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  1. Weight Loss

    The best thing is to eat like our grandmothers did! no packaged foods! too much sugar and fats in all that stuff! eat mostly vegetables and fruits, like 70% and the other 30 % can be fish,chicken,eggs,whole wheat grains and rice. Just as natural as it is. No processed food. In that way you feel light, healthy and you are also being good to our planet.
  2. Marhaba

    Marhaba! Kif al hal? Here i would like to introduce myself: I am Armenian Palestinian living in The Netherlands. I am christian but with great interest in the Islam. I have lived ten years in Kuwait and ended up in The Netherlands through the gulf war. Actually in Kuwait it seemed easier to live as christians and muslims together than it seems over here. Specially now with these strange politicians. The media seems to make the people here scared of their neighbors that they do not know. Instead of seeing the richness of all colors living next to each other. I would like to try to make a difference. Shoekran! :sl: