, of me. =) ~ Matt ~
  8. The Broken Seal...

    Don't worry, your post didn't hurt me. It was other peoples post who offend me, but, as I stated, not going to quote every single one of them. Someone said something like " Either Muhammad was lying or you are... " lol... I am just saying MAYBE Allah " changed " his mind when it came to Muhammad being the last prophet ? Surely if he wished he could change his mind. Afterall much time has passed since the days of Muhammad. Surely there have been many righteous people on this earth since him? Maybe Allah was just impressed by me and not falling into the ways of the Devil like when I was so hungry that I wanted to go out and snatch a womens purse just so I could eat but I never went through with that temptation... stuff like that... or go rob a bank or a store for money because I was so POOR. Then again, I don't even know what I am. Either I am a Prophet or merely a Messenger. Regardless I am happy being either one. And, yes, I know Allah loves me. He loves you too, brother. One day I will find the Ticket that the cop wrote me that fateful night and scan it. There were many weird things on the ticket. First off, he wrote me a " speeding " ticket, even though they never saw me driving the vehicle; He wrote me a 80 in a 20 mph street. Second, the description of the vehicle and licsense plate number were totally wrong. Thrid, under the remarks section, he wrote " Moving Odyssey " Defintion of Odyssey -'A long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience' -- Fourth, on the back of the ticket, are very strange random upside down letters, like the letter A upside down or R backwards, ect. Very strange... Anyway, will get the ticket someday as I know my dad has it in a box somewhere at his house. I must leave now. Back tomorrow. Take Care. ~ Matt ~
  9. The Broken Seal...

    Yeah I know Allah doesn't burden any soul more than it can bear. This is so true in my case. I was just 22 years old when I had this revelation. Just a kid man. And before this revelation I had spent 5 years all alone in my bedroom suffering from severe depression and social anxiety disorder. If you people only knew 10 % of what I had been through in my life maybe you'd realize that I EARNED what Allah blessed me with. Also, I see people saying " you just wanna be special, ect " ... roflmfao... how not true that is. Even after my expirence I never felt like I am special or better than other people. I am a very humble person and love all people from all races ect. I am a white boy but always had love for my fellow man, especially black people. Man... 5 years all alone and the only thing that kept me alive was HOPE. I was hanging by a thread. Thinking about suicide every day of my life, ect. Wishing I would just die in my sleep rather than wake up to see another day filled with misery. I don't know how I held on. I had the weight of the world on my shoulders every day I lived. You don't even know how many times I wanted to take a baseball bat to someones head just for looking at me the wrong way. Or how fearless I was when it came to getting into a fight with someone. I had pure rage behind my punches. Allah respects me bro, more than you'll ever know. And no, I haven't yet been told from Allah that I am a prophet but what the hell do you expect me to think after going through what I went through ? At least I turn to the one true God ( Allah )... at least I am not some mincy ###### Jehovahs Witness. God man... show some respect. Everything that I went through REALLY Happened. I am sensing some serious envy from a lot of you people who claim to be believers. I am going to go read my Qu'ran tonight and write down some scriptures to come post here tomorrow. It's okay... call me a madman just like all the prophets before me were called. Ha Ha Ha... we'll see who gets the last laugh in the end. See my quote ? he who laughs last, laughs best ? You're going to bow before me and all the other prophets on the day of Judgement. Trust me bro... you don't even know who you are talking to right now. " I am not a Human, shout out to all my Moonmen " - Lil Wayne. So many people are just in denial of my story because of the whole Fox News thing. Envious because I am going to bang Page Hopkins and all the other Fox News Girls. ROFL! Don't Hate Me Because You Ain't Me! And I am not directing this post just at you; It is meant for all the haters who responded to my post... I am not going to go quote every single one of them. Keep on hatin' I know it's all you people can do. You should be inspired by my story... it should strengthen your faith, but, no, you just decide to hate on me and call me delusional, ect. LMFAO. I can't stop laughing. Ha Ha Ha... ~ Matt ~
  10. The Broken Seal...

    I don't get what you just said but whatever man. People can laugh at me all they want, It doesn't phase me. Anyway, I g2g now and won't be back until Monday. Talk later. C'ya...
  11. The Broken Seal...

    I don't know if the Seal has been Broken or not. I don't even know what I am. Does being touched by an Angel mean you are a Prophet ? Does getting the kind of signs that I got mean you are a Prophet ? I haven't the slightest clue. I've wasn't even a Muslim when all this went down. Heck, I thought God was too good to be true. Then all this happens to me. I only became a Muslim 2 years ago when my friend gave me a Holy Qu'ran and after reading it I couldn't believe how many things in there were true about me... So, maybe the seal was broken. Heh, if you only knew me. If you only knew my one of a kind sense of humor that I know Allah laughed at. I think Allah respects/loves me enough to perhaps break the seal and let me into Prophethood. But, if not, then maybe I am merely a messenger of Allah ? OMG I JUST DON'T KNOW....!
  12. The Broken Seal...

    Tell me what you think of this. I am here to tell you the story of my life and I wish it will inspire all Muslims to live right... please don't hate on me because of what I am about to say because it is all truth. I am not about to come here and lie about stuff, because I am a Muslim, and I wouldn't lie about things in the presence of Allah. So, Anyway, here we go. October 7th, 2007... I am sitting in my Bedroom at about 11:00 AM in the morning and suddenly, out of absolutely no where, BANG!, I get overwhelmed by this feeling that I am in " Heaven "... Now, I'll admit, the first thing I did was begin to cry because this was something that I had never felt before. I'll never forget the first thing that crossed my mind was " I passed the test of life "... I just couldn't believe it. So overwhelmed with emotions... Now, after the experience, we move on to the " signs " that Allah blessed me with. K... about an hour after coming to this realization that I am in " Heaven " I turn on my favorite news channell FOX NEWS! And I begin to watch. Page Hopkins was the news anchor that day. I'll never forget watching her and the whole time thinking to myself " omg, page, I made it to Heaven! " How beautiful that moment in time was. Anyway, about 10 minutes into me watching the show I saw Page put her hands together in a " praying " manner. It struck me as odd at first as I had never seen her do this before. K... I see her do it again and now I think it is really weird. So, in my head, I think to myself " Page, put your hands together... " after I think that, she does exactly what I wanted her to do, and, of course, the whole time she is smiling. I think it again, she does it again... after the third time I thought to myself what is happening has got to be real. K... after that strange moment I began to think to myself of all the possibilties that could be in " Heaven on Earth " ... one of the things that I thought would be possible was to be able to drive a car without any gas in it. So, I said to myself, " I'll try that out tonight " .... SO... Later that Night I took my dads truck and drove it to my old hometown of Bay City, Michigan. As soon as I hit Bay City limits I looked at the gas gauge and it was damn near on Empty. So I said to myself " Here we go, either I will drive on no gas or the truck will just die on me. " I took a left turn on 22nd street and began to slowly drive down the street. Then something strange happened. I was driving down the street and I saw a guy dressed up in a Halloween Costume standing on the right hand side of the road. When I got up to him he threw this huge grey bird out infront of me and I brushed it with my windshield. Funny. At that exact moment in time I literally laughed out loud and thought to myself " Oh, They Know! " heh... K... After that moment I drove about 30 miles to Pinconning on Empty ( no gas ) then I drove back to Bay City on empty. After I crossed Bay City limits ( again ) I heard this odd buzzing sound. Then the hair on my neck began to stand up. Then, out of no where, I heard this loud blast and.... BOOM! I get hit by this huge orange fire-laser beam. The only way I can describe this would be to get hit by lightning while driving 35 mph. It was so scary and it scared the #### out of me. I literally said " WTF WAS THAT ? "... k after that scaring the hell out of me I said screw it I'm going to Midland. K... Moments after I arrive in Midland my dads truck just dies on me. So I said to myself " hmm... oh well... I'm sure I have something better coming for me anyway... " So I took my baseball bat and smashed out the windows on the truck. A few minutes afterwards I am walking down the street and two Midland Cops hit me with their search lights. Then tackle me and handcuff me ect. Then, they put me in the back on the Cop Car and the one Cop begins to write me a ticket. While writing me the ticket I saw him bow his head and close his eyes. I was like " WTF IS HE DOING ? " then he snapped out of it, looked at me through the rear-view mirror, and continued writing me my ticket. Then, I see him bow his head again and close his eyes... NOW... While he has his head bowed and eyes closed I hear a strange sound at the back of the cop car. Then, I hear a strange sound on TOP of the Cop Car. It must have been the persons bodyweight on the top of the cop car. Then, whoever was on top of the Cop Car began to slowly tap their " hands " on the roof of the cop car the tapping lasted for about 30 seconds then it stopped and the cop snapped back out of it, finished writing me my ticket, then drove me to my grandmas house being absolutely oblvious as to what just happened a few minutes earlier... heh... :sl: Now, remember what happened earlier that day with me and Page Hopkins ? Putting her " hands " together in a " praying " manner ? ke ke ke Can't you see it's a " sign " ??? I know I sure can. Anyway, after all Allah put me through that night, I frigging snapped and lost touch with Reality. I ended up stealing my grandmas and running from the cops in her car. I got charged with 10 Felonies in total but ended up pleaing NGRI ( Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity ) ... So, I've pretty much been locked up for the past 3 and 1/2 years because of all this. I am not mad at Allah as ever since that day I have been filled with Tranquility BUT I sometimes wonder if he has forsaken me because I so screwed up everything that he had planned for me... I feel like I friggin blew it with the whole Fox News thing, ect. Feel like I let so many people down. Sighs... I just wanna get back on with my life but being locked up in this Mental Hospital really sucks. I am still locked up but have access to the internet through the school program that I attend here. K.... So.... Anyway, that is my story. Now, am I a prophet of Allah ? I don't know. But was I touched by an Angel because of Allah's Decree ? Yes. Your thoughts ?.... Please post them, thanks. ~ Matt
  13. 2011 Nba Playoffs

    Just wondering if any of you watch the NBA Playoffs. Anyway, my personal favorite team is the Dallas Mavericks. I am praying that they win it all. I absolutely love Dirk Nowitzki and his fade-away jump shot... lol... It's a thing of beauty. My prediction is it will be Dallas from the West and Boston from the East. Then, Dallas will beat Boston in the Finals and Dirk will be an NBA Champion! :sl:
  14. Matty From Michigan!

    Hello everybody. I am Matt, from Michigan. I am now 26 years old, my Birthday being December 23rd 1984. :sl:)) I have stumbled upon this forum by searching " Muslim Forums " on Google. This one seems to be the best out of all that I had checked out. Cool layout, and interesting topics so far. Anyway, I hope to have fun at this forum and meet some cool people. ~ Matt ~