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  1. You might search at salatomatic which is the most comprehensive list of masjid and other organizations.
  2. I am still learning about Islam. I have repeatedly run into this hadith, quoted by people who are critical of Islam. So the critics say "here the Muslims had taken female captives and wished to rape them before returning them for ransom, but they didn't want to impregnate them and ruin their value, so their plan was to use coitus interruptus. And Muhammad did not object." What is the correct interpretation?
  3. Islam And Dogs

    Thank you for your learned reply. Is the source for your answers the Quran or is it a later hadith?
  4. Islam And Dogs

    I ask these questions out of ignorance, so please don't take offense. I came to get a straight answer from Muslims. I am from the U.S.A. I have heard that Muslims consider dogs to be "unclean" and never have them as pets. So I am wondering: Is this truly a belief in Islam, or is this is just a cultural norm from countries that happen to be predominantly Islamic. In other words, is there something in Islamic theology about dogs or is it just a cultural tradition from different countries. Does this belief or tradition vary from place to place? I know Islam exists all over the world. Do some Muslims have dogs for pets? What does "unclean" mean? What do Muslims think about dogs and how they should be treated? I ask this because other than my family, there is nothing more important to me in this world than my dog. Every dog I have owned has been loving and very loyal and I find them to be magnificent, innocent, pure animals. There is nothing that makes me more angry than any kind of animal cruelty, especially regarding dogs. I have read a couple things: Muhammad had a cat. Muhammad once protected a female dog who was giving birth so that no one would disturb her and her puppies. I don't know if those are true.
  5. Greetings From Oregon

    Hello and greetings from Portland, Oregon. I'm just here to learn a little more about Islam and ask some questions. Growing up in the USA, I have not had much exposure, though I do know a number of Muslims as a result of attending university, working in a big company, etc. I'm 42 and work in information technology.