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  1. Hello Recently I have been thinking a lot about Islam... But 2 issues are holding me back: Creationism: Are there any non-creationist Muslims? When I was a Christian, I also believed in the big bang and evolution, and most Christians I know do. I viewed the first part of the bible as being metaphoric: God is so eternal and powerful, that a massive explosion of energy and millions of years seemed like merely a few days to Him, and I believed He was the energy causing the bang. And about evolution, I believed God gave life the power to become better, and that God encouraged this improvement towards all He gave us the power to be. Are there Muslims who view it this way, or something similar? Homosexuals: I cannot, and will not, think less of homosexuals. I don't think it would be right for a god, who loves us, to not want us to be with who we love. Are there Muslims who are also supportive of homosexuals? What does the quran say for and against that? These are really the 2 issues that makes the difference to me, so I hope someone can answer them :sl:
  2. Islam In Denmark

    Hello, just wanted to put my 2 cents on Denmark (as I live in Denmark, not Muslim but Islam-supportive) The biggest problem is the political party "Dansk Folkeparti" (DF) (Danish People's Party) who are very very nationalist, and definitely anti-Islam, and racist (many of the leading members are convicted racists!). In my opinion, they are causing all our problems! But they are one of the biggest parties (whyyyyy?!), and has been in the leading collision of the government for the past 10years, because the prime minister was dependent on their votes. But now (election ended yesterday!) we have a new government, where one of the most powerful parties in the leading collision refuses to work with DF at all! That is one of the big reasons they support the new collision, to get rid of DF, as the new collision in general is not so fond of DF. Also, the parties from the old collision, have said something along the lines that they too are glad to be done team-working with DF, plus DF lost a lot of votes. Which means, they will not get a say in anything, and even if the collision shifts for the next election, I don't think they will be back in power for a veeeeeery looooong tiimeee :sl: So very good news for Muslims (and all good people!) in Denmark! :sl:
  3. Hello :)

    I am browsing this forum to learn something about Islam and Muslims. I am not Muslim myself, but recently I've been considering it more and more, though I still have doubts, so I am trying to clear those up here. I am 19 girl from Denmark. My parents are not really religious. When I was 14 I had thought of God a lot, and decided to get baptized as a Christian, though I was not very religious. When I was 16 , I moved to a very Christian part of the US (for 1 year), and got scared off from religion, and has been a very 'strong' atheist for a few years. Recently I've started thinking why I was 'turned off' from all religion, just because I found out Christianity wasn't for me. And with a close Muslim friend, Islam as a topic both in school and in politics, I've heard a lot about it, and I definitely have a very positive view of Islam, definitely the religion I can identify the most with, so it is more about whetever my long-time atheist thinking is compatible with religion. So yeah, that's me and that's why I am here (: