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  1. Which Is Most Sinful?

    Of course I have an idea of right and wrong, but if I do something wrong, it doesn't go down in some log and is recorded for all eternity by a divine being. Also, if I do something wrong, I apologise to the person who I wronged. I don't apologise to a god, or diety to shrug off guilt. No, I have to face the person that I harmed and seek their forgiveness. Sin is not what is right and wrong. For example, is it wrong to get a tattoo in the memory of a passed away loved one? Morality isn't objective, and it certainly isn't divinely inspired.
  2. Why Should I Choose Islam?

    I'm wondering, out of all of the religions out there - from the Abrahamic ones such as Islam, Christianity or Judaism, to the other world religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism or any of the hundereds of tribal religions in places like Africa or Australia? I mean, I'm a PEARList (Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic), what sets Islam apart from every other religion in the world? What makes it more factual and less fantasy than say... believing in Zeus, Odin. Brahman or Quetzalcoatl? If it could be shown, beyond all reasonable doubt that Kukulcan, Ra or Shiva exists, then I'd aknowledge their existence, but I want to know, from Muslims here, how you can show that God exists, and that Muhammed was infact his final prophet. Because I honestly cannot believe any god exists, or any religion is accurate until I have an evidence-based reason to do so. How is your religion not just the Scientology of the 6th centuary?
  3. Which Is Most Sinful?

    From an Islamic perspective (Not my own.), I'd imagine a sin's a sin, ultimately, why should it matter which is more "sinful"? The whole concept of sin is nonsense, anyway.
  4. 2011 Islamic Turkish Action Film "bendeyar"

    Haha, doesn't even show up on IMDb. >_<
  5. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    The thing is, that's your interprettion. Go to Saudi Arabia and ask people if they're Muslim. Ask them if they follow the teachings of Muhammed. It's all very well saying "They're wrong, I'm right!", but the fact is, their interpretation is no less valid than yours. Unless you're suggeasting that these countries aren't Islamic, simply because they don't follow your particular brand of Islam?
  6. Embryology

    If semen is coming out of your stomach, then it's probably because of a night you'd rather forget. So I won't remind you of it.
  7. Embryology

    :sl: That is pretty funny. I mean, if Muhammed was so great, why couldn't he realise that those dangly things under the penis were ouside of the body to keep the reproductive cells cool, y'know... so they don't overheat and die? If he was on a 1 to 1 with Allah, surely Allah would've corrected it and said something along the lines of "Noooo, that's your kidney, very importent, helps with a lot of things like filtering out bad things in your blood. The white stuff actually comes from those dangly bits there... yeah, that's them... ok, you can put it away now.". Though, it does make you wonder; what did Muhammed think the testies were actually for? Decoration?
  8. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    Iran have made a few discoveries in the field of nuclear fission. Probably hoping to be allowed to build up their own nuclear weapon arsenal. Meanwhile, in Europe, we're playing with MASSIVE particle accelerators and experimenting with nuclear fusion. Iran can have fission, because by the time we're done with fusion generators, fission will seem archaic.
  9. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    No, you're not. The particulars of Christianity are irrelivent, what I'm getting at is that Christianity itself hindered scientific advancement until the Rennaisence, when empirical evidence was allowed to trump ancient superstition. That has yet to happen in the Islamic world. The fact that Islamic theocracies still exist is a testament to this. Go to Saudi Arabia and suggest to everyone that the universe has an entirely naturalistic cause, and had no need for Allah. See if that thought isn't kept "away from the general public" because it contradicts the cultural belief. Keep on suggesting it, to everyone you meet. I'd give it a week before you were either hung or stoned to death. Do that, and if, by some pure luck, you're still alive at the end of it, tell me that Islamic theocracies don't surpress "thoughts and ideas that (that) differ from its central belief.". This is all basically the "no true scotsman" fallacy. You're saying that the countiries that are Islamic aren't really Islamic, because they disagree with your interpretation of what Islam is. The fact is, these countries are no more or less Islamic than you are. They follow the same teachings, believe in the same god and believe the same book - it's just their interpretation of that book differs from yours. I'm sure if they heared your interpretation, they'd say exactly the same thing about you.
  10. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    Basically, the biggest step towards gaining scientific knowledge is to cut out religion. Over here, we cast off Christianity, allowing for new ideas and hypothesies that would otherwise not be allowed and supressed by the church. These ideas spread and snowball and get refined and allow for advancement, whereas many Islamic countries are still clinging on to primitive superstition, hoping it will provide answers. Just look how far we've come in 500 years - compared to the 6000 odd that religion's dominated for. Islamic theocracies will never advance, or make any interesting and world-changing discoveries until they accept the discoveries that we've already made and free themselves from the shackles of religion. It really is a huge ball and chain preventing them from moving forward. Until then they don't have any hope of catching up with us - and as such, will remain primitive and lag behind further and further.
  11. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    Not so much primitive compared to Western science, infact, I'd probably go as far as to say they were ahead, and more advanced back then. Unfortunately, they haven't progressed much since then - if at all. I'd say they were at the stage we were at around 1000AD, I mean, in many Islamic theocracies, it's still a crime to suggest anything that contradicts te Quran, which echos the Church's rule 1000~1500 years ago, over here. Perfect example - Galileo, when he suggested a helio-centric solar system. Now, we have freedom of and from religion, freedom of expression, freedom of thought and separation of church and state, which opens up a massive highway for advancement. Scientific progression isn't hindered or held back by primitive superstition (Well, in some cases it is - take stem cell research, religion stil gets in the way of that, but it's mostly unhindered.). Islamic theocracies are still stuck in the Dark Ages, they don't enjoy the advancement and progression that the West has built for itself since the Rennaissance.
  12. Are Pigs Dirty?

    ^^ Pretty much. What's the point in testing us if he already knows the answer, anyway? Either these "tests" are pointless, or God's not omniscient. Also, I'm never gonna give up sausages wrapped in bacon. Ever.
  13. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    The thing is, they're not illogical, it's the Islamic contradiction of science that's illogical. Science is entirely 100% evidence based. Science collects the evidence and draws logical conclusions from it. When it comes to a showdown between the beliefs of a primitive nomadic people and evidence and reasoned logic based science... I'm afraid it's science that comes out on top - always. Simply because it backs up its statements with evidence and insists than every statement be backed up with evidence.
  14. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    "I understand that scientists are currently postulating that there are at least eleven different realities, so what hope do we poor mortals have of understanding what all this means?" We may never know. But then again, we may find out, but only if we accept that we don't know. You believe there is a creator that created everything, correct? Just to clarify, that's all that I'm addressing here, not Muslims or Christians or Jews or Hindus, or any other religion independently, but all theistic religions. If you believe that the origin of the universe is that it was created by a creator, then what need is there to even try to "understand what all this means"? If you believe you know already, and you're wrong, then you have no reason to try and find out the correct answers. Or to even find out whether or not you are wrong.
  15. Harun Yahya Posters On London Buses!

    Haha, this is stupid. Claiming that "Darwinists" are wrong, yet the existence of God is supported by modern science? Seriously, that's just flat out lying. Well, it's either lying or Mr Oktar has a screw loose. "Mourning of 'Darwinists'", what nonsense. This is just disgusting, religious propaganda.
  16. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    If it simply means "To bring into being", then what would've brought any gods "into being"? You could say that God is eternal, but then why the need for an eternal God? Why not cut out one step and say that the universe is eternal? What's to say that the universe won't compress back into a singularity, and then bgin to expand with another big bang, and repeat itself over and over forever? That would be an entirely naturalistic universe, it would have no need for an eternal creator and it's just as - if not more - likely than a creator. You're right, they're not on par - I can explain how me having three arms might be possible, through gene mutation. It would, of course, still remain highly unlikely, but can you explain how a god could be possible? Me having three pairs of arms, although highly unlikely, is far more possible than a god. All you're doing is replacing one unknown with another unknown, it explains nothing, just puts a human face on things that you don't know so you can feel like you do know. So the unknown doesn't seem to scary or confusing. Claiming to know that there's a creator, who created the universe, and did everything to create us, etc, prevents you from actually being able to "examine the mysteries", because why would you examine something if you already believe you have the answers?
  17. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    Thje problem there, is can you show that the universe is a "creation"? I mean, it's very well saying that the universe was "created", but that's an unfounded assumption, the universe is far more likely to be the result of natural phonomena. There's nothing to indicate that it was created (Intentionally or otherwise) by a being, we don't see any evidence that a creator even exists. Whereas, we can quite easily show that natural phonomena does occur. What caused nature? We don't know. We probably never will, but unlike theists, we don't pretend we do know. "this phenomenon never, to our knowledge, ever being reported before.". The same can be said for a creator, no? I simply refuse to believe in any creator until it can be shown to exist, beyond reasonable doubt. Two phrases apply here. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. I'm not going to reject the possibility entirely, just like you won't reject the possibility that I have three arms because there's a slight, theoretical chance. Both are just incredibly unlikely, based on the evidence we currently have available.
  18. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    As for atheism itself requireing blind faith, wrong again. Atheism is THE LACK OF BELIEF IN A GOD. Saying atheism requires blind faith is like saying that not believing in giant, invisible, fire breathing unicorns requires faith. Not believing in something does NOT require faith. Seriously. Stupid statement. By the way, I have 3 pairs of arms. If you don't believe me, then it's because you have blind faith.
  19. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    Um, wrong. The thing is with science is it has to VERIFY any claims it makes. Whilst the scientific method isn't perfect, it is simply the best means we have for determining what is accurate and what is wrong. There's absolutely no blind faith in science. Look how far science has gotten us. Look how far religion has gotten us. Look how far science has taken us since religion lost its dominating grip on the world. Has prayer ever put a man on the moon? Has blind faith ever eradicated smallpox? Has going to a church, or a synagogue or a Masjid ever taught man to fly from one continent to another in only a few hours? The problem with your statement that we accept science on blind faith is stupid - of course we don't, we can see that it works. If, as you claim, "If science cannot find it, there's no other way", then what other way is there? And can you demonstrate that this way actually works?
  20. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    The thing is, all atheists are different. One might just be a newborn baby, who doesn't believe in any gods because they're too young to even grasp the concept. One might know about theism and flat out reject it, adamantly maintaining that no gods exist whatsoever and there's no possibility of a god existing. Another might be open to the possibility, but has not seen any evidence to support a god, and thus rejects the belief in one. I'm a methodological naturalist. Of course I want answers to the big questions, but I'm not going to settle on "Goddidit." just because a 1500 odd year old book says so. Science is inherrently atheistic, it doesn't start with the presupposition that a god exists. It doesn't say "God exists.", it doesn't say "God does not exist.", it simply says "Let's look at all of the available evidence and see what conclusions we can draw from it.". Science uses methodological naturalism to try and make "the unknown" known. It does not claim to know things that it either doesn't know, or can't know. Theism, on the other hand, does the opposite, it claims to possess the answers to the "big" questions. How did the universe begin? Goddidit. Why does the Sun rise every day? Because it's pulled across the sky on a chariot. What happens after you die? You go to a magical place of happiness. How was the Sun formed? God spoke it into existence. Abracadabra! None of these answers can be supported when you take all of the available evidence into account. Science doesn't pretend it has answers that it doesn't. It doesn't try to fill in the gaps of the unknown with myths or fairy tales or primitive superstition. Instead, it examines the universe that it's being used to find answers for. It insepcts and examines and scrutinises and prods and pokes and tickles as much as it can, trying to get a reaction to try and work out the answers to the "big questions.". Science works BECAUSE of the unkown. If we knew everything, the scientific method - based on free thought, methodological naturalism, physical evidence and reasoned logic - would be completely redundant. As you say, you do not believe the Qu'ran deliberately discourages investigation - but nevertheless, it does discourage it - it gives you unverifiable answers to things that prevent you from actually looking for the real answers. Why would you look for answers for a question you already know the answer to, even if the answer you have is wrong?
  21. A Problem With The Quran/islam

    I'd like to add that what Muslims claim that the Qu'ran predicted (As well as what Christians claim the Bible predicted, and what Jews claim the Torah predicted. They do it just as much.) is all done retroactively. The Qu'Ran has never actually been used to make a single scientific discovery. Take, for example, the fact that there's iron inside meteors. Many Muslims claim that Islam knew about this because the Qu'Ran says so, but they fail to realise that it's been known for a lot longer than that. Iron used to be a highly prized metal, simply because the only way to obtain it was through meteors, this was known way, way, before the Qu'Ran was written. Whoever wrote the Qu'Ran would've highly likely just known what everyone else knew about it at the time and decided to include it in the Qu'Ran and attribute meteors to Allah.
  22. Why Atheism Doesn't Make Sense

    Rare to see a religious person who realises that morality stems from our need to live as a social species, rather than divinely given to us. It's refreshing. :sl: As for most religions not being "deliberate frauds", there are obviously some that intended to be fraudulent from the start - for example, Scientology.
  23. Secret Installation Of Adhan Boxes In Switzerland

    If he was that worried about freedom of religion, then perhaps he should be concentrating more on the fact that in Saudi Arabia, being born to Islamic parents and then changing your beliefs later in life carries the death penalty? Or how about the fact that Saudi judges may ignore the testimonials of non-muslims in Sharia courts, based purely off of the fact that they're not Muslim? Or maybe the fact that distribution of non-Islamic religious materials is flat out illegal, as is publically practicing any non-Islamic religion, celebrating any non-Islamic holiday, or doing anything in any way related to any non-Islamic religion. If I were to go to Saudi and make a "provocative statement" about those things (Though, that's only a few examples of how oppresive an Islamic Theocracy is when it comes to religious freedom.), how long do you think I'd live? Do you not think he should be trying to sort out his own religion's lack of tolerance before claiming the world is intolerant towards it? If he really, genuinely cared about freedom of religion, he'd be pulling "pranks" like this in an Islamic theocratic country. From my vantage point, it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
  24. Secret Installation Of Adhan Boxes In Switzerland

    I'd've played this from them, instead: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=-bzWSJG93P8"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=-bzWSJG93P8[/url] And dressed up as Vader, whilst I got a mate to dress up as Luke, and we'd have a lightsaber duel with plastic lightsabres in the middle of the street. THAT would be a prank. It might've made a few people laugh, maybe not, but it wouldda been funnier than this "prank". All that person's done is play mindless wailing on DIY loudspeakers. It's not a prank, it's a nuisence. Edit: Or even better, play this: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=KeXMZpOYtt0"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=KeXMZpOYtt0[/url] And organise a MASSIVE lightsaber duel flashmob: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=fm4QJmE21p8"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=fm4QJmE21p8[/url]
  25. Secret Installation Of Adhan Boxes In Switzerland

    And the point of that is...?