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  1. The End Of Evolutionism

    Actually, I didn't say anything about proving creationism.... I just said that the theory of evolution is false and put up a link which exposes the holes in the theory. You said that disproving evolution does not prove creationism. True, but it still discredits the theory of evolution nonetheless. Also, we don't believe that an invisible man used magic to create all life either. This argument is typical of atheists who try to portray people who do believe in God as childish and unable to face reality. In reality it just shows their arrogance, intolerance, and contempt of others. Actually, I do believe and know for a fact that 'cavemen' existed. Homo Sapiens Sapiens came into Europe and took over the caves that belonged to Homo Neanderthalis. However, I don't think they had any 'god of the gaps' argument either. First of all, they were mainly shamanic peoples. Second of all, they didn't have arrogant atheists like you who try to shove their views down their throats and anyone that disagrees with them is automatically labeled as being having erroneous beliefs. Next time, I would appreciate it if you didn't take me out of context.
  2. The End Of Evolutionism

    ugh, sorry, I didn't know that I couldn't post links yet. Anyways, type in the web adress and you will see the article.
  3. The End Of Evolutionism

    Here is a fascinating and accurate article online that refutes the evolutionists: you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnewgeology.us/presentation32.html Let me know what you think...
  4. You Can't Criticize Israel

    Assalamu Alaikum, I do find it peculiar also that in the U.S. how you cannot criticize israel. You can't criticize it even though they are commiting atrocities. Even though they took over the land illegally and brutally and are occupying it illegally. Any notion that you does criticize israel is almost automatically labeled as 'anti-semitic' or that it is criticising a strong ally or whatever.... The fact is it is not anti-semitic because if it was, then it would be racially charged with hate against Semitic peoples. Also anti-semitism includes Arabs as well, since they are Semitic too. It as if israel controls what people can and cannot say, it is as if they have their own regime here and can silence whoever is disliked. If we work hard to put an end to this, people will begin to see the truth behind israel.
  5. Know The Real Terrorists...

    Assalamu Alaikum, Thank you for sharing this sister. This exposes the reality behind the israel-Palestine situation. The fact is that israel does not belong to the current people who occupy it. Perhaps it once did-but that hadn't been the situation for about 2,000 years because in between then and 1948, other people had moved in. When many of the Jews in Europe chose israel as their destination after WW2, the British were controlling it then- the people who chose to go to israel simply forced out the then existing population of the Palestinians and claimed the land for themselves. The fact is that they are pretty much occupying that land illegally. As soon as israel is attacked somehow by the Palestinians, the Palestinians are condemned and and they are seen as the enemy. But as soon as the Palestinians are attacked in the first place, the West turns a blind eye. israel gets away with its crime and whenever they commit they are defended in the West as being righteous in what they are doing. israel is seen by many in the West, particulary in the U.S., as a beacon of light amidst a sea of darkness. israel is considered an ally by the U.S. because it stands for alot of what itself stands for and how Judaism is considered part of the 'judeo-christian' tradition. It is seen as a light amongst the Arabs and Islam; a beacon and a foothold for the U.S. I hope that people will realize and find out the truth behind this lie and stand against israel and what it is doing.
  6. New Stealth Drones Used On Bin Laden

    Eh, I don't exactly know about that... Have you ever heard of the videos that show American soldiers firing on civilians in Iraq? Or what about how American troops in Nicaragua under Reagan? Or what about in Vietnam? Watch and read reports on those and trust me, you will see... Also, I am not telling you what you do, I am actually just calling you out on what you are saying and how destructive it is.
  7. What Do You Think?

    Ok, then where are they?
  8. Why I No Longer Believe In Islam

    Ok, I understand that to you it is symbolic. But you do have to admit, spending 500 dollars on that whereas you could have gone through it somewhere else for no price at all is a bit non-sensical...
  9. Ratko Mladic Arrested

  10. New Stealth Drones Used On Bin Laden

    Nice. Real Nice. Its a sad thing that bigots like you have to come to places like this and show this kind of hatred. For many posts 2tap, you have been nothing but ignorant and aggressive.
  11. New Stealth Drones Used On Bin Laden

    OK, so according to you, all Muslims are basically killers and barbarians? That is what you certainly sounded like when you said 'you guys'
  12. What Do You Think?

    Assalamu Alaikum, I recently found this article online and I wanted to know what brothers and sisters have to say: US diplomats feared Islamic radicals in Jamaica By DAVID McFADDEN, Associated Press David Mcfadden, Associated Press– 2 hrs 15 mins ago KINGSTON, Jamaica – U.S. diplomats have expressed concern that an Islamic cleric convicted of whipping up racial hatred among Muslim converts in Britain might do the same thing in his homeland of Jamaica, according to a leaked cable from the island's U.S. Embassy. The dispatch, dated February 2010, warns that that Jamaica could be fertile ground for jihadists because of its underground drug economy, marginalized youth, insufficient security and gang networks in U.S. and British prisons, along with thousands of American tourists. It says Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal, who was deported back to Jamaica in January 2010, could be a potential catalyst, and it noted that several Jamaican-born men have been involved in terrorism over the last decade. Another memo says an associate of el-Faisal was suspected of involvement in a previously unreported terror plot in Montego Bay, a tourist center near where el-Faisal now lives. A second associate was allegedly suspected of threats against a cruise ship in nearby Ocho Rios. No details of the alleged schemes were provided in the cables and both U.S. and Jamaican officials declined to comment on them. U.S. diplomats and law enforcement officials have expressed concern in the past that Middle Eastern terror groups might forge alliances with drug traffickers or take advantage general lawlessness in parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. The January 2010 return of "extremist Jamaican-born cleric Sheikh el-Faisal raises serious concerns regarding the propensity for Islamist extremism in the Caribbean at the hands of Jamaican born nationals," said the secret cable, apparently from Isiah L. Parnell, the deputy chief of mission for the U.S. Embassy in Kingston. "Given the right motivation, it is conceivable that Jamaica's disaffected youth could be swayed towards organized crime of a different nature through the teachings of radical Islam," said the dispatch dated February 25, 2010. The cable is one of the quarter million confidential American diplomatic dispatches first obtained by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks and separately obtained by The Associated Press. There is no hard evidence that Jamaica has a burgeoning problem with extremism, though some of the embassy dispatches list suspected associates of el-Faisal, several labeled as radical Muslims and believed to be involved in drug and human trafficking. One is a 31-year-old Jamaican suspected of involvement in a Montego Bay bomb plot and another man suspected of threats against a cruise ship. Other Jamaicans involved in terrorism include Germaine Lindsay, one of the four men behind the 2005 suicide bomb attacks on London's subways, and Lee Boyd Malvo, who was convicted in the deadly sniper attacks that terrorized the Washington, D.C., area in 2002. Jamaican police say they are monitoring el-Faisal but note that he has no criminal record in the country. "To the extent that he was living abroad and was convicted of offenses, we do have concerns. But he is a Jamaican and we had to take him back," said Deputy Police Chief Glenmore Hinds. One of the leaked U.S. cables said Jamaica's Ministry of National Security has established a special unit to collect information on Islamic extremism, but it voiced concern about whether the unit would be able to "react rapidly to actionable intelligence and to effectively prosecute an anti-terrorism case in the courts." El-Faisal, who is known as "al-Jamaikee," or "the Jamaican" in Islamist circles, has been living in a rural town outside the northern city of Montego Bay, not far from where he grew up. He has several children. He declined through a spokesman repeated requests for an interview with the AP. Mustafa Muhammad, president of the Islamic Council, said el-Faisal's angry rhetoric and conspiracy theories may attract some young and disenfranchised people, but he doubted it would have much traction among the Jamaica's roughly 5,000 Muslims. "Faisal has always been very eloquent and the moment he speaks he captures your attention," Muhammad said in the library of a whitewashed concrete Masjid in Kingston. "That is why it's so sad, so very sad, about what he has come to believe." Jamaica's Islamic Council has banned el-Faisal from preaching in the country's Masjids because he of his past. He now preaches in informal prayer sessions and conferences. "He told me that he didn't think he had ever done anything wrong," Muhammad said. "That's a concern to me." Born Trevor Forrest in 1963, he was raised in the rolling hills of northern Jamaica. His parents belonged to the Salvation Army, the Christian evangelical group. He converted to Islam after being introduced to the faith by a school teacher at about 16, Muhammad said. Shortly after his conversion, el-Faisal's global migrations began. In the early 1980s, he traveled to Trinidad for a Saudi-Arabian-sponsored course in Islamic and Arabic studies. He then went to Guyana for similar studies, according to terrorism researchers. El-Faisal, now a compactly built 47-year-old man with receding hair, was deported to Jamaica for the second time last year after being arrested in Kenya, where he reportedly encouraged young men to join an extremist Islamic group in Somalia. Before that, he preached in a London Masjid attended by convicted terrorists and was imprisoned in Britain for nearly four and a half years for inciting murder and stirring racial hatred with sermons titled "No peace with the Jews" and "Them versus Us." In one recorded sermon, he told followers that "the way forward is the bullet." On another, he said jihadists should use "chemical weapons to exterminate the unbelievers." "Faisal's popularity remains strong with online jihadist supporters, particularly American jihadist groups. His sermons are widely published across the Internet," said Jarret Brachman, a former CIA analyst who is now an independent terrorism researcher. Some experts in militant Islam said his isolation in Jamaica may create a mystique that could draw alienated people into his circle. "There is a danger that Abdullah Faisal will radicalize individuals in Jamaica, just as he has previously done in the U.K. and elsewhere. He is a powerful, charismatic speaker who is easily capable of presenting Islamist extremism as a rational choice," said James Brandon of the Quilliam Foundation, a British anti-extremism think tank. In my opinion, this article is tying Islam to terrorism and violence...again. It makes it seem like as soon as somebody converts to Islam, they automatically turn into a terrorist and begin preaching extermination of others. It is interesting, that after all of these years campaigning against Islamophobia, alot of attitudes towards Muslims and Islam haven't changed. The word "Islam" is still mentioned with terrorism and still associated with terrorism, even if in an indirect way. Terrorists are terrorists, and that's all there is to it. The fact that these terrorists happen to be Muslims doesn't make them much different from other terrorist groups.
  13. Why I No Longer Believe In Islam

    That still doesn't make much of a difference. Water is water, it doesn't change its nature of being water regardless of whether it is sprinked or in a tank, etc. and the fact that you paid $500 to be immersed in a tank filled with water is ridiculous.et That is how people who claim stuff such as holy water healing or paying a church a certain amount of money in return for a bigger monetary reward from God get so rich. That is the reason why people such as Joyce Meyers, Peter Popoff, and others have private planes or other luxuries. They hoax people into giving them money. What they do is cruel and a lie.
  14. The 4 Mazhabs.

    Assalamu Alaikum, I recently reverted, but I now about the four madhabs as I have read about them. The four madhabs (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, and Hanbali) are not sects or divisions within Islam but they are schools for interpretation. They are based on the interpretations of Imam Hanafi, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi'i and Imam Hanbal. Although they differ in aspects of interpration, they are all correct and their differences can often be very subtle. Some Muslims do not follow any particular maddhab, and it is not required to follow just one and adhere to just one. Views from another madhab may also be taken into consideration. You mentioned that your country follows the Shafi'i madhab. The Shafi'i madhab is the second largest madhab, right behind the Hanafi. It is mainly present in Southeast and South Asia, East Africa, Parts of the Middle East, and parts of Egypt. The Shafi'i madhab is the same as all of the other madhabs but does differ just like the others with respect to it's views on rulings. For example, in the Shafi'i madhab it is halaal to consume all seafood. However, in the Hanafi madhab; which is followed in Central Asia, parts of South Asia, large parts of Egypt and the Middle East, seafood is considered halaal only it is in the shape of a fish, with sometimes prawns being included as well. I hope this helps.
  15. "muslims Should Get Over Quran Burning"

    Mrs. J: Muslims must deal with the problems in their community as Nomani is suggesting. Non-Muslims should be able to express their opinions and concerns without being labeled Islamophibes (if they are not) or face accusations of trying to impose western/Christian ideals upon Muslims. If your book says you must/can fight me and some go ahead and do it, why can't I express my concern? Otherwise we have a new Islamophobia where any expression of concern or objection = Islamophobia, like the New Antisemitism (any criticism of israel = antisemitism). Non-Muslims 'opinions' are actually usually not opinions and they usually consist of hate crimes and beliefs which are false about Islam. This is Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. There are many phobias. Islamophobia is one of them. There is a difference between Anti-semitism and Islamophobia. When people criticise israel, they are often doing it because israel has in fact commited war crimes against Palestine, and they have absolutely no guilt about it either. Thus, with Islamophobia, again; it often consists of hate crimes. criticism of israel however is just holding israel accountable for its actions. It is not right to encourage Islamophobia in any form whatsoever. Salam.