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  1. Wellbeing

    << : HOME WELLBEING/WIN-WIN METHOD Wednesday, February 08, 2012 Asslaamu alaikum out of the innate( inborn) instinct for wanting, better.. and out of the 'fear' of harm..to escape harm.. one has only this present given minute/moment and wishing for your muslim brethren that which one wishes for self.. is so marvellous..PERFECT..the LAW that no-matter-who practices it,..the person's living is "a creature's interaction with The Master/Owner/Allah".. then all arriving moments and minutes and days and years get painted with pleasure.. to what extent? to the extent that a common man will precede Allah's last messenger, Muhammad alaih assalaat wassalaam into paradise/jannah bilaal(razi-Allahu anhu/Allah was Pleased of him) will be holding the reins of the camel, leading it into jannah/paradise with Rasoolullah (alaih assalaat wassalaam) sitting on that camel..... (my diary has an article that narrates the sayings of many wise men about Rasoolullah) (titled"the guiding light;Muhammad") so, as He ,alaih assalaat wassalaam, explained.. "one cant be a true ,practical, believer,until one likes/pprefers/loves for one's muslim brother, that which likes/prefers/loves for self".. and there was once a 'party' that all muslims of medinah (during days of rasoolullah) were invited to...and rasoolullah, attended it too.. after the meals were served, rasoolullah came back to the Masjid, and found, bilaal sitting in a corner of the Masjid..deep in thought and rasoolullah had asked him "what kept you from having the meals, the all in medinah were invited to/why did you not attend the party?" or probably asked him, "what are you thinking of,so intently?" and bilaal had said, "was ruminating/thinking 'how could this freedom of the soul, that Islam induces,be shared/spread throughout humanity/the planet" rasoolullah had told bilaal,..i wish i remembered the exact words.. what rasoolullah told bilaal then was, how that thought of his, was dearest to Allah meaning...that Allah likes of humans the most "wishing for fellow humans, whatever one wishes for self" so.. i was re-reading my diary.. some posts from the years..2003..onwards.. and i could read, anger..bias..sarcasm..in my words.. sometimes between the lines.. yes it took me as long as this present day...to learn that "faith/imaan" begins from 'liking for the fellow muslim whatever i like for myself'.. it is the practice of this principle in ALL..of one's interactions...that..one finds the comfort and the peace..and contentment...that EVERY one yearns for.. the next minute/moment/year...will always remain upto The Owner/Allah and the faith/belief..that Allah Never Does anykind of wrong.. it is this philosophy for social living that Islam truly is, about. i wish..i sincerely wish.. that all muslims would commence practicing, liking/preferring for muslim brethren whatever they like for self the globe would definitely improve.. "green world"..is the world, where, 'each person, likes for fellow humans, that which is liked for self" insha Allah salaam alaikum (muslim greeting ,meaning, "may you be out of harm's way in every sense/way"
  2. Islam in Saudi Arabia

    salaam Islam, in all muslim countries is nearly at the same "stagnant"level. rasoolullah/the holy prophet alaih assalaat vassalaam said very clearly,"you can not be a momin/practical believer in Islam, until you prefer/like/love for your muslim brother whatever you prefer/like/love for yourself". so...in all muslim countries, the physical rituals and the bodilyu exercises of worship and piety are scattered quiet obviously/predominantly..yet..imaan/true-practical-faith is lacking everywhere. to the extent that even those who give daawah/preach..have forgotten to like/prefer/love for their muslim brother/sister(next door/office/seat)what they like/prefer/love for themselves. imaan is absent...Islam without imaan is always enslaved by imaan-less infidels/kuffaar. and one cant blame the non believer, because the 'believers', show them the same greed.lust,selfishness'and irreverance for Allah's laws, in their mutual dealings(dealings between believers)...so similar to kuffaar/worshippers of 'all that glitters"..and thinking for self and not the entire human race. salaam download free books in arabic english and urdu, about "addiction(to worldly pleasures/drugs),disease,treatment &cure" rah-e-rast(contact admin if its a beneficial link) believe me some readers reverted to true Islam after reading the book above. (the knowledge in the books is not the author's, but The Creator's) (excuse the spelling/punctuation errors...always)
  3. The Detailed Universe: This Will Blow Your Mind!

    ron we are beings wit/within limits...while the Creator is INFINITE WE can never ever SEE the Creator in His Entirity we can only see signs and glimpses of His Capabilities/qudrah.. salaam
  4. Read & Enjoy

    ASSALAAMU ALAIKUM once upon a time: i was a sperm cell..... then Allah Created from that sperm cell, myself.. me,the writer and i was given and informed through living that of ALL the Creations ,second to mankind... Allah has already told that : "wisdom"is His Fav orite as i grew, i saw brothers and sisters...not liking for the other (sibling) what they liked for themselves.. then i learned that my spiritual father..Muhammad alaih assalaat wassalaam has already informed, "you can not be a momin/of faith.. until you love for your muslim brother that what you love for yourself. i also was lucky or intelligent or simply blessed to admit, that all this creation ,the skies and the planets and stars are not meaningless, AND whoever created all this Is Capable Of Anyhthing then i also admitted that everything ends/dies and was Blessed with the info that: i wont,end...i will change shapes,places but am Created by my Creator, forever and ever and ever..i realised that the "infinity" that bewilders physicists..are they themselves..meaning we are all eternal beings.. and then i was lucky to have my father(spiritual) teach me that i should prostrate/sijda for/to Allah, my Creator, my Owner so i started praying those 5 regular times my creator Has Fixed for the 24 hours of His Creation... but when i would come to attahayyyatu lillahi...i always wondered "why do i say assalaamualaik ayyuha annabiyyu"..when i dont see him?..why? until i found the answer my father (spiritual) had told me already.. that "salaat/nimaaz..is a momin/practical believer's ascent/meraaj" so i understood that since i am on Allah's arsh/court, when in nimaaz/salaat.. so ofcourse the messeneger who informed humanity .. informed about Allah..THE CREATOR.. so, naturally in Allah's Court/Arsh/presence, is that messenger too,besides others... because my father(spiritual alaih assalaat vassalaam) was poisoned to death, by the jewish woman that said she was "checking if muhammad is a prophet, the poisoned food will inform him of the food being fatal".. and my father (spiritual),the messenger had just chewed a piece of roasted meat when that meat told him it was filled with poison....so muhammad alaih assalaat vassalaam, had "spitted"..that piece of meat out of his mouth..and forgiven the woman who executed that TEST.. (however, on the third day, one of rasoolullah/my spiritual father's companions, died of that poisoned food...so the jewish woman ,in accordance with the jewish law..{an eye for an eye/torah/old testament} was killed,in/as penalty....so when the messenger/my spiritual father/alaih assalaat wassalaam had gotten sick,in the last 17 days of his life...he had informed us all that"the poisoned food i chewed,has shown it's effect now"...and since Allah..Has already Decreed/Declared that "martyrs do not die, but continue living" so i say assalaamu alaikum to him, the messenger my spiritual father(alaihassalaat vassalaam )too.during my nimaaz/salaat..when in the posture of "attahyaat"/sitting in Allah's Presence. salaam alaiku
  5. Read & Enjoy

    so...therefore: very rightly said by my spiritual father, muhmmad alaih assalaat vassalaam...(quote) salaat/nimaaz/obligatory prayers 5/day, is the "apple of my eye"/qurrat aeynee (unquote) being allowed 5 visits/day to The Creator's Court/Arsh... i am speechless for lack of vocabulary to express my gratitude Alhamdulillah
  6. Subhaanallah

    SubhaanAllah....and Blessings be showered upon the one who informed us of Allah, muhammad,alaih assalaatwassalaam humanity is the Creation that Allah Created for Himself.. SubhaanAllah.. and you are one of them as well as i..alhamdulillah whatever we do say write,think, intend is staying eternally and if our baggage is filled with 'good' then the Eternal journey will remain fun (aameen) and if Allah-Forbid, we gathered junk then no one else is to blame.. i try keeping my baggage as light and as pure and as good as possible ofcourse we make mistakes.. is how the road gets bumpy,.. but it gets smooth again,alahamdulilah Earnestly, if all humans were somehow informed, that deeds, thoughts, actions, intentions,are going to paint/construct/shape the environment of the next leg of this Eternal journey, NONE would gather junk to carry for ever.. Subhaan Allah and how cruel to humanity ,any ideology that 'murders' humanity's eternity or 'sanctity' if christians would only trust Their God, as Merciful and not the strangely sadistic slave-to-own-laws kind of handcuffed picture they paint for their reverence i feel sorry for them Allah is my witness i do.. and muslims are not ..(usual/common) treating the muslim brother like self..is causing the 'illiterates/christians' to remain evasive of Islam How Magnanimous and how Generous the Reality is? is invisible to most.. Honestly, i feel so lucky that i myself am not a non muslim..how dead-ended must life mean to non-muslims. [using large font size is not allowed].
  7. It's All About Me

    and is not/naught worldly provision/wealth/fame/satisfaction/fame/contentment but "scarcity".."Quran" hopefully your CREATOR WILL NOT disappoint you salaam
  8. Gender Roles In Islam

    << : intending termination of corruption>human or ho this IS serious Saturday, November 19, 2011 this new "o.d."software is a maze anyway, have already mentioned in this diary somewhere how the western woman liberated herself from the pig eating (women-sharing)alcohol soiled tramps'chauvinism of the western man, by kicking his tendermost part,"baring her skin".... that castrated the western man and the western mothers didnt know it would castrate her son too and now when the western woman toils through the jungle of faith-less-consumerism-carzed society it became, she envies the time when she was honored as "mother" and "sister" and "daughter" when home was made habitable for the man only with HER in it, and marriage meant her role of creating the heaven in which the couple and the children would live.. but baring her skin, though it taught the western man to respect the human,yet made the alcohol marinated society stoop to depths that animals cant dare...i mean fish too.. from those deep crevices of alcohol and pork marinated apices of wrong, arose the aroma of the 'feminine jealousy'.. women enjoying the honour of 'mother' and 'sister' and 'wife=who caters to the heaven the couple intend creating' enticed wars... between the castrated west and the 'mama' honoring east insha Allah... since Islamic society is modesty marinated the men and women will wisely divide roles... childbirth till grade 4 of the nation be handled by the woman all departments,ministries,personnel involved in the above are naturally women and above grade 4 and in the street, the man will handle the couples' wellbeing' hopefully the eastern woman will not castrate her son.. evil is not revoked by evil DIVINITY Does
  9. Shirt-a-non

    ron salaam instead of answering you personally i thought it better to make a new topic retired? Means dead in your books too_so u r no longer living for serving some one else from 8 to 5 good for you since i came from mecca /sept havent had time to get a haircut non-chemical-addicts to wealth/fame/family or tribe repute/personal fan club are more seriously deviated than chemical addicts i say that because when the products of the above mebtioned=a loved one who finally/wisely seeks refuge in the "neurotransmitters"of joy/narcotics(endorphin is a neurotransmitter and when from without the body is called morphine) i am needed_ _or any other dr (but since most dr s too are wealth addicted _i stand prominent) so since eid of ramadan have had these mid 50's 'divisional presidents' and 'parliamentarians' staying with me to cure one's addiction to opium this one had diabetese hepatitis c cor pulmonale(a disease that sickens the lungs but involves the heart later) and of course a very big family name(like this kind dont die)a heavy wallet and a lot of political clout alhamdulillah got cured of most of the above starting eating his food sitting on the ground saying his obligatory prayers and promised to discouarge the family tradition of competing and cheating and boasting the parliamentarian's bigger defect is his faith meaning, besides intravenous narcotics the guys faith is "keeping the dispute alive"/shiite this is a tough one the wife is swinging and the sisters are screaming daughters eager to be "screen-stars" and ofcourse the "dispute/faith/shiite" must continue am working on him to pay attention to self and own heart pace-maing(Allah's) activity and forget the dispute 1400 year old as it already is1500 now so this is what i am doing still addicted to green tobacco chewing still praying 5/day still wishing to get rid of this tobacco habit still wondering what will become of this planet that lets idiots like ###### of america make decisions still hoping some how all muslims would start liking for their brethren what they like for self still living not yet in paradise salaam(excuse any spelling mistakes or punctuation/grammar errors) key pad too tiny to be visible
  10. Gender Roles In Islam

    yes it had to be read i twice to make sense - i wasnt fortunate to be allowed haj ;however you asked about electronic gadgets _ _ i think you mean cee phones ofcourse they are allowed sandals_ _ just try remembering the # of the shoe rack & to tell Allah that you leave it in Allah's custody_ _ that way you wont lose your sandals etc. , salaam
  11. What Is The Root Of This World's Ills?

    there is only one reason for all suffering anywhere (excluding celestial calamities.including earthquakes&floods)social-suffering...as the prophet alaih assalaat vassalaam said, "you can not be a 'practicing believer/momin', until you love for your m,uslim brother whatever you love for yourself".... in simpler words...muslims mostly "talk the talk, but dont WALK the WALK/gait".. non-muslims..well..if muslims 'walked the walk'...not many would 'not' wish being in themerciful- fold of Islam
  12. Men & Women Equal?

    testosterone,the male hormone, causes protein synthesis..thus enlargement of body mass..muscle mass..bone length and width..testosterone of the fetus enters the brain and there it causes masclunization of the higher centres of emotions and feelings...whereas, estradiol..the main female hormone..that both kind(male, famle)fetuses( child in the mother's womb is called a 'fetus') get in their mother's blood..can not enter the brain..thus the fetus with testosterone in the brain becomes a boy...and the fetus that does not have testosterone,does not. memory, physical well being/strength, risk-taking ability..are all enhanced by testosterone on the other hand..estradiol..the major female sex hormone..from puberty(menarche/ability to become pregnant) till menopause(stoppage of menstrual cycle/inability to become pregnant/conceive)plays the role of crossing into the cell's nucleus and there causing 'messenger RNA' synthesis that then migrates out of the nucleus and causes the effects that estradiol intended, over the cell..it promotes fat deposits,and estradiol precursors are produced by fat cells..throughout the person's age.. after menopause..the level of testosterone in males and females are the same.. since testosterone's major effect is "enlarging" body tissues..the same is true for the brain tissue. a Danish study in 2003 showed that at age 20 years, male brain has 176000km of myelenated(sheath of nerves)fibers and female brain has 149000km of it..which means the male brain is nearly 20% larger than the female brain(in substance..substantive difference)...next the 'reproductive age of the female..say from age 12(menarche/first menstrual cycle) to 45..is 33 years.. a menstrual 'bleeding' phase lasts nearly a week on average..and 12 weeks /year x 33 =396 weeks /52 (one year has 52 weeks)=7.6 years.. so of the 33 years, she is herself only 25 years..which means 25% of her 'productive' lifetime is 'preoccupied' by the hormonal environment's upheavels in her body....if this be considered on a monthly basis too..25% of the month..each month..the woman is not her 'usual' self due to the bleeding body...also the hormonal changes that bring about the menstrualbleeding , effect the brain activity throughout the cycle(which is actually 28 to 29 days in length) add the 20% difference in brain size/substance,and the 25% difference in 'optimal performing abilities... add to this "5%", of the innate 'bias' of human brain, considering any bleeding as a sign of weakness... and it comes to 50% exactly... so when women start saying they and men are equal..it is simply a sign of that 50% lack of substance+control+image, expressing it's denial of scientific facts.
  13. Men & Women Equal?

    HOWEVER.... this does not mean women are 50% inferior... NOT at all.. it only means, that the man is the fender..testosterone..the "mass/muscle/bone-builder.. and the woman/estrogen/estradiol/progestrone..the 'designer' for the built mass/muscle.. since estrogens.."(the three major kinds of it)..prepare the female uterus to be 'hospitable/receptive' for the newly forming child/fetus.. thus one is the bulider..the labour..the mason.. and the other the designer..instructor.. even the role of estrogen.. of it crossing into the cell nucleus and manipulating genes to craft a messenger RNA that would then shift to outside of the nucleus,and cause changes in the cytoplasm/cell matter.. this is how the 50% difference truly means.. the mason/builder/labourer...of course deserves the "designer/instructor's" courtesy and confidence to build undisturbed.. women take the 50% 'rights of testimony/witness' as an offence.. they overlook/ignore/forget the MOST IMPORTANT PART.. RASOOLULLAH ALAIH ASSALAAT VASSALAAM/HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD..HIS verdict, "your paradise is under the feet of your mother".. which husbnad would not honour his children's mother more than himself? when a man knows that hisa child's paradise is under the feet of that wife...then the status of that woman goes sky high in that man's perceptions.. also.. men,,often take the 50% canon of Islam (about their testimony in court, their share in the inheritance,and the fine paid for involuntary manslaughter of a woman) as an allowance to consider women inferior,,, which is not only unfair to the women, but the man himself.. because when a man who thinks women inferior ,gets married..he gets wed/pad-locked with someone he thinks/always thought inferior.. the first person who testified to rasoolullah's prophethood..is a woman..our mother khadeeja razi allahu anha the first person who gave life for Islam,died at the hands of an infidel, was a woman..um ammar the person who advised rasoolullah, when for the first and only time in his 23 years of prophethood, none of his companions (razi allahu anhum) moved at his command..was a woman, our mother um-salma..who advised rasoolullah that he go out and shave his head and slaughter his camel, so that the companions would follow suit.. and..most important of all.. although the prophet forbade people from 'standing up while in a meeting, to honour the arrival of someone.. yet for his daughter.. he would stand up even if he was in meetings with strangers visiting for the first time ever.. likewise, he stood up for his surrogate mother (who breastfed him).. so standing up from a sitting position, when a woman/daughter of a muslim brother arrives...to honour her/honour womanhood is SUNNATANNABI... THE FACT IS THAT THE 50% TESTIMONY RIGHTS..AND THE 50% DEEYAT(FINE PAID FOR INVOLUNTARY MAN SLAUGHTYER) HAS TURNED INTO A "COGNITIVE DISTORTION' IN MUSLIM BRAINS.. SUGAR AND SALT ARE EQUALS...BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.. what women, in the muslim world enjoy..the honour and the high pedestal that muslim men view women at.. is absolutely envied by women of the non muslim world.(i was married to a russian woman, who was one of the 'council' of 70 that 'ruled' the 'communist uzbekistan,under the soviet regime..and to an american jew that converted to Islam...so i know this from the 'horse's mouth'). and women who have to work like men to feed themselves,have to stand in queues behind men(having no separate queues for women only) have to use the same washrooms as men (having no separate washrooms specific for women..in public places) in societies that define freedom as "freedom from accountability to anyone/ever"...only they can feel the PRIVILEGE that being a muslim woman TRULY IS. what women, in the muslim world aspire for actually want to say/express is: ... all primary education...till grade 4..should be handed over to women..ABSOLUTELY.. THE ENTIRE MINISTRY..for primary education...from minister..to chauffer..should all be women..in that ministry and every woman in every muslim country, will not only be employed.. but also strengthening the roots of the next generation that is what women want that is what they should ask for earnestly..i seriously belive, that if : ALL PRIMARY EDUCATION..FROM KINDERGARTEN/NURSERY TO GRADE 4...WAS IN absolute CONTROL OF WOMEN..ONLY WOMEN.. THE COUNTRY AND THE NATION WOULD MAKE PROGRESS IN JUST A FEW YEARS I WISH some muslim country would do that.. mostly saudi arabia ..because they are the only country in the world whose 100% population is "MUSLIMS". salaam
  14. Surah 24:35

    [at]tony j...you are reading into the aayah/verse wrongly... the aayah/verse is, "Allah nur ussamvaat val arz" which translates as, "the borrowed light of the skies and the earth, is Allah's... i hope this also shows you how 'hidden' the Quranic gist truly is...as Allah Himself Calls it the 'covered/hidden/protected writing'.. writing in arabic means the "engraved law".. salaam
  15. Reliable Source

    [at]redeem...the phrase, "DRUNK"..is not used in the hadeeth you qouted.. ?(i think)..'sakhar'..is used... please make sure and then let us know too.. sakhar means intoxicated in the general sense but in deeper meanings it refers to "disturbed cognition/cognitive ability deranged"... [at]workingman, where she says "it is not permissible to drink alcojhol for medicinal purposes"..she means "pure alcoholic drinks..like whiskey or beer or vodka etc.,...since some people make any ailment a pretext for imbibing alcohol.. ...have you tried 'vinegar'..to replace alcohol...in the herbal potions that you make? my guess is that 'vinegar' may serve the same purpose in those potions...i would try that salaam
  16. One learns what one does, from 'home'.. the person ois actually the 'product' of whatever 'home' the person belongs to... Alhmdulillah, most muslims ..the common majority, are 'well-meaning/intending'.. that is compared to the non-muslims... among the non muslims the christians are again..the common majority...attract sympathy.. the most viciously poisonous...to even themselves..are the idol worshippers...be it buddha or krishna or the rising sun or whatever... anyway..i meant to write about what a person 'flaunts/exhibits' of the 'factory'/home that produced it.. if i wish my son to not ever feel inferior to no man..then i have to exhibit that in my action/speech/behavior..AllahuAkbar..means only Allah is Great...all else is what i and my son are a part of. This Freedom...is not taught/practiced anywhere in the world, except in some muslim hearts and minds.. and it is only at that level of freedom..that platue.. that God/Allah actually and really beocmes perceptible. society..pollutes the child's brain with vocabulary of 'bias','differentiation','classes','titles'.. yet if the 'home' has watered the roots of the child well enough, with the water of 'tauheed'../Allahu Akbar...then maturity does eventually enable that same child,then a man/woman to ascend to that platue of freedom. the sky over that platue is 'gratitude'...simply that and nothing else.. and how pretty/beautiful/attractive the world and the planets and the goings on of humans b seem, from that platue..? well i can only imagine because myself am not there yet.. i remember from my childhood...i was 3 or 4 and the pakistani cricket team had a match with the 'british airworks'(now called aerospace)...and my dad (Yarhamhullah) had taken us along to the compound(walled block of houses and vacant plots of land)that the saudis had 'british airworks' quarantined/surrounded in. the kids with me had chosen to visit the swimming pool, and there, for the first time in my life, i saw women in bikinis..i was so shocked that i did not even feel ashamed...and before i could 'digest' the scene a kid of my age..a girl..in bikinis.(panties and a fabric knotted around her chest) swam to where i stood and asked me my name.... i had felt so insulted and repulsed..i actually truly remember that i had felt belittled that a ####roach was trying to start a converstaion with me, ...and without answering her i ran away from the pool... i dont mean the above to offend anyone..i just mean to state how that child...who had nothing(age 3 or 4) on her chest to cover...was 'forced to wrap and knot a piece of cloth around her chest...as though marking her as an 'inferior'....and how different were our 'homes'..that to her, addressing a stranger, while she was herself clad in underwear, meant nothing...and to me, it meant an insult... This chain of thoughts started from my shower, where i was rumentaing that the patients that i get...most..around 80% of them...are the best person of the family they belong to.. 80% of the times..the best person in the family is the addict.. nearly 99% of mothers say, "this son of mine is the one all of us expected the most of( in the sense of acheiving some worldly goal)".."of all my children, he was the most generous..he still is, when sober..but when caught up in his drugs, he is lifeless".. this is so common, that now i make it a point to ask the mother (if she does accomopany the family when they arrive for inquiring/admitting)..i specifically ask of her expectations from that addict when the addict was in health..i tell them my question is meant for academic reasons only.. but 90% of the times..i get the answer i quoted above. this is about muslim drug addicts.. about non-muslims..it is not true..one british mother said to her drug free son, who she saw after 19 years, "how come you didnt die and rid us of you?" but..why is it always the most generous..the most brilliant child/member of the muslim family that gets addicted to drugs..? let's start this as a thread.. since the imminent plague is drug addiction.. some secular governments..like U.K. are even considering legalizing mood altering chemical abuse..within bounds that they still havent agreed upon.. so.. IN THE MUSLIM WORLD..THE STATISTICS ARE : "every third household is directly or indirectly subject to psycho-social trauma by a related/relative addicted to drugs/alcohol" why is it that in 80% of the cases..it is the 'best' individual who gets caught up, or chooses to migrate to drugs/LA-LA-LAND?
  17. Surah 24:35

    [at]RICHARD...so "Allah guides to His Light whosoever He wishes,and expresses similitudes for people"...is the experience you are going through.. lucky you..alhamdulillah about biblical prophets...they are quranic prophets alaihum assalaat vassalaam.. when you get to the point where you will understand how your heart's pacemaking is being regulated...is when you will COMPLETELY understand the "Allah is the light of the skies and the earth"... i am trying to get there too.. salaam
  18. The Wisest Idiot

    i say this to all..ALMOST all people i interact with.. the wisest idiot is the person who breaches Allah's Laws for someone else... like for the wife, or son, or friend or relative.. this person hurts self in so silly a manner that i coined the phrase,"the wisest idiot"..for such people actually the phrase coined itself due to the attitude of a person i interacted with very deeply and intensely yet ,the phrase, "the wisest idiot"..also suits those who are stupid/silly enough to sin for someone else's sake.. Alhamdulillah, i live with muslim drug addicts...so most ..rather all of my time is spent learning(i guess any one at 51 going on 52 would say the same) anyway..so i tell those that are around me that, "the biggest self-mutilation that one commits... is breaching Allah's Limts/laws for some other person.. if, one sins for one's own self/pleasure/greed/lust/want..then one does at least have the pretext/excuse..that the breach/sin was so delicious..and maybe when said that..maybe Allah would forego(hopefully will forego..aameen).. but when one has sinned for another person...there is no excuse..one would be speechless.. speechless on the day when even prophets(alaihum assalaat vassalaam) will be worried about self only..(with the exception of Muhammad alaoih assalaat vassalaam and Musa alaih assalaat vassalaam).." so the wisest idiocy is committing a sin for another person.. you wish to sin..for your own pleasure..that is human..to err is human but when you use your brains and all physical and material faculties to sin for the sake of another indivoidual.. that is not explicable... it is wisdom being used for idiocy. alhamdulillah alzi aafaani mimma abtlaahum
  19. I'm Leaving..

    changes are not brought about by abandoning the problem STAY inshaALLAH Allah Will Teach you Another way of expressing your feelings...a way that does not get deleted.. (i am not one of the moderators) your feeling hurt..is your right and that hurt can not be UNDONE by any kind of explanation but..do not leave the forum stay on.. your feelings that the Islamic forum ,finally ends up seeming like a "one-man-show"..is shared by many who post here.. one of those who reads all these posts is Allah Subhanohu too.. so why would you let anyone or anything keep you from writing for Allah to Read? stay on.. please salaam alaikum
  20. I'm Leaving..

    DONT LEAVE salaam alaikum.. brother dont leave
  21. Imminent 21st Century Plague

    There is a Quranic Line that means,"any attempt at encompassing/counting Allah's Blessings/words is in vain/impossible" and again the Quranic verse that states:"and Allah taught man, that which man did not know, through the PEN".. I am amazed as i see the present global situation in which the disease of drug addiction has exploded and imploded... i guess the seniors who already left this world, knew this was going to happen. dr.allama iqbal (the poet of the east): am engulfed in surprise at what this world will come to (be) i have to be brief in my writing, so i will tend to eat parts of sentences.. i have said this and written about it, in bits, for a long time now.. Modern philosophy of "cognitive positivism" (that we should take a positive meaning/sense of all that we see, hear,read,sense...nearly like the saying of rasoolullah alaih assalaat vassalaam that nearly translates as,"if you hear anything that has 99 wrong meanings and one good meaning, then understand that it was said for that good meaning") COGNITIVE POSITIVISM states that it is ESSENTIAL to have one universal language that will explain all sciences and the metaphysical(spiritual)world also...they have named that language "THE UNIFIED SCIENCE".........and i know that that unified sicence is the Holy Quran. and the disease of drug addiction is making societies turn towards their spiritual insides/values. president bush was treated for his alcoholism by a christainity-based therapeutic community...his twin daughters too. The president made the head office of "faith-based community initiatives", in the white house..in May 2002... most successful modalities for addiction treatment the world over, are faith based...be it christianity, judaism, hinduism, buddhism...even zoroasterianism, an extinct religion has a therapeutic community for drug addicts...google search engines can show the exact numbers. A very good friend, who is not very familiar with the*bookish" science of psychology and psychiatry HAS ASKED about the method of treatment at the Islam based therapeutic community (islamic raherast N.G.O./rah-e-rast(contact admin if its a beneficial link) therapeutic community for muslim drug addicts), so many times, in so many ways, that i think it appropriate to write a detailed paper about it. for making my writing more understandable, i will 'define' the scientific jargon/terms as i write along. i shall first describe the reason for drug addiction spreading so rapidly, then i will describe some methods of changing thought -perception-behavior patterns, and then i shall try explaining the Islamic raherast (islamic 'corrected/mended' straight path) method of treatment. First: consider the disease of drug addiction; it is the dependence on chemicals for altering the mood favorably. the patient starts drugs with the intention of getting a better/good mood, but with time, the chemical disturbances caused in the brain chemistry and the body chemistry, make the patient's body and brain dependent/enslaved to the drug....without the drug , not only does the mood worsen, but the body also refuses to serve the patient optimally. SO..addiction to drugs is actually a place where "chasing/running after a good mood" leads the person to. Real life shows us that all humans, do whatever they do, to enhance/brighten their moods. thus the urge to chase/ work/toil/wish for a good/better mood is not unhealthy...it is actually the driving force for all activities that go on, have gone on and will continue going on in humanity.(innahu li-hubbil khair l-shadeed--Quran) The mistake that a drug addict makes is, to ignore the natural law : "gratification/joy follows hard work/patience", described in the quran as "inna ma'a al usri yusraa".. .and those that do not know the quran or do not believe in it also agree,HAVING LEARNED IT BY EXPERIENCE, that true joy/gratification only comes after patiently working for a goal/aim. Now pay attention to our societies, or the MTV world of the teenagers (from 1990's onwards) All propaganda is aimed at promoting partying/enjoying/having fun, and having fun is the name for success...or success is defined by teenagers of this century as "having fun"..that is the aim and the goal of life as depicted by most screens. there are a very few who remain careful to the natural principle for true/real fun/joy, which only comes after patiently working towards a goal/aim. Such teenagers are considered 'nerds' or 'bookworms' by their peers/fellows..thus such correctly-focused teenagers also grow in an atmosphere of estrangement. A study done by Baxter et al.1992,1996:McLellan et al.1993;OBrien1997; project MATCH Research Group 1997; Schwartz 1999 and published by Yvonne Oliver, chief executive of Ripples Drugs Services in the U.K. strongly suggests a BIOPSYCHOSOCIOSPIRITUAL model of the disease of drug addiction. Thus it is true that drug experiences are molded/shaped by culture. some facts about quickest methods of behavior modification: COGNITION: is the act of 'gaining knowledge from thoughts,experiences and senses'. (remember the saying of rasoolullah, 'acquire knowledge from the mother's lap to the grave's lap') Psychotherapy: ..is in simplest words called 'talk therapy'...this 'talk therapy' can be provided to an individual singly...or to a group where everyone is a medium for providing knowledge to the listener...even the therapist receives therapy during a group psychotherapy session. Psychotherapy has been shown to have more efficiency/efficacy in alleviating symptoms in most behavioral disorders...and drug addiction is mostly a behavioral disorder. cognitive psychotherapy: this is a type of therapy in which the therapist/doctor/counselor aims at helping the patient to overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional/flawed thinking, behavior and emotional responses. thus in cognitive psychotherapy the patient learns to 'refute/disagree with' flawed/faulty belief systems ?(called cognitive distortions---for example in the case of the MTV teen agers, the misconception that success means partying is a 'cognitive distortion'...or thinking that anyone who is living for partying alone is a success story is a cognitive distortion.){make a mental note of the social customs around you, that our deen has classified as 'cognitive distortions'} so by cogntive therapy the "knowledge that the person accumulated in one's mind through thoughts, experiences and senses is reviewed and corrected, or at least the flaws are highlighted in the patient's awareness". behavioral therapy: this is based on the "learning theory" .it attempts to reinforce/encourage desired behaviors and eliminate/discourage undesired behaviors by exposure to situations where the patients' behavioral disorder surfaces.....(the exposure to situations is variable in intensity/strength) .if the exposure strength/extent is fixed and the patient is exposed to gradually, progressively increasing strength of stimuli(situations that cause the faulty behavior to surface) then it is called an 'explicit' system of behavioral therapy. if the patient is exposed to random strength of stimuli the system is called an 'implicit' system. {so the 5 prayers/day, salaat is an implicit system, because prayer timings are fixed while the patient's mood at any time is varaible...whereas the group therapy and lecture timings, compose an explicit system because the patient can modify the timings slightly}. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This is a combination of cognitive therapy(patient identifies wrong thinking, behavior and emotional responses) and behavioral therapy (patient gradually learns (through restructured thoughts and emotions) to behave in a healthier manner in response to the situations the patient is exposed to during treatment. CBT is based on the theory that, "a person is directly responsible for generating dysfucntional/flawed emotions, thoughts and the resulting behaviors like stress, depression, anxiety and social withdrawal"(v in tubdoo maa fee anfusikum au tukhfoohu- yuhaasibkum bihi Allah-(baqara-quran) and dismantling/correcting the flawed ,or unhealthy belief systems that lead to genaration of wrong emotions/behavior, can help the patient acquire healthier social behavior and higher self esteem/confidence. COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY IS THE PREFERRED METHOD OF TREATMENT FOR OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS(OCD) National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence. U.K. The major reason for CBT being the preferred mode of treatment is because it deals with HERE AND NOW... and generates results HERE AND NOW by helping the patient learn new thought and emotion patterns..NOW. Drug addiction is not entirely an O.C.D. yet at the later/chronic stages of drug addiction, the mind of an addict is obsessed with drug abuse because the brain and body chemistry make it a compulsion. ONCE CBT has brought the patient into a healthier mental milieu(atmosphere of personal thoughts and emotions), it is easier for the pateint as well as the therapist to deal with any other deeper psychological issues..(in majority of cases they are emotional conflicts with some significant other, like father, mother, brother,sister or wife...but in a minority of cases some additional psychological or organic issues need tackling). , the 'abreactive modality' for cognitive restructuring (rebuilding healthier thought & emotion patterns) involves helping the patient go into his past and analyze own flawed behavior/emotions/responses of the past.For addicts this is the only exit from their feelings of guilt and shame that rob them of self-esteem. {consider the benefits of 'taubaa' and istighfaar...and the knowledge that 'Allah forgives everything except shirk"}. now let us consider the therapeutic community which is Islam based: Through lectures and demonstrations and informal group meetings, the science of the disease of addiction...the psycho-pathology and the malfucntioning of other body parts is clearly conveyed to the residents/patients. The sustenance of the sunnah (alaa sahib.hi asslaat vassalam) routine for the 24 hours of the day, maintains a never ending medium of exposure to stimuli that help the patient recognize flawed behavior patterns...the ever increasing knowledge of science and theology/religion helps the patient organize new thought and emotion patterns...in addition, the sunnah of consulting peers/fellows during group meetings also provide ample feedback for molding behavior favorably. The prevalent COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS at the root of most social evils,especially the epidemic of drug addiction: 1-paradise/jannah and hell/jahannum are for the afterlife: this misconception pushes them into the hell of drug addiction and by the time the patient realises that hell and heaven are in this life also, the patient is too far gone into the depths of hell of drug addiction.....the major reason for this misconception is the translations of the holy quran that ALWAYS translate jannah and jahannum in the 'future tense'...even aayaat/verses that clearly state otherwise are translated to mean 'future'. HERE AND NOW is how Subhanohu Expresses His sovereignity( "kullu yaumin huvaa fi shaan") and yet the human translators, or the human listeners tend to distance themselves from here and now. however, drug addicts easily accept the fact that hell and heaven are in this life too...they just need hearing each other's stories of life in the hell of addiction to accept this reality. As soon as the belief system shifts from the hell/jannah of future to the hell/jannah here and now, the incentive/driving force for positive change is magnified/increased. 2- LIFE ENDS WITH DEATH: of all that haunts humanity, this is the most damaging...and muslims who believe in an afterlife trick themselves by repeating the mistakes of the previous ummahs, by mistakenly believeing that ,'no matter what they do in life, jannat/paradise is theirs' because they are muslims. once explained .the fact that humans were created for discovering Allah's Qudraa/Abilities, and the Entity of Subhanohu v ta'laa is limitless, and thus the journey of discovering Allah is limitless too, is easily understood by all addicts . That and the fact that one can continue discovering more and more of SUBHANOHU'S Abilities/qudrah through pain and misery or through joy and comfort...and jannah is the guest house for those chosen for the nevereneding journey of discovering Subhanohu more and more, through conmfort and joy... while hell is the prison for those chosen to discover more and more of Subhanohu's Qudraa through pain and misery...........this too is easily understood by drug addicts, because they have all experience the hell that drug addiction finally becomes. once, the reality of life being eternal, is understood and the belief system establishes it at the roots, the greed for thinking, imagining,speaking,writing and acting only positively ,increases. the knowledge that whatever is thought, imagined,done or said,will stay with the person forever and ever is incentive enough to discourage negativity and promote positivism. 3- family is the biological family(meaning father and mother and their children are the family): this has eroded all muslim societies terribly...even good ikhlaaq is defined as one's attitude with one's dear ones. Although it is true, yet it is one's behavior with those that can not reward the person that actually depicts a person's ikhlaaq. .as omar razi Allah anhu said, "deen is not prayers and fasting, deen is mua'amlaah/dealings".. presently, living for oneself and one's family is considered so normal that the hadees/saying of Alaih assalaat vassalaam that means,"you can not be a momin/believer until you prefer/like/love for your muslim brother that which you love/like/prefer for yourself" seems like a fantasy....(.in my recent aitikaaf at the haram in mecca (ramadan 2011)..i saw that nearly all physical forms of ibaada/worship were being delivered by muslims sitting in aitikaaf...the only thing that was lacking was loving for their muslim broither that what they loved for self...i witnessed arguments for the one foot space for standing in salaat..to me it seemed that all physical rituals of Islam were intact but imaan/faith,as defined by the prophet,was lacking...that and the fact that nowhere do i hear sermons encouraging this basis of faith/imaan.). Most pateints of drug addiction, crave/wish for a way of life which is absolutely straight and healthy. most of them have tried prayers and fasting and haj and umrahs...and yet they never managed to remain sobre. Most young people wish immediate results...and there is no tool for obtaining immediate results from Allah Subhanohu..except...dealing with your muslim brother the way you wish yourself dealth with. It sounds difficult but when a person looks inside of himself before interacting with a muslim brother, to check what he would like for himself (deen haneef)..and then gives the treatment he wishes for himself to the muslim brother...then the result of that action is given instantaneoulsy by Him Who Is Akram-ul-Akrameen.( Who Knows whatever a person's inside prefers/likse/loves for the person's self). The practice of this key principle in social interactions at the therapeutic community, makes the pateint a strong advocate of the principle and changes his social life for ever(be aun Allah). for all the above to get engraved into a patient's habits of thought and practice, a lot of personal interest in each individual case is required..however, addicts thus rehabilitated can easily become the pioneers of a strong therapeutic community for other/future patients....also an optimistic view of the fact , that the normal roads of everyday life are littered with drugs of abuse and nearly all information media corrupted, would be...that youngsters who had a taste of hell and chose to refrain/get treatment are probably luckier. The complete model of a therapeutic community, where the patient graduates from 'initiation' to 'integration' (become a part of the healthy society) requires multiple buildings and the patient's behavioral progress is the index to being promoted from one facility to the neighboring block...where the administration is maintained by a 'hierarchy' composed entirely of patients in recovery...from such a level they should promote to a 'half-way house'..which is not only independent of any treatment team scrutiny, but also at a distance from the main treatment facility... the halfway house then acts as the patient's abode from where he finally gets used to and accepted by his job/family... when the peers/fellows in recovery , managing the halfway house, consider the patient's recovery strong enough to allow complete independence from treatment, the patient graduates from the therapeutic community to his own home. The relationship with the therapeutic community LASTS FOREVER...which means followup is builtin to the therapeutic community setup, by default. Such a complete arrangement is only possible through Honest and Sincere governmental partaking...and since honesty in dealings is primary to recovery and rehabilitation, i do not have the resources for an 'integration' level nor for the 'half-way-house' level. ( to keep my conscience clean enough to impart effective psychotherapy, i have avoided pakistani government's help---that IslamIC RAHERAST is an n.g.o., is the farthest i could go to please local government....my faith tells me that any fallacy/lies associated with the therapeutic community ,will deprive the community of it's rehabilitating abilities...let me add that the paper-work for any governmental assistance is ' by default' studded with fallacies, because the system of government in pakistan is that system which the british designed for RULING aliens, while now paksiatnis are ruled by pakistani aliens, through british laws of the 19th and the early 20th centuries...insha Allah this will change ). Therefore i use the patient's family for the integration component,i try educating them through printed literature and family meetings, and give them the responsibility to monitor/support the behavioral growth of the discharged, recovering patient. As a rule,patients from families that read raherast literature and commence/sustain regularity at the 5 obligatory prayers, always recover and stay sober. i hope i was clear in my writing and understandable. if there are any questions, kindly leave a note under this diary entry or write to me at : moodeaz[at]hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link)
  22. Hahahaha

    i did not mean to demean your post..i appreciate your spirit.. the iraq of saddaam hussain had 'multistoried' IDOLS/STATUES of saddam hussain,(made of bronze and/or concrete and/or iron) in almost all major cities...iraqis were living under those statues for years.. those statues were pulled down by the invaders.. i am not saying that the invasion was correct i am saying that the land/iraq was living under influence/breathing statues/idols Alhamdulillah the idols were broken by Allah that non-muslims did that, is Allah's Way of Telling us/muslims..where we stand in His Code/Quran.
  23. Hahahaha

    brother... the arabic written in your signatures...is defaced by the pic or even mention of whatever you wished us to see you are a very good hearted and well-intending muslim brother..i often read your posts.. emotions...can make a person "re-act".. while suhaabaa razi Allahu anhum were all 'leaders' every single suhaabi, was a leader leaders do not 'react' they 'proact' and Islam's beauty is the 'proaction of rahma..mercy..that Allah Initiated His Creation with...the Mercy for all worlds..Muhmmad alaih assalaat vassalaam.. americans are also adam's children..and if you live among them then you can see very very clearly how cruelly they are oppressed and subjected to man-made rules of/for ENSURING that ONLY CHEATERS succeed... majority of men...will always want the easier way out/shortcut so the "democracy"..that our human brethren are crucified with..each minute of thier lives.. is the WRONGEST PRINCIPLE EVER.. and we "muslims"..were meant to teac h: teach to love/like/prefer for my muslim brother whatever i like/prefer/love for myself... we did not practice this in our lives..even in our homes..with our biological siblings(brothers and sisters) so the wrold has gone.. the human world has gone below the level of mammals.. nudity obscenity seduction cheating killing and eating is what humanity is reduced to by democracy. ONLY the "practice of imaan/liking that for my muslim brother which i like for self" will RESTORE our own peace of mind and heart and the umaah's honour and the globe's humanity. so.. please start this minute.. in whoever(muslim) you interact with.. and PREACH this PRINCIPLE through your PRACTICE as well as your speech and writings... even ask the masjid imaams to make the above principle"the most discussed topic" please jazakumullah and inshaAllah..Islam is going to be practiced in each and every house on this globe. aameen
  24. Divine Messages...

    alhamdulillah.. a very educating post favorite words of Allah...Subhaan Allah v bi-Hamdihi words from jannah..laaa hauol vlaa quvvata illaa billah translating "SUBHAN-Allah".. means, to me..and Allah is Pure of All semblances anyone imagines,except whatever He Himself TOLD Subhaan Allah means= Allah is Pure of,Free of any flaws,mistakes,errors,ugliness,filth,need,cruelty unawareness,partners,weaknesses,... and whatever the reader infers any writing to mean, is only the Way Allah Wants... that is How Great This Phrase is.. i would like to add ALLAHU-AKBAR the phrase that the prophet alaih assalaat vassalaam said, "was given to no other prophet" and AllahuAkbar means: He Is Bigger and Greater Than I wrote above,or any mind ever imagined or could imagine. the MOST USUAL MISTAKE among non-arab muslims is to translate ; Allahu Akbar as "bigger than any other/all others"..this is ABSOLUTELY WRONG Allah Is Pure of Being compared to or with.. i hope i was understandable.. and Allah Knows Best. Alhamdulillah.
  25. Gratitude

    GRATITUDE (& result) Monday, October 24, 2011 ..the last time i was i mecca..(august2011) ..when it came to asking from/of Allah , ,,,. everything, thinkable, beneficial..Allah Had Already Given me.. as i looked at my past ..i realised there was one thing that was missing.. and i was embarrassed...truly humiliated in my own eyes..embarrassment of intensity only Allah Can Know.. embarrassed for having been granted EVERYTHING but missing one thing only one thing that i did not possess..a quality, a feeling..a sentiment.. GRATITUDE.. the only thing my past life lacked was "gratitude".. gratitude to Allah for All His Blessings.. the uncountable, infinite Blessings that constitute this existence.. that was what i lacked all my 51 years of living.. never grateful enough to Allah for All that He Granted me.. yes..the muslim world is in tatters.. and yes the basis of imaan/faith/muslim-code/litmus-test-of-true-social-Islam.."preferring/liking/loving for your muslim brother whatever you like/prefer/love for yourself"...is missing from ALL muslim societies and this information in itself..this awareness..that the cause for my creed/muslims being in tatters,is their/our own fault.. is yet another reason for being grateful to Allah.. Grateful because He finally Showed me/answered my questions.. why?..why ,when Islam is the truth..then why is it feared by non-muslims? the reason is; us muslims not practicing our faith in our social dealings..i.e., not liking for our muslim brother that which we like for ourself.. and had muslims been practicing their faith/imaan.. there would be very few people on the globe who would resist or disagree with Islam.. Hopefully...somewhere...somehow..some muslim will initiate a global movement for reminding muslims the above secret(esoteric) of practicial preaching through social-practice of liking for the muslim brother that which is liked for self.. aameen (it could begin as a therapeutic community for muslim drug addicts..BECAUSE..nothing else, but the above principle, can cure them) and..The Akram-ul-akrameen..Allah, The Infinitely Giving/Gracing, had one of the locals of jeddah ,give me a couple of 'booklets'.. booklets written by a saudi dr...al-sadhaaan.. as usual..the books remained on my table for a week.. and then ,my old belief..that anything 'readable' in front of me, is there only to teach me.. made me read those booklets.. and my knowledge increased 1000%..even more.. i wish i had known what those booklets wrote, years ago.. anyway.. that single moment of yearning for gratitude.. resulted in a thousand fold increment in my knowledge.. and of course.. so much more..SO MUCH MORE TO BE GRATEFUL FOR. AlHamdulillah << : Focus of attention/expectations; Allah