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  1. I Have Some Questions On Islam! Please Answer!

    What you suggested in here as i basically understand it is that all non-Muslims are going to hell. Am i right in that conclusion? If so, that also means all non-Muslims are horrible evil people, right? Or are you saying that God sends good people to hell if they don't embrace Islam in the sense you're referring to? i think this is the biggest abuse to say to someone that inspite of all you will burn in hell for eternity...how so ever good the other person may be!!
  2. I Have Some Questions On Islam! Please Answer!

    so the criteria of heaven/ hell is belief or disbelief and not good deeds and jobs... obviously at the end when Allah appears in front i would surely do whatsoever he would say!! then there is no need to accept Islam now!!
  3. I Have Some Questions On Islam! Please Answer!

    how can he ever know that quran really is the truth. he has been given birth in a kafir family by Allah and he believes his own religion as true!! so in a way if he gets to be in hell then it is not his mistake had he been given birth in a muslim family, he would have been muslim!! as quran says that other religion is not true, similarly his religion says quran is not true!! now he cannot decide but he can do all good deeds and he des them.. still he gets hell !! does that match just and merciful nature of lord??
  4. I Have Some Questions On Islam! Please Answer!

    if the life be taken as a test for us then and we are like giving exams of faith Allah, then you must feel that we should have given same books to study or no?? but he has been given birth in a kafir family , so it seems as he has been given the wrong books to prepare for exams!! while it would be so easy for the one born in muslim family!! so i mean if life is a exam and faith on Allah the criteria for passing, Allah must have given same study material to all , means birth to all in a muslim family !! only then the analogy of test can be true... since this does not happen so your analogy of life as test does not suits..
  5. I Have Some Questions On Islam! Please Answer!

    as i said he belongs to another religion, and as taught from childhood he believes that his god is correct. so he has complete faith in the version of god he has been taught since childhood. he believes that there is only one god all merciful, and has no partners and says he may also have a name as Allah as god is not bound to specific names. he says he does not believe on angels as he has not seen any of those... and already his religion too have it's own fictional stories he beieves in the revealed books of his own religion and does not believe that quran is revealed book, as he finds stories of splitting moon and turning humans to monkeys impossible and says would not believe them unless seen with eye for they being unscientific.. he says he already has such things in his own religion , so why should he change his religion?? just because someone came to him and say that believe this book , it is true otherwise you go to hell !! now i mean to say that he has been given birth in a kafir family by Allah himself and from childhood he has heard stories of heaven and hell as n their religion and as that all muslims would go to hell , and has their own characters instead of angels to have belief on, so now how can he change the religion... just because of this that he can never be sure about authencity of Islamic claims , would Allah send all his good deeds in vain?? and send him to hell??
  6. hii !!! i would request the people on this forum that they shall answer me friendly and in polite manner believing that i am a student and they are the teacher. your polite behaviour may help me to change a general thinking of me that muslims on being questioned turn out aggressive. i have some questions but i would try to get answers one by one !! question 1 ::> " what will happen to a non-muslim who is good in all respects, but since from childhood he has been taught that his own religion is best.. does not accept Islam , but is good to humanity in all respects.. through his action , deeds, and thinking also ? what will happen to him at the day of judgement ? to clarify my question .. i would add that he does accept the quran as scripture of god and thinks book of his own religion is from god. He also does not believe the stories of quran and says that"" since these stories of miracles are unscientific and i would not believe them unless i see them with my eyes."" ((he pointed towards the storiy of spiltting moon in two and converting humans into monkeys etc..))"" what will happen to him at the day of judgement ? heaven or hell ? i would like a short and straight forward answer !! thanks.
  7. Hii!

    hiii!! i am a person who was once a hindu.. but now i feel idol worship is not ok... so i am tryng to know about all religions... so i have read somewhat about Islam and christanity too... i saw some debates also ... now i am having some questions which i need answer for!! so i am here! to see if i get an answer!!