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  1. Muslim Army Uses Human Shields

    What is it going to take for Bashar Al-Assad to realize there is no way to get out of this? Sickening.
  2. Muslims On Gawaher Are Definitely Anti-u.s.

    You claim we are anti-american, we claim we are anti-american foreign policies, you take blind eye and somehow speak on our behalf and feelings towards something.
  3. Are You Kidding ?

    Stop telling us what we believe, you come off as extremely arrogant that way. And how is possible you learned more about Islam a religion, through conspiracy theories? Truly I am baffled if you could possibly make a connection so outrageous as that.
  4. Imperialism The West And Islam - Is It Allowed?

    That's a pretty narrow view of things. Your attempt at making it black and white choice is anti productive to a proper argument. And if you'll never become Muslim, may I ask you with all respect, why are you on this site?
  5. The Us First Amendment

    When it comes to president/Khalifa, it has to be a Muslim. To have a member of another religion representing a Muslim state would be contradictory. However when it comes to senators and judges, I think there could possibly be a chance for members of other religions. In my opinion, I think those spots would only be open to a Christian or Jew if not a Muslim.
  6. Salam. I think it would be beneficial if you can translate that language that is there.
  7. Do You Believe In Magic?

    I haven't seen anything that would lead me to believe in it.
  8. Random Incoherence

    I hate the New York City transit system..... :sl: I waited 45 minutes today for a bus....
  9. Women Liberation

    Brother, have you not already posted this twice before?
  10. Iran Mocks Us With Toy Drone

    It seems the Iranians are really "toying" with the U.S
  11. I know this is a serious topic, but I did find the lower body of that yellow spider very amusing.
  12. Clarification Needed

    I'm pretty sure there were cases of councils that would choose for the next Caliph. I forgot the specifics, but I remember learning about it long ago.