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  1. Assalamu alaikum It would be great to talk with other women in their early 30s who've reverted to Islam recently. Please PM me if you're interested in chatting. I'd like to build a strong peer base for this new world I've embarked on! MashaAllah
  2. What Are Women Promised To Recieve In Heaven

    Women are the giver of life from our womb on earth...oh how much greater we will be in heaven!
  3. If there are any other variations to your head covering habits, please reply with those details.
  4. I'm New Here

    Hi, I'm new too. Nice to meet you here. I'm also interested in health topics.
  5. Medical Advantages Of Sajda (prostration)

    This is very interesting, Sister. Thanks for posting it. Reminds me of something else I read recently likening physical prayer movements to yoga poses.
  6. Why Do Men Cheat...

    No. And I don't personally know--in person in my community--any Muslims who think it is a wise choice. Matter of fact, it's considered socially taboo in my circles...I am just being honest here. Having said that, yes, I know it is permissible (not a sin). I'd rather not have anything to do with it, though. - That is mine and my husband's choice, mutually agreed upon.
  7. Hi, New Here

    Hi, I just joined this forum. As a recent revert, it's nice to find a place to talk about Islam.