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  1. Weight Loss

    I went on this Halal Slim website and you can request a free ebook called "Weightloss Secrets". It actually has a lot of good stuff in it and explains it well. I recommend it - cause its free :sl: the website is halalslim (dot) com
  2. Weight Loss

    What if you and your family is used to eating south asian food? Given that it's often hard to make "healthy" food that tastes good, i think that adding physical activity to your daily lifestlye can help burn the extra calories. And of course let's not forget that when you go to family friends and to weddings, you don't always have healthy options. Plus if you don't eat it looks rude..
  3. Weight Loss

    I will say that when it comes to dieting, it never works in the long run. I think that exercising needs to be a part of our daily routine, especially if you're one of those people who spends most of their time in an office in front of a computer. I was doing some surfing online the other night and I came across a blog by a doctor.. It's called "Dr. Dar's Weightloss Advice". Some really good information on there. There was one particular thing on there he had commented on.. some product called Halal Slim. I was wondering if anyone's heard of this?
  4. Weight Loss

    Many of my friends and I often find ourselves discussing weight loss methods, and like many women we're always trying to keep up with the latest diet or trend. We've come to the realization that it is indeed a lifestyle change that is going to ultimately help us lose weight and stay healthy, and not some new exercise machine being sold on an infomercial. What I find a bit difficult is finding the time and money to join a local gym, especially one that is for women only. Wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue, and any potential solutions?
  5. I'm New Here

    Salaam to all the brothers and sisters, I'm interested in learning more about health related issues in the Muslim community. I think there's a lot of things that we don't discuss because of culture and I would like to hopefully connect with people who have knowledge on different topics. Anisa