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  1. Hijama Course Starts Soon.

    FAQ What is hijama? • Hijama (ÃÌÇãÉý ) comes from the root al-hajm, which means “suckingâ€. Alhijama is the name in Arab traditional medicine for wet cupping. It is a form of medical treatment that has been recommended by shariah. Hijama therapy (cupping) is an ancient therapeutic process and well-known method of treatment, which has been practised by the Arab and Chinese for thousands of years. Hijama is now a well established health profession. It is a holistic approach that has received wide recognition throughout the world. What is this course? • The course is designed for mature persons with an explicit interest in studying alhijama therapy that they can use in helping others within the community, to follow and is interested in spreading out the Sunna What is the aim of the course? • The aim of the course is to diagnose and treat a wide variety of health conditions according to the practical and theoretical principals of hijama. How long would be the course? • It is three months course length. How much is the course fee? • The course fees is £400 How would the course be conducted? To meet all preferences; the course is going to be conducted as • A distance learning online course • In the form of hijama classes lectures at the optimum Cure Centre in Leicester When would be the work shop? • The work shop is the opportunity to practice hijama under supervision; you can take it immediately after having finished the course or make it at later date according to your convenience. How much is the work shop fee? • The 1-3 days work shop fee is £75 (include the hijama (cupping) set and all other materials. How could I book for the course? • To book send email to For more information call; Dr Amal (0044) 07880741045, (0044) 01162107387
  2. Alsalmu Alikom

    I am a Hijama therapist and I am currently practicing Alhijama for women in Leicester. I am originally from Egypt. I am a dentist as a profession and I have Masters Degree in Oral Surgery. I have been practicing Alhijama (cupping) for more than ten years. I have had the opportunity to practice Hijama in Egypt for several cases; I have practiced Hijama in Netherlands and the UK too. The percentage of curing for these cases have exceeded 90% depending on the cases itself and for many cases, the percentage of curing was 100%. The medical background I have helped me to diagnose the disease, decide the treatment plan for it and to decide which type of cupping is suitable to treat the disease or the condition. In addition, my medical background helps me to deal professionally with any unexpected incident that could happen during the treatment