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  1. Is There Anybody From Bosnia Here?

    I know this thread, it's too old, these people haven't been online for years. Thanks for the trouble anyway.
  2. Assalaamo alaykom, I want to talk to people who live in Bosna. I want to go there to work and perhaps finish my studies. I need information and advice. Thank you so much, Salaam.
  3. Right on the money! You've said it in a weird fashion but anyways, it's true. How in the world could a creature of God question His rules and punishments?! God created you, nourished you, gave you things that you don't even know about and at the end you question His book?! It's written in the Book that you have to perform such penalties for such wrong doers. He is the All Knowing the All Wise and you little weak mortals come here and say you don't like such n' such! Oh, spare me! Salaam.
  4. Introduction

    Assalaam alaykom akhi fi Lleh! I welcome you to the community here and hope you'll find brotherhood and a better understanding and practice of your religion. You may ask whatever you want, I'll help if I can. My advice to you, don't write but instead: read, read, read. That would be better for the Ummah! Salaam.
  5. Can't be true, buddy! Just think about it a little bit. How much's the recidivism rate of a dead thug? Zero. How much 's the recidivism rate of a free thug? Different from zero and positive. Got the catch? It's Absurd! Somebody is lying to you.
  6. Free thought buddy? OK, you've got it! We actually promote free thought in our way. You're free to believe, free to disbelieve. Just like Ron told you. But you'll have to go someplace where Islaamic law will not be able to chop off your head. Lol! No worry, almost nowhere would that be possible, so you're in security, relatively...I mean it's God's will, you can't escape... Be sure that you'll gonna pay for every bad thing you do, less you repent, here in this life or there in the after life. I'm not threatening you nor I'm trying to frighten you but just reminding you if you still have a soul. If it doesn't make sense to you, just ignore it, don't talk to me about it, I'll automatically understand! Actually, the fact that you said that you're not frightened, not scared makes me feel you're indeed frightened and scared! Did I tell you that evil stinky boogeyman will have your carcass for lunch or something?! I just told you you're a slave to Satan, that's it! No scare tactics, no fright stories. What else, yeah, about chopping hands, feet and hands, stoning, whipping, etc...There's also crucifying... Lol! You've got rules, OK! You do not chop off somebody's head or stone him to death just like that you know, you've got rules, rules, rules. I'm not saying that I'm sorry to tell you that we have such punishment in religion, no! I'm clarifying to you!It's not done in a random fashion! Besides, I'm not some kind of sadist or something, but God in his wisdom ordained things like so, so it's good for mankind even if mankind with their limited brains might think it's too much. It is just! Believe what you want buddy, live the rest of your life like you please, but think about your carcass... You feel inside of your heart that you're not alive just by accident, that all of that creation and harmony and magnificence is just accidental... Lay down on your comfortable sofa and think about it, we don't know you, we won't ridicule you in case you've changed your mind. Just be egotistic, be selfish! Think of saving your carcass...and your soul! Warm regards!
  7. I'm not talking to you Mr Freedom, I'm talking to another slave of God just like me. So I won't delve in what you said, or maybe sometime in the future. But let me just ask you something. Suppose that you have a wife or a dad or somebody, and then a thug comes to the house, he's discovered, he rapes your wife, he kills her, rips her apart, he puts her parts in a garbage can. Do you think it's barbaric? I don't know about you but for me it's barbaric, definitely. And then the police snatches the guy, put him in jail, try him in court and all that crap, and after a couple of years he's free...He had a good life experience, he's a better man now. Do you find that barbaric? Remember I'm talking about your supposed wife.. Raped, killed, ripped apart.. I don't know about you but for me it's barbaric, definitely. And then comes a day, some thug, the same thug, comes in somebody else's house, he's discovered, he rapes the woman, he kills her, rips her apart, he puts her parts in a garbage can. Do you think it's barbaric? I don't know about you but for me it's barbaric, definitely. Not only that but the court is far more barbaric than tens of thugs just like that one, don't you think?! So the barbaric act of killing the killer in inevitable and righteous. So is the thing for the rest of the other barbaric penalties. Every violence has got a meaning my friend. This is religion, our beloved slavery to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. You, you thing you're free by freeing yourself from religion, from ethics, from morals, but in reality you're a slave... To whom?! To Satan, the devil. A creature. Think about it buddy, you'll be judged, tried and punished or rewarded. Make your choice before you die.
  8. I doesn't me! What makes me cringe though is the way things are dealt with under democracy, human rights and all that kind of stuff. For example: When somebody kills somebody else deliberately and without a good reason he should be killed, right? I mean under Islaamic Law...Under democracy he'll go to prison for a couple of years and he would be given another chance because he has had an experience,he would be a better man! Under a democratic regime people would tell you that they've got to referendum to decide of important matters. They would referendum and forbid death penalty because the majority would choose life rather than death. Muslims or whatever. Human nature... Never mind, they'll find excuses for that. They'll tell you that it's medieval and barbaric and they'll find some cool big mufti who'se gonna tell them that it's the right thing, they'll find a whole bunch of them I assure you. Isn't it happening now in your country?! People who say something like: Oh, the poor little robber guy! He's already in trouble and you wanna chop off his hand! And put his wrist in boiling oil! And leave him without a right hand! Why not the left?! Why not a foot for that matter?! It's more convenient to live just without a foot! Let's vote and decide about it! Democracy is the rule of the majority. Islaamic Sharia is the rule of Allah. This should be enough to tell you that it's heresy to begin with. The majority is uneducated and blind, a minority is educated and wise. Now, you take a box and make the voice of somebody like al Imaam Ahmad equal to the voice of anybody else and then tell your people that you've done the right thing! Now how can this be?! How did you let the foolish majority rule over the wise minority?! I don't give a damn about the appellation of the regime under which I live. I don't care if the president's gonna rule all his life or rule for a couple of years! I don't care if he wants his children and his children's children to rule after him. What I care about, what is most important for me is that he and his regime would bow to Islaamic Shareea! You would tell me that's what we're lookin' for by applying for democracy! But it's impossible! Democracy has got to be manipulated in order to succeed in the eyes of the populace...Ask yourselves why you've been told that anybody can run for president but in reality you always have just a couple of candidates whom you don't know anything about and from which you'll have to elect? Why is it impossible for you to select?! Got my point?! Your regimes do not respect Islaamic Shareea because your people do not give a damn about Islaamic Shareea. That's it, period! Blame yourselves as much as you're blaming them. and then try to change it. Not by rioting! Not by destroying public property! Not by killing! But by other reasonable means: Enjoining right and forbidding wrong. Now read this and think about it: THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. E.L.Bernays. Propaganda, 1928, page 9. Salaam.
  9. Cairo Protesters Call For Islamic State!

    You mean Slafis, right? You're wrong buddy, Salafis do not do that kind of stuff. They've been telling you not to do so from the beginning. Do not give me names of people you watch on TV and who say they follow the salaf, we've been warning you against them all the time because they do not follow the salaf and only but a few listened to us. I'm talking about people like Mohammed Said Raslan for example to name you somebody from Egypt. The population in Egypt and elsewhere in the Muslim World is deeply ignorant of it's own religion. They take democracy for freedom, they don't know that it's outright heresy. And for the Islamic law, be sure that the majority would not agree with you when you tell them you're gonna chop their hands, feet and heads and stone them to death when they do something wrong! They'll tell you it's medieval and barbarous and that they'll make a referendum to see who's right. Just like that, democratically! So the end result of it will be Democracy, inevitably, like planned. Everything has been planned long long before you were born and it's succeeding and unfortunately you can do no big thing about it, at least in the present. My good friend, the international media is big industry, I mean billions and billions of dollars. People aren't gonna pay all of that money only so that we little Muslims would know the truth of the things! It doesn't make any sense! Here's my friendly and brotherly advice to you: Get rid of your TV set! Destroy it, turn into fertilizer, throw it in the Nile! Not only you'll have a free mind to think and time to read but you'll have peace! And also less swollen under eyes I might add...
  10. Also When You Pray...

    Yes it's true, definitely. But you've got rules! Read this: RULINGS CONCERNING WIPING ON THE KHUFF-S [DURING WUDOO] Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen showtopic=736749. (Couldn't put a link to the post using the insert link!)
  11. Surah 33:4

    Assalaamo Alaykom Brother Tonny, congratulations! You should get a copy of these books: 1.Rough Translation of the Meaning of The Noble Quran In the English Language A Summarized Version of At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir with comments from Sahih Al-Bukhari By Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, Ph.D. Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan It's written in easy English and it's better explained. I think you could get a hard copy for free, I don't know where. 2.Imam Nawawi’s forty hadeeth Yahya ibn Sharaf an-Nawawi Fourty-two selected sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him. 3.Explaining the fundamentals of Faith by Sheikh Muhammad ben Saleh Al-Othaymeen. A booklet summarizing Islaamic monotheism. 4.Hisn al Muslim. The shield of the Muslim, a collection of prophetic invocations. 5. Fikh al ibaadaat by Cheikh Muhammad ben Saleh Al-Othaymeen. How to pray, how to fast, etc.. Now there's a thing I must tell you about: You'll see brothers disobey Allah, you'll be discriminated because of your creed and you'll find a lot of other obstacles: Never be discouraged! Seek help from your Lord and follow your heart! I'll pray for you! Salaam.
  12. Hijjab?

    Salaam, Covering the face and hands is a matter of Khilaaf (disagreement) between scholars. Once something is Khilaaf you can choose for yourself after you've read every sides' arguments. And whichever way you choose, none has the right to say you're wrong if they think the contrary. Considering that covering all the body except the face and hands is commonly agreed upon scholars, we'll have to know how this should be done? This is the gist of the matter, not the burkuu-niqab propaganda thing. 1. It should cover all of the body except the face and hands; 2. It mustn't be a show off; 3. It mustn't be transparent; 4. It mustn't be tight, descriptive of the woman's body; 5. It mustn't be perfumed; 6. It mustn't resemble men's clothes or disbeliever's clothes. The sad reality is that the majority of women do not respect these rules of a correct hidjaab. And yet they do not hide their extreme dislike and opposition for the niqab! Silly isn't it?! Read Al Albanees' excellent work on hidjaab, women in the Arab world like it so much because it is pro uncovering the face and hands! Salaam.
  13. Islam In Bosnia

    Assalaamo Alaykom! It had happened, Allah wanted it to happen! Kaddara L'lah wa maa chaa faal. It is not wise to waste our time thinking of our painful past for the good reason that we have our present and future to consider.. The Umma is weak right now because it's sons live their lives away from Islaam...They'll suffer and stay divided till they get back to their Deen...The good ones gave what they could give. What really matters is what you are going to do for yourself and for your community. Praise Allah for His goodness, be patient, work hard and the Almighty will reward you for your good deeds. Salaam.
  14. A Newbie!

    Asalaamo Alaykom Usually we have to write something when we are new to a forum community but I've never been in a forum where I've had to write three entire lines about something when I get started. Anyways, I'll happily comply with the forum owners' best wishes! I'm a Muslim being from Algeria, north Africa! I'm here to do something good! Salaam! [using large font size is not allowed]