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  1. Srebrenica - A Cry From The Grave

    No your wrong, non Muslim. Christian countries did not came to the aid of ethnic Muslims in Bosina. Rich countries with armies and air forces stood around for years and finally shoiw the world in a few days of bombing that they could have stopped the war years (and thousands of lives) ago. The other countries (south America, "half'' of Africa) did not, nor have they ever come to any ones aid.The Muslim countries would have loved to have helped but the Christian run U.N stopped them.
  2. Camel Urine As Medicine

    I would just like to mention that in Islam camel urine is to be mixed with the milk. One Bedouin, in madeena tolled me that they merely stir the milk with the camels tail, thus putting urine in the milk. So when our prophet, salallahu alayhi wasallam, advised some people to drink camels milk and its urine, i don't think it was a cup of each that was being suggested. Allah knows best
  3. the use of the royal we is very common in Arabic and not even conceded arrogant when said by an older person. This is just one of the important reasons that the Word of Allah is the Arabic only and the translations are the words of men.
  4. 13 Year Old , Need Help

    I was always the only Muslim in my class but my Dad used to come to the school and tell them to keep me out of music lessons and give me a place to pray my thuhr and asr. Being white made the few muslims in our area not believe i was Muslim ether...ha ha.... funny to think about it now. Bro, you can not miss prayers try hard to pray them on time if not then make them up when you have time and most importantly remember that sins take you away from Allah. So if prayer is hard then you need to look at your life and see what is holding you back. Worship is like exercise the more you do the easier it is the rest you take the harder it gets. Our souls are controlled by Allah alone and He guides those who turn to Him in love and repentance. May Allah guide us both to His way.
  5. Standing in front of Allah Slaves of Allah stand in front of their Lord on two occasions, the first is when they stand in their prayers and the second is when they meet Him on the Day of Judgment. So when the first standing is treated with the respect it deserves, the second standing place will become easy. Whoever takes the prayer lightly the second standing place will be difficult. When night falls sleep attacks. Fear and hope lead the army of those who try to stay awake. Laziness and indecision lead the army of the forgetful. Down dose not break except the battle has been fought and spoils taken by the victor.
  6. Sallaams

    Assallaamu Alaykum warahmatullah, Greetings to all. May Allah bless us to have the best intentions and guide us on the path of truth.