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  1. Embracing not embarrassing, a typo on my part.
  2. Hey angry man, you know im pretty sure your picture is quite famous on the net. I freely admitted to never having heard of her, any thing i said was sheer speculation and even if you wont admit it i mentioned a couple of the endless reasons ppl could do something. No 1 here knows this woman personally do they? And if not her reason for doing what she has down could be limitless, including converting to Islam and embrassing it as a devout muslim would because she believes it, who knows. you got enough angry to spread all over the forum?
  3. Dosent mean she's not in it to make a fast buck. As for her beliefs being forced apon her then religion might just be a way of rebelling against her folks. At least she won't have atheists demand she is punished :P
  4. I'm not saying religious ppl don't believe in science, but they will reject anything that contradicts there religious beliefs. No idea who willow Wilson is but if she was an atheist that converted to Islam with out even reading the Koran I'd have to say she's either an idiot or a liar. No offence intended :) But sounds like a feel good story for Muslims who lap this sort of thing up.
  5. Then may I suggest that you all ready had a strong faith and were more suspectable to religious writings. As a Christian u may have had to denie some aspects of science and wouldn't think twice about doing it again with a new faith?
  6. “We Will Show You Things Worse Than Guantanamo”

    Now you know how many non Muslims feel aswell, when talking to Muslims. Let them bark?, dogs are considered unclean In Islam , can we take this as another insult?
  7. Bullies

    Is any1 allowed to ask on this forum with out pandering and sucking up? you aint helping to clear up any misconceptions? Some1 finds something nasty on an "anti Islamic site" asks about it.............banned. issue isnt resovled. Finding the stuff you would rather sweep under the carpet on an Islamic site is impossible, because its all viewed under Islamic tinted glasses and left out. ppl on this site will decry rape and mistreatment of women in the west, thanks to freely available information i might add yet denie such a thing even happens in muslim countrys. Any information provided to show this is not the case in muslim countrys and the cry of unislamic website go's up. How many time have muslims declared that kafirs should open there eyes and embrace Islam, while they cant even see what go's on under there own noses. I really hope there is at least 1 muslim on here that can see where im coming from and not just dismiss me as a troll, fraud, deciever etc.
  8. Check online, plenty of debunking going on, not that any of it would get through to you.
  9. What Exactly Is Islamophobia ?

    Im afraid the concept of free will is lost on muslims, but then they do consider themselves slaves of god so they see free will from a different perspective.
  10. Serious, Shocking Questions About The Bible

    So god is saying having a drink is worse than getting cancer?
  11. Again with the denial, deflection and personal attacks. A very common tactic from Muslims. If you are that insecure about your faith that you can't handle question why are you even here? Not every 1 is going to see things from a Muslim or Islamic perspective, yet u expect us to show the utmost respect to your beliefs, no matter how insane they might sound. At least have the common decency to respect others, even tho we are only lowly kafirs. Honestly this probably the biggest reason Islam and Muslims have problems with non Muslims, You must respect Muslims and Islam but we will not respect you, tolerate you. Hypocrites is a word loved by Muslims and you don't even see the irony :(
  12. Oh it predicts future stuff eh? Care to make a prediction then ?
  13. Your joking right?