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  1. Tinnitus, It Makes Me Desperate And Suicidal.

    All I can suggest man, is speak to your GP. Tell your GP how you're feeling, let him know that you're depressed and you've been feeling suicidal. I know it's probably not easy to see it this way from your standpoint, but depression is the result of chemical imbalances in the brain. Your GP should get you in contact with a counsellor, he should carry out a few tests and will likely prescribe you something that'll make you feel better, that'll correct the imbalances. Again, I know it's probably really hard to think of it like that at the moment, but trust me, speaking to your doctor and getting counselling and a prescription for anti-depressants will help. Wish you luck, man, hope y'feel better soon.
  2. What, exactly, does it cure? Urine is filled wit the chemicals and by products that the body has filtered out and needs to get rid of. It's not a super-fun-happy miracle-cure. The camel's body got rid of it for a reason. So, what is camel urine actually supposed to cure? Also, show me one instance where camel urine has been the only factor in someone's treatment of a condition, and it's demonstrably worked.
  3. Show me one paper in the International Journal of Medical Science that shows drinking camel urine to cure anything isn't completely ridiculous.
  4. "It is permissible for a (severely) sick person to drink blood and urine," Haha, yeah, drinking urine and/or blood cures nothing. "just as there is a dispensation in drinking alcohol for a person dying of thirst" Alcohol dehydrates you faster, it's a diuretic... if you were dying of thirst, it'd be better to not drink anything than to drink alcohol. Yeah, I don't think I'll be getting my medical advice from the Qu'ran.
  5. The justice that works the best is the kind that focuses on the prevention rather than the cure. Death penalty - more people murdered. No death penalty - less people murdered. Bit of a no-brainer.
  6. If it appeals to emotion, though, rather than reason and logic, then the sentencing loses its objectivity. It becomes bias either in favour of the person who comitted the crime, or the victim. Sentancing has to remain neutral (Which is isn't at the moment, instead appealing to the emotions of the convicted. by making sentancing too light.). What you consider "the right justice", clearly, the vast majority of people don't. Hence why the death penalty is banned in most civilised countries in the world. If the statistics are accurate, then murder rates actually increase when the death penalty is implimented. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetdeathpenaltyinfo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/deterrence-states-without-death-penalty-have-had-consistently-lower-murder-rates"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetdeathpenaltyinfo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/deterrence...er-murder-rates[/url] What you're saying, is that you'd rather dish out your own brand of "justice", that most of the world disagrees with, in favor of increased murder rates?
  7. DETER PEOPLE, meaning, the threat of being killed as punishment is supposed to stop people doing it in the first place. Which doesn't happen. Which is why US states with the death penalty for murder not only don't have lower murder rates, but actually have higher murder rates. Stop attacking strawmen.
  8. The thing is, that's an appeal to emotion. I do agree that sentancing is too light, but as I said, diving off the deep end and reintroducing corporal punishment won't solve anything. It's barbaric and simply has no place in any civilised socitey. The thing is, it won't deter people. In US states where corporal punishment is still used (Namely the death penalty.), the instances of offences commited that carry that sentance are actually higher than in states that the death sentance has been abolished. If you don't believe me, here's my source: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetdeathpenaltyinfo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/deterrence-states-without-death-penalty-have-had-consistently-lower-murder-rates"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetdeathpenaltyinfo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/deterrence...er-murder-rates[/url]
  9. So I've got Ron telling me that Islam doesn't teach its followers to force people to believe, on the other hand I have you telling me that if you don't believe you get your head cut off by the Islamic state. Either one of you is wrong, or Islam makes no sense whatsoever. Either way, both of your statements are contradictory. As for Islam promoting free thought, have you even researched what free thought is? You say Islam promotes free thought, then you say Islam will chop off people's head for not believing in Islam. You're either lying about knowing and understanding what freethinking is, or you understand what freethinking is and you're lying about Islam promoting free thought. One way or another, you're flat out lying. (But then, the forum rules state that only non-believers can't tell lies pertaining to religion, believers are free to lie as much as possible. "14- Non-believers putting religious lie in factual sentence: warn".".) How can I possibly be a slave to Satan? I don't even believe he exists. YOU believe he exists, not me. I'm no more a slave to Satan than I am a slave to Jabba the Hutt. Chopping off hands, feet, stoning to death, whipping and crucifying... no, Islam isn't barbaric at all, is it?[/sarcasm] Lol! Indeed. Except that it's not just. A fictional character ordanining something does not make it reasonable, or justified. Right down to the very core, the punishments you're talking about, they are primitive and barbaric and downright evil. And that's not counting forcing someone to burn in eternal hellfire for all eternity. I will never bow to such a twisted perception of "justice.". I'd fight to the death to prevent such a vile, disgusting and sickening "justice" system from forcing itself upon me, and it upsets me that there are countries out there that get away with this tyranny on a daily basis. "Accidental" implies it was an accident - an unintended cause of someone's actions. Of course I know all of existence isn't here accidentally - there's no one there to've made an accident. Ok, just prove to me beyond reasonable doubt that souls exist.
  10. What does it say about forcing people to live under the rule of a religion they not only don't believe in, but find disgusting and repulsive? Theocracy isn't nearly as free as a separation of church and state. Also, remember, that forcing someone to believe something isn't always as overt as suggested in the last few posts of this thread. Indoctrination of children from a young age, and censoring anything that might give them a point of view that differs from the point of view you want them to hold is also forcing people to believe. The young mind has to absorb information fast, after all, they have thousnads of years worth of social progress to catch up on, as such, their minds are like sponges, they soak up any information their parents or elders tell them. In this mentally vulnerable state, it's easy to persuade them that if they don't believe they'll suffer forever, and that if they do believe they'll recieve eternal rewards. Even if when they're older they stop believing, once they've been indoctrinated into it from birth, is still punishable by death. 1) Teach them it as fact when they're young. Children very rarely question what adults tell them is factual. 2) Kil them if they stop believing, and make sure they know this. Here in the UK, we frequently get asylum seekers, seeking safety from Islamic theocracies. Why do they need to seek the safety and protection of a foreign country? Because they deconverted from Islam. How is that not forcing people to believe?
  11. I never once said our legal system was perfect, no legal system is, and whilst I do agree the majority of sentencing is far too lax and forgiving, going out the other end and re-instating coproral punishment and the death penalty makes that country no better than the criminals they're convicting. The criminal is dead. So what? Is that going to bring back whoever he killed? No. Is it going to punish hi,? Of course not, he'll be dead, he won't care. Will it punish his family, his friends and everyone who he meant something to? Yes. He may've been a sick, twisted individual, but the death penalty only punishes those that were close to him, whether they're innocent or not, it's not him, himself that suffers the worst of the pnishment. THAT is barbaric. It's like suicide, who suffers more, the suicidee, or the suicidee's family? Also, you then have the problem of getting the wrong person. All the evidence could point to someone being the murderer, and so you execute them. Say... 6 years later, new technology is developed and is used to reexamine some of the evidence, to find that the person was infact innocent. It's not like you can just release them and pay them compensation for incarcerating them, no, they're dead. And it DOES happen. What if the person who did it is suffering from severe mental disorders? What if they physically could not help themselves? What if it was an accident, and that person never meant to harm anyone, say... a fox jumped out infront of his car and he swerved to avoid it, but ended up killing someone accidently? Should they be executed? I'm not free from ethics or morals, but I am free from religion, I'm free from nonsensical, stone-age laws with perverse, cruel and disgusting punishments, and I fully intend to keep it that way. It's called "Free thought" for a reason. I won't let a religion dictate to me what I can and can't think. I won't let a religion dictate to me what I can and can't say or do. Satan doesn't frighten me, nor does the threat of Hell. Trying to use scare tactics like that don't work. It's like threatening someone with the force choke that Darth Vader uses if they don't do what you say. I don't believe they exist, because I have no reason to.
  12. Then what happens 3 years down the line, after he's been executed and new evidence comes to light which exonorates him? Don't tell me that it never happens, because it frequently How does killing him make you any better than him? "Human rights and all that kind of stuff." You say that as if it's a bad thing, as if a person's human rights should be waivered in favor of your religious beliefs. No. That should never happen, ever. Corporal punishment was removed in most countries for a reason. It is barbaric. It is a primitive and disgusting practice. You can gauge the morality of a country by how it treats its prisoners. You use murder as an example, here, but I wonder what else you'd include? Already in many Islamic Theocracies, simply leaving Islam is punishable by death.. You enjoy freedom of speech? Well, you can say "goodbye" to that. Say hello to censorship. I'm assuming you live in America, right? How would you feel if any other religion but say... Hinduism was banned? If you left Hinduism, or followed a different religion, it's "Off with their heads!". A homeless person is starving on the streets, he hasn't eaten for weeks, and doesn't have enough money to get any food. Literally, his only chance for survival is to steal something, otherwise he'd die. Heresy or not, I really couldn't care less. Chopping people's hands off? How can you say that's not barbaric? Being part of a minority does not automatically grant wisdom. Every single person, no matter how seemingly small, is no better or worse than anyone else. I don't know who Al Imaam Ahmad is, nor do I particulary care, but why isn't his voice equal to anyone elses? No, I don't give a damn about Sharia. Why the smeg should I? I'm not a Muslim, and I'm not ever going to follow your Islamic law. I'd rather live in an anrachial state. Ultimately, I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever bow to Sharia. If England became an Islamic Theocracy today, I'd move to America the next day. I will not allow any religion to take away my rights as a human being, nor anyone elses. If you choose to give up yours, then fine, but don't you dare try to impose your religious laws on me. I don't believe what you believe, and I won't be forced to.
  13. Concept Of Hell

    I'm human. Even if I hadn't seen scans of by brain, I'd still have no reasonable doubt as to the fact it was there. Everything we know the brain to be, and everything we know the brain to do, I am capable of. The evidence points to me having a brain. (I could make a joke here about how some of us clearly don't, but I'll refrain.). The thing is, it's not a problem. What? That made no sense. "the proof is in me" what does that even mean? It's nonsense. So does virtually every other culture on Earth, even many animals do, such as elephants. Why does Islam doing what everyone else does make Islam special? Ok, let's break this down. Firstly, ANYONE who finds pleasure in the torture and suffering of ANYONE is sick. Secondly, who says everyone in Hell isn't innocent? I'm sure you're aware of Mahatma Ghandi, right? Well, after he died, he'd've gone to your Hell (If it existed), and you'd be enjoying him suffering for all eternity. Thirdly, the punishment should fit the crime. No crime done on Earth could possibly warrand an infinte pinishment. Simply not believing in Allah, according to your Qu'ran, means they not only deserve to suffer in the most painful way possible for all eternity, but you would find pleasure in watching them suffer? How is that not sadistic? And don't give me "They committed a crime against Allah, an infinite being, so their punishment is eternal". That's rubbish. If you steal or murder or rape, it doesn't matter WHO you committed those crimes against, but the crime commited. That's what your punished for. Nothing anyone could ever do on Earth could ever justify being punished in such a way as Hell - insufferable pain, forever.
  14. Humankind,please Be Sad For Yoursef For A Short Moment

    Not to mention the masterpieces that if done right, you don't notice, but if done wrong it shows. A lot of soundtracks to films and games really are amazing.
  15. Humankind,please Be Sad For Yoursef For A Short Moment

    Ok, maybe not: The Bard's Song - Blind Guardian. Glass Prison - Dreamtheater. Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover.). Balrog Boogie - Diablo Swing Orchestra. Cry For The Moon - Epica. If you care to look them up.
  16. Humankind,please Be Sad For Yoursef For A Short Moment

    Not true. There's some [/i]amazing[/i] music out there, beautifully written and performed. You forget, we only know of a handful of the good artists from back then, we don't hear about the bad ones. I'm sure there were just as many as there are today. A few examples (If they post.): you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=u_tORtmKIjE you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=SSX86zPnUkY you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=o22eIJDtKho you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=RDSCSvyfyAk you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=Dys1_TuUmI4
  17. One thing that's always confused me about the religious that believe in an infinite afterlife, is that they place so much value on living forever. I mean, they promise you with eternal happiness and everything you could dream of for all eternity, yet threaten you with eternal suffering and hellfire. In both cases, you're living forever. On one hand, you have living in eternal bliss and on the other you have eternal suffering. Again, in both cases, you'd have either/or forever. Wouldn't eternal bliss get boring, eventually? Not just for a year, not just for a decade, or a centuary or a millenium, but forever. Forever's a very long time. Wouldn't you eventually crave pain and anguish just to remind you that you are, infact, alive? After all, it takes the bad to realise how much the good is worth. Also, if you spent forever in eternal suffering, eventually, wouldn't you "get used to it", so to speak? I mean, there's only so many ways you can suffer, and in an eternity, you'd suffer all of them so much that eventually you'd get used to it. Heaven or Hell, in both instances you'd get bored. However, if you knew that after you died, you ceased to exist, if you knew that the end was the end, and after that it was "nothing", wouldn't you feel better about it? I mean, if you're going to live forever in either of these circumstances, doesn't that make this live here, the life you know you have, the life that you're living now, worthless? Here's an analogy. If you have a millionare, someone with as much money as they coulh ope for, and you have a hobo. A homeless person without a penny to their name. Give each of them say... £10. To the millionare, that £10 would be next to nothing, but to the hobo, that £10 would mean a lot. Give a man an infinate amount of life after he dies, and his mortal life means nothing. Give a man one, single, mortal life, without an eternal life afterwards, and he'll make the most of the 70~80 years he has. What's 70~80 years compared to eternity? What's 70~80 years if they're the only 70~80 years you'll ever have? In both instances, who's going to enjoy their life more? Who's going to make the most of their life? We all know the answer, and that answer is what I'm asking you to refute.
  18. The Value Of An Infinite Afterlife...

    Anyway, if the pain is increasing, then it gives you more opportunity to get used to it. For example, if you try to boil something alive, and dump it in a pot of boiling water, chances are it'll jump out. But turn the heat up gradually and it won't even notice.
  19. The Value Of An Infinite Afterlife...

    Um, yeah... constantly increasing forever. It's impossible for the limited human mind to grasp the concept of "forever", but suffice to say it's a very long time. It's no use sayin how amazing Heaven would be or how bad Hell would be, eventually you'd get used to the increased pleasure/pain. It could take 500,000,000,000 billion years, but it couldtake twice that, but "forever" allows for that to happen. Besides, in order to suffer pain you need a nervous system.
  20. The Value Of An Infinite Afterlife...

    It's clear you don't actually understand what I'm saying. That "Small group" is OUR ENTIRE SPECIES. Morality is subjective, everyone has theuir own morality. If what you're saying is true, then why are the Islamic terrorists, and also organisations like Islam Against Terrorism? Why don't all Muslims all have the exact same morality? What is shallow, is that you think all morality comes from a book, that everyone should have the exact same morals, with no progression, just follow a book and do what the book says. That's shallow because it shows you're incapable of thinking for yourself - having to be dictated what to think by a book. A book is not evidence. Claiming that the Qu'ran is evidence for Islam is like claiming that The Lord of The Rings is evidence for Sauron. It's stupid. It's like saying every book ever written is evidence that everything in that book is true. Your Qu'ran is nothing special or amazing, it's just a book. And what do you mean "What is yours?" I don't need evidence. I'm not making a positive statement. Ok, where does the Qu'ran mention the morality of dumping toxic waste in the ocean? Where does it mention testing cosmetic products on animals? Don't give me any bull, of course the Qu'ran doesn't mention those things. They're moral issues that cropped up LONG after the Qu'ran was written. Yet we have moral standpoints on them. If all morality came from a book, then our morality would never progress or evolve as our society does. As new things arise, as we gain new technology, our morality needs to develop and become more complex. Your "All morality comes from the Qu'ran" model could never account for that. If issues such as the morality of human cloning, nuclear pollution and animal testing then show me where in the Qu'ran it mentions them, and where it say they're morally wrong.
  21. The Value Of An Infinite Afterlife...

    If morality comes from Allah, and we get that morality from the Qu'ran, then what does the Qu'ran say about the following: Dumping nuclear waste in the sea. Graffiti, or "tagging". Testing cosmetic products on animals. Human cloning. Yet, all these things are considered morally wrong. Why are they considered morally wrong if the Qu'ran says nothing about them? Because they arose in society after the Qu'ran was written, and as such our morality has had to evolve parralel to our society.
  22. The Value Of An Infinite Afterlife...

    So "groups of theives" aren't the same species? What part of "WE ARE A SOCIAL SPECIES WHO HAD TO LIVE TOGETHER TO SURVIVE." don't you get? Morality is all about maintaining a peaceful co-existence for security of both the individual and society as a whole. If you steal, you're stealing from someone. You're having an negative effect on their life, and by extension, society. What is so difficult to understand about that? Seriously? Firstly, I don't have a religion. Secondly, my position is a rejection of your statement that "Islam is true", it's you making the positive claim and me saying "I don't believe you.". I have absolutely no reason to believe Islam is true, why should I without you providing any evidence? "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.". You assert that Islam is true without evidence, so I dismiss it without evidence. If someone came up to you and said "Odin is real.", you wouldn't believe them would you? ou'd expect them to provide evidence to support that statement, wouldn't you? Why should I be any different with Islam The burden of proof lays squarely on your shoulders. It's up to you to produce the evidence. Simply saying "If i'm wrong, then it's no loss, if you're wrong you're burning in Hell." is not evidence. I've just said why that's wrong, and why it's a false dichotomy, and as to be expected you completely evaded addressing the point I made. Typical.
  23. The Value Of An Infinite Afterlife...

    It's essentially a false dichotomy, a logical fallacy.
  24. The Value Of An Infinite Afterlife...

    Um, I just explained where morality comes from: And what if you'ere wrong, and the Hindus got it right? What if you're wrong and the Christians got it right? What if you got it wrong and the Ancient Egyptians were right? What if you got it wrong and the Aztecs were right? Your religion isn't the only religion in the world. Even if Islam WAS the only religion in the world, what if your particular denomination is wrong, and another denomination is right? I could add any other religion to that list, and there are 100,000s of them. You'd be the loser burning in Hell. Your argument doesn't hold water.