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  1. Men & Women Equal?

    No one is exactly equal to another. All humans have their unique set of talents. The question is, in the Islamic world, do women have equal rights to men? Women struggled for this in the western world, and won. If your qua'ran states that women and men are equal, and the book is the basis for your civil laws, then women should have the same human rights as a man. Period.
  2. It is true. I saw the video on a news network in North America. They assulted him anally, with a steel bar. It was a brutal attack, but sometimes people are oppressed for so long and such hatred grows, that they let it all out in one violent act. I don't condone their actions, but on an intellectual level, I understand it.
  3. Another Tyrant Falls

    Amhad was generalizing about the west. I was generalizing about the Islamic world. Sikhs and even Hindhus have been known to particite in honour killings. There are 5000 of these each year and many are committed by Muslims. No group is homogeneous, not muslims or the west. There's good and bad in every human and every religion. There are many non practicing Christians and Muslims in the west and non practicing Muslims in Islamic countries.
  4. Another Tyrant Falls

    Ok Ahmad, I wil take it two or three at a time. You sound like a genuinely nice person. Please don't take personally my beliefs and statements about Islam. I know there are many, many wonderful Muslims, just as there are in all religions and among those of no religion, and among those of new age belief systems.You are dead wrong about the USSR economy in the 50's and 60's. No economy came close to the Americans. Not even close. Your facts are wrong. The soviets had shortages in food and consumer goods. Western nations blew them out of the water. I am an unbeliever - in religion.I was brought up in Christianity, but like most North Americans, am non practicing. I am a spiritual person who feels suffocated by religion. Though each one has some very positive messages, I believe they don't come close to the real truth. There is no point in debating this. You can never sway me and I don't care about swaying you. One must respect the right of others to their beliefs. We don't have to respect their beliefs, just their right to have them. I am confident enough in my belief system, which is not written in stone, that I cannot be swayed by religion. I honestly feel that I and millions of others feel that it is too controlling and stifles real thought and imagination. I don't want some book written hundreds of years ago telling me what to believe. My heart will tell me what is right for me, just as your heart tells you your religion is right for you. We can agree to disagree, OK?
  5. Another Tyrant Falls

    Thank you for your comments. The USSR never had economic superiority over western countries.NEVER. This is why they are a mess today. Communism does not work. I hope you know that the west won the cold war. They were pretty good scientifically, but certainly not superior to the west. What is your version of Islam that belongs to God? I don't think we worship the same God. I'll explain more later. West has family brake down, they can't find family integrity or mercy or real love. Yes, the family is breaking down to a point, but certainly not all or even most. I think you should look in the mirror. We don't do so called 'honor killings' when someone in our family displeases us. We don't force our daughters to cover their faces, even when they don't want to. We give them the freedom to be who they want to be, when they are of age. West has more drunkards, and the categories of crimes related to it We definitely have more problems with alcohol. It's not legal in some of your countries, but plenty of muslims drink. West has more higher rates of fatal sexual diseases (1,000,000s of AIDS cases, 10,000,000 STDs cases, …..….) In general, there is more promescuity in the west. Unless you're christian, most people accept sex out of marriage. I see no problem with it. West has higher rates of sexual crimes (harassments, raping, incest, children abuse, children raping with/without successive murdering) Many muslim men have raped and brutalised women. There have been many many incidents of muslim women and girls being raped and then blamed for it. This is highly repulsive to us. Islamic states seem to make women responsible for men's sexual behaviour. Yes, there are plenty of sexual deviants in the west, but plenty of muslims are just the same. It's a human issue, not religious. The U.S. is far more violent than all the other western countries. There are plenty of violent citizens in the west who happen to be muslim. The U.S. has acted foolishly and hasn't brought to justice all the criminals on wall street. Canada is a model for the world. We're still a lot wealthier than musims on the whole. You have tremendous poverty in many muslim countries. It was Dwight Eisenhower who warned about the american industrial military complex. This is precisely why the U.S. always needs to be at war. Ok, this is the point where I'm going to teach you a lesson. Let's get one thing straight. The wes t(Christian built and dominated countries) are far, far, far, far, more, more, more, generous, generous, generous, than any muslim country is, has been or will be. We give and give and give and help and help and help so many all over the world. We don't do it according to religion. Lets face it, muslims have much to learn from christians on this subject. You can say plenty of negative things about western civilization, but you can never question our generosity. Bottom line is, the west does not trust Islam. Some of your values are stuck somewhere in time. You take your qua'ran literally and there fore refuse to examine logically some of your beliefs regarding the equality of men and women, homosexual rights, separation of church and state, etc. We knew the USSR was not going to last. Their system was brutal and unsustainable. Unless you agree us on the above human rights issues, we'll always be at odds. We don't like that part of your religion. What are you going to do about the Islamo facists?
  6. Another Tyrant Falls

    Give me a reason to be hopeful. You guys on this site like to blame the west for your failures. Look in the mirror. Be men and take responsibility for yourselves. Iran had it's Islamic revolution. Yes, the U.S. facilitated this and Iranians turned on them. Muslims made Iran what it is today, with it's despicable government and corrupt ayatollas. Muslims rule Iran. What is it that you think is the western view? An honest answer. Too bad. They are no less loved than you, by God. . israel is the only light in the middle east. I don't think you have a clue what God is or what God values. I have one very important question for you. Can God be offended by humans?
  7. Another Tyrant Falls

    I can only go by what we see in muslim states today. Some are better than others but the majority, especially arab states, are failures on the human rights level. I hope one muslim state can prove me wrong and plant a seed for a better muslim world. I have made up my mind but I hope I'm wrong. I don't think theocracies can succeed. Secular states are the only successful states on the planet. They're far from perfect, but a lot better than what you presently have in Islam. Actually, israel is the most successful non secular state. Islam would do well to use them as a model, but since so many of you hate them so much, it will never happen.
  8. Another Tyrant Falls

    what does this mean? I would appreciate it if you answer my questions. Then I can decide for myself if an Islamic state is a good or bad idea.
  9. Another Tyrant Falls

    Give me a reason to be hopeful. You guys on this site like to blame the west for your failures. Look in the mirror. Be men and take responsibility for yourselves. Tell me or should I say, educate me as to what a real Islamic state would be. Would women be equal to men? Would homosexuals be given the freedom to live their lives as equal citizens? Would people of other religions be allowed to worship in peace? Would apostates be killed? Would freedom of speech and expression be allowed? Remember, these are the values that the west values. israel does also.
  10. Another Tyrant Falls

    You'll get your isalmic state now, and we'll watch it deteriorate into something like iran, when they impose sharia law.
  11. 2. Open Letter To Israel.

    Are they justified in strapping bombs to their children to kill other human beings? There are always two sides to every conflict. The israelis are not anything like the nazis. To say so is just plain stupid. Palestine was never a country. Yes israel has to give some land back, but muslims have to let them live in peace. They are not going anywhere. They have the backing of the west.
  12. Please Help Me Remove Kaala Jaadu

    If this is what your religion believes, I will respect it. I don't agree with you, but this is a Muslim forum and I'm not versed enough on you beliefs. Thank you.
  13. Please Help Me Remove Kaala Jaadu

    I am not Muslim or Christian, but I have dealt with bad spirits. I have found that Arch Angel Michael, the head angel in Christianity is extremely powerful. I have experienced this myself. Talk to the Muslim counterpart as if he is your friend. If there is no counterpart, then talk to Michael himself. They don't care about religious affiliation. It's all the same anyways, just different names. Ask him to remove the curse and any energies that are not of the light. Ask every day. Remember this. Intent is everything. You have the power yourself, to rid this curse or bad spirits. If you believe that this person has no power, then they don't. I very much wish you success. You have the power. If someone has the power to curse you, then you have the power to remove it. You need to believe this. Good luck.
  14. Islam In Switzerland

    I'm still going to disagree with you on Pakistan. It is a failed state. Pakistan is responsible for its own mess. They play the U.S. and China off against each other. The Wests only interest in Pakistan is its nuclear weapons. We and you should fear radicals getting their hands on them. You can't blame the west for all your problems, especially when so many muslims want to live in our countries. Why? There is no democracy and the taliban runs wild with the help of the pakistani secret service. They are no where close to success. India is miles ahead. India will one day be a super power. Pakistan will never come close. Apparently, many people in Kashmir would like their own state. They know pakistan is a bad deal.
  15. Islam In Switzerland

    Iraq was a crime. I agree with you on this point. At least Sadam is gone. Afghanastan is different. The taliban are some of the worst scum on the planet. Women were treated like mangy ndogs. [##][/##]They weren't allowed to live as humans. It's not even a real country, just a bunch of tribes. The people , by some miracle may stand a chance, but iit's doubtful. Kashmir, there's a lot of debate about this. It's a hell of a lot better being part of India than part of a failed miserable country like pakistan. Ethiopia is not part of the west. Africa has numerous problems. War lords run somalia.I won't argue with you about the israeli/palestinian conflict. I am pro israel and want the palestinians to have a country. israel has to feel safe. Muslims won't let them. NATO bombed the hell out of the serbs to help the muslims. Never saw a muslim country help their fellow muslim Bosnians.. Let the west do the dirty work. Russia shouldn't be in chechnya. In some cases, temporary occupation can be liberation. In other cases it is just occupation. The west saved the world from very brutal, cruel and vicious regimes (nazis and japan) in world war 2. We lost a lot of lives. The russians, though not western, lost 22,000,000. That was a great sacfifice.