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  1. Salam, whilst I agree there are a lot of poor countries in the world who claims to be a muslim country, you also need to take into cosideration of the arabic muslim countries who are blessed with best of Allah's natural resources (oil, gold) every country in the world has to work hard to prosper. How many non muslim countires do we know of who earns money by doing nothing. How many non muslim countries do we know of where gold bar is sold out of vending machine, people driving around in gold plated Porche and Ferraries. The rich countries will stop being rich as soon as they stop working where as these muslim countries will remain rich as long as Allah keeps them blessed with oil. The people of these countries did not do anything to gain such wealth and will never have to work hard like rest of the world inshallah to maintain their wealth. So if anyone would like to judge Islam by the wealth muslim owns, what better proof do they need? Can europe claim their god made them rich? But at least few muslim countries can claim their Allah made them rich.
  2. Help

    Salam, firstly let me say may Allah have mercy on you for following the true path at such an young age living in such a hostile environment. You probably know this that things will be slightly difficult for you as you are not old enough to be independent. Fear not, Allah is on your side. Plus, now that you are a muslim, you have lots of muslim brothers and sisters who can help you if Allah wishes. With regards to your specific question, have u contacted the local islmic centre which you mention? You may find some muslim sisters who can give you a lift. Try to get their phone number and explain your situation to the imam and Allah will send help. I think u are allowed to disobey your parents if they try to stop you from practcing your Islamic faith. However, be practical and wait patiently until Allah's help comes. and don't forget she is the women who cared for you when you were a child. Do not worry if you can not comply with all of Allah's command. Do your best. Allah is aware of your situation and he is very kind and forgiving. May Allah help you. If u r in uk, u can PM me if I can be of any help. You could get in touch with muslim charities who may be able to help if Allah wishes.
  3. Salam everyone, Brother I understand how you feel because I also suffer from the same problem. Thanks to Allah, the high pitched whistling noise does not bother me anymore. I started the other Tinnitus threat that you refer to and my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and the Islamic knowledge attained from this forum helped me greatly. This is my first post in probably two years. I tend to visit the forum once in a blue moon and never participate on any discussion because I was too busy chasing worldly wealth. I almost forgot about Allah’s mercy about how he granted me a peaceful life even with Tinnitus. Your post was a wakeup call for me from Allah. If Allah is willing, I wish to be an inspiration to you just like your post has been an inspiration to me reminding me of how Allah granted me a peaceful future when I lost all hope. Out of the things I learned while my regular visit to the forum few years ago are: 1. Allah does not burden someone with suffering beyond their tolerance. We are plighted with this disease because Allah knows we can cope with it. 2. This is a test for us. Allah tests different people in different way. Some with too much wealth, some with hunger and poverty, and some with sickness. 3. Sun will always shine end of the night. We just don’t know how long the night is. So try to be patient (I understand it is easier said than done; especially not easy for us to be patient but Allah is aware of our suffering) 4. A true believer’s suffering will not go in vain. Inshallah, Allah will wipe some of your sins in exchange for the suffering we go through every single second. 5. Finally, ignore the world around you. Do not plan on winning gold medal in Olympic if you have no legs. Know your limit. Be happy with what you have. This is where I went wrong. I wanted bigger job title, more success and money. Thanks to Allah and you for my wake up call. How quickly we forget Allah! (So you are not alone. Make sure you repent at the earliest opportunity. Do not ignore Allah’s call and the subtle warnings ). Let me end by giving you few practical tips: 1. Protect your hearing at all costs 2. Wear hidden ear protection everyday when you are outside (I found cotton to be very effective in blocking / muffling high pitched sounds) 3. You have greater chance of recovery because your one seems to be re-active tinnitus. There is a physiological reason for your problem. You just have to wait till they have more developed medical equipments (compared to mine which is in the brain. How do you re-wire brain cells? If Allah will, maybe I will have to wait another 20-25 years for a cure if I am being optimistic) 4. Stress aggravates your problems. Follow Allah’s rule (Salah can make you calm). Reduce your commitments / attachments with worldly things. Live a structured life (I found the more unexpected things happened in my daily life = more stress. E.g. better to be at home doing something boring than going out in nice restaurant and wishing I had the same expensive car as my friend or feeling left out on all the worldly fun because of my tinnitus. Stick with your family members and 2-3 close friends as they can understand you and won’t make you feel less successful or stressful. You control your life for your comfort and Allah's mercy. Don't bother about other people's opinion or approval as long as you are following Allah's rule and not doing something very embrassaing e.g. neglecting social visits and minimum etiquettes or somthing stupid e.g. self harm) 5. Our problem is little compared to someone starving to death in African countries. Don’t pay attention to your body moaning about how uncomfortable life it is living. Remind it of other people in greater suffering. Remind it of hell awaiting in after life if we do not pass Allah’s test and cheat (i.e. commit suicide). Is hellfire better than ringing noise in ear? We may have to live 40-60 more years with or without tinnitus depending on what Allah has planned for us. Hellfire is a long distance flight with no respite. So do not ever think of suicide. One life = one chance to avoid hell fire. Suicide = waste of that chance and living in hell for a long time. 6. Getting married can be useful as someone will company and comfort you (provided that your bride knows all about this and she is a kind person). My life has become easier because Allah has found me a very supportive wife. 7. Eventually your brain will learn to adapt to the noise (proof: With the will of Allah, I have done it despite what doctors and other tinnitus sufferer told me. Allah knows if it will get worse in future but I am ok today. My secret: forget how tinnitus affects your life by living a simple stress free life initially. Don’t think of future. What you do today matters. Thinking about tomorrow won’t change a thing. Doing something now will make difference. So don’t think, just do whatever you need to do and get on with your day job and Allah's worshipping. No long term planning for people like us with uncertain future =happier life) Don't forget about 5-10% of the poplation has it and they live with it fine! When you recover, don’t forget Allah. Keep in touch with me if you wish by PM. I will also benefit because I wish to be reminded what Allah has done for me from time to time. May Allah accept both our repentance.
  4. Salam, I am an existing member but had to re-register using diffrent name to assist a brother in a similar situation as me.