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  1. In Defence Of The Prophet Saw

    A talk on Friday 28th September [at] 6.45pm by Sheikh Hasan Ali at Edmonton Islamic Centre. Check eicalmasjid on facebook for further information
  2. Aalim Course For Brothers

    Assalam Alaikum, Aalim course for brothers starting on 26th February search eicalmasjid on facebook for further details
  3. Talk by shaykh Hasan Ali at Edmonton Islamic Centre 7.30pm you are not allowed to post links yeteicalmasjid(contact admin if its a beneficial link)
  4. Imam Qa

    This week its our Imam Sheikh ghulfaraz
  5. Imam Qa

    Fridays 7pm over skype QA sessions eicalmasjid is the username
  6. Tajweed Classes

    Brothers Tajweed classes for all levels on Wednesdays 7pm at Edmonton Islamic Centre
  7. Quran Studies Class

    Quran studies classes every Monday 7.45pm at Edmonton Islamic Centre for brothers and sisters
  8. Talk by Sheikh Ahmed Ali on Saturday 24th September 2011 at 7.30pm at EIC Al Masjid, 20-34 Raynham Road, London, N18 2SJ
  9. Moulana Tariq Jameel talk in Edmonton Masjid Time: Tuesday 12 Th of July after Asr Salah (7pm) Venue: 20-34 Raynham road, Angel Edmonton, London N18 2SJ Talk to be in Urdu with translation in English.
  10. Title: Redemption of the heart Speaker: Shaikh Shams ad duha Time: 16th July 2011 Saturday after asr salah (7pm) Venue: 20-34 Raynham road, Angel Edmonton, London N18 2SJ English lecture followed by Questions and Answers session
  11. Just One Message

    TO THOSE WHO SEEK THE TRUTH SINCERLEY, HONESTLY, AND OPEN-MINDEDLY! When it comes to learning about the divine, there are generally three paths mankind has trodden throughout the ages. First, is the way of the philosophers, who based their beliefs on argumentation entirely on rational proofs, assuming a state of complete ignorance to begin with. Secondly the mystics, who based their beliefs on feelings, emotions and spiritual exercises, relying on blind following or personal religious experiences. The third way is the way of the prophets and messengers, who were sent with clear signs, miracles and proofs, yet still filled the hearts with certainty, tranquillity and the light of guidance. These men were sent with Divine Revelation, and urged their peoples to use their prophethood, and follow them if they were to be successful. The belief in a Creator of some sort is something ingrained within every human being. In fact the vast majority of mankind all believe that there is something created them – it is hardwired into us. The human being has also been given certain faculties such as common sense and rationale to analyse the world around it and deduce that there must be something which brought this into existence. When one sees a footprint he believes there is something that caused it, even though he can neither see the foot nor physically prove it exists. The method of the prophets and messengers was to urge their people to use the same common sense and reasoning that they use in their day to day life, and not have a double standard when it comes to believing in the truthfulness of their message, nor let other factors such as their love of power or arrogance get in the way of sound reason. It is unfortunate that many intelligent people today display this same double standards and refuse to believe in The Creator because of various irrational reasons. The recent campaign to promote atheism on buses and trains in the UK clearly showed the purpose behind it – not because of a desire to seek the truth but rather to “stop worrying and enjoy your lifeâ€. Mankind was created for the single purpose of worshipping its Creator. However people differ as to whether they use their reason or follow their whims and desires. For this reason every nation was sent a prophet, to explain to them in detail who their Creator was, how to worship Him, the promise of reward for obedience and warning of consequences of disobedience. Their main message was to devote absolutely every type of worship to the Creator alone, and to nothing else. The term for this in Islamic expression is tawheed. Every nation however, after receiving Divine Guidance eventually went astray and fell into the error of taking other objects of worship and intermediaries between them and God. Whenever another prophet was sent to them there were people who accepted their message and people who obstinately stuck to the ways of their forefathers and traditions. Among the prophets sent were Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon them all. The message they came with was one – to single out their Creator alone for worship, and obey them as prophets. Although many religions were eventually formed from the relics of there prophets messages, their religion was one – Islam. Islam is not named after a person or place, such as Christianity (from Christ, peace be upon him) or Hinduism (from the Indus Valley), but rather Islam is a verb. It means to surrender and submit to God alone in sincerity, and obey God and the prophets. This is one message brought by all the prophets and messengers from God, and this is a universal, timeless message that applies to all humanity. This is the main criterion which separates Islam from all other beliefs – not only do Muslims believe that the Creator exists and that He is One, but rather they must devote all worship to Him alone, and not anyone else – even if they believe it is drawing them closer to God. The word ‘Allah’ is the Arabic word for God – it literally means ‘The God’, and it is used to refer to The Almighty Creator, which every human instinctively believes in, even though they may refer to Him using other names in other languages. The act of worshipping other entities along with God, is knows as shirk, and this is the one greatest sin that all messengers and prophets were sent to warn against. This is the only sin that God will not forgive if one dies not having repented for it. It also includes the act of giving any other attribute that belongs solely to God to anything else, such as the modern Christian belief that Jesus is part of God, or going to a ‘fortune teller’ seeking news of the future. Every prophet was sent with a miracle to convince their people of their claim to prophet hood. The miracles were events that lay outside the productive capacity of nature, so people could use their reason to come to the conclusion that they must have been from God. There miracles that were suited to convince a particular people were usually visual – Moses split the sea, Jesus healed the leaper, and so on. However since the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, was the final prophet, whose message was to remain until the final hour, his major miracle was an audible one, which we can today listen to just as his companions listened to and were convinced of this prophethood therewith. This miracle is the Quran, which means ‘Reciatal’. It is the Speech of God, which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, over a period of 23 years via the angel of revelation, Gabriel. Although one could write volumes about this Book and - indeed thousands have been – it is sufficient for the purpose of our discussion to mention that the unique literary miracle and beauty of the Quran, and the prophecies within it, could not have been written by a human being (especially one who could neither read nor write) according to experts in many fields of knowledge. Therefore the most reasonable explanation is that it is from God – as it claims. There is much research available on this topic from many prominent Western non-Muslim Orientalists and Muslim scholars alike. One fact that at least warrants a closer look at the Quran, is that it was revealed in the middle of the era of the peak of Arabic poetry and language, and it offered a challenge that if it were from other than God, the Arabs at the time would surely be able to reproduce something like it- which they were unable to do. As a result, even if they refused to follow the Prophet for various reasons, they still believed that it was from God, or another supernatural source, as it was impossible for Muhammed peace be upon him to have authored it himself. Now the reader of this leaflet has an opportunity to accept the fact that there is nothing worthy of their precious worship except The One who created them and the One who sustains them. I invite you to join the ranks of the righteous prophets and messengers throughout the ages, and profess this matter. For verily, you have the Divine Promise, that any rational person who sincerely seeks the truth, will come to the conclusion and bear witness that there is nothing worthy or worship except God, and Muhammed peace be upon him is the Messenger of God. The reader is also warned however, of the dire consequences of ignoring the Signs given by God, and not using the mind they have been given to at least investigate the matter further. A person who has been blessed with clear thinking, and sincere desire for the truth, must not let their search be hindered by the pomp and glitter offered by the distractions around them. Rather, they must hasten to search for the truth before it is too late, because we are also warned that those who oppress themselves by not seeking out and following the Guidance, especially when it has become clear to them, run the risk of falling into injustice, vice and eventually a threat of punishment in the hereafter.
  12. Assalam Alaikum my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. I am posting on behalf of Edmonton Islamic Centre in North London. We will be posting on this forum of our future upcoming events over the next few months inshallah. We are hoping to gain a broader following and participation from our brothers and sisters in the London Borough of Enfield and welcome any suggestions and feedback. You can also follow us on facebook/eicalmasjid and on twitter [at]eicalmasjid.