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  1. Why Did Allah Create Life?

    Salam Simple, Allah does what he want.
  2. Inheritance In The Koran Vs Calculators

    Peace: 1 : It is mentioned that in Quran also That 2 Females have the same as the Male.(General Statement) 2 : Since there is a verse that says for one female is the 1/2 , it is understood that the case of 2 apply as more than 2. We know that if the deceased leave one male he gets 2/3. since 2 females take like on male then they will take 2/3. it is reported in sahih that the prophet gave Two Daughter of a deceased person with no male heir 2/3. Hope this helped
  3. Adhan? Or Iqama?

    Salami aleckom When adhan is up that means time for prayer is up. If you are at the house u must perform iqma yourself and pray like normal . If you are in a congregation u must wait for the iqama to pray collectively with others.there is no set of time between adhan and iqama
  4. Strange Or Difficult Hadiths In Bukhari

    Salam Yes Imitate The prohet in his ways allways. The prophet Clearly talks About Toilettes: 1 Step : U must be Sitting ( there is also how to sit ) 2 Step : After Finishing Do Tajammur witch now we do it with toilette paper. Back then in the desert and the harsh situation that ppl go trough ppl had barely clothes. In my country poor people in the town side still use stone , can't afford to buy toilette paper. 3 Step : Clean with water any residue Muslims are not Shy when it come to matters that help them in theire life following the prophet foot steps and do not have anything to hide. Scholars would be called hypochrites if they intentionally omited something that they knew true and authentic. even the unautenthic ones they wrote them with theire isnad and commented and listed to be verified ( It s calld siennce of the hadith and Science of the Rijal (Men who narrated hadiths) . This is one of the blessings that Allah had blessed us with honest Scholars worked hard to Protect this religion from distortion. This Science didn't exist in previous Messages, Allah Promissed to guard it. the protection of the previous Messages were given to the ppl of that message and Allah never promised to protect it. These ppl never Guard it. The bible and the Thora are clear evidence of the the distortion. one just have to read them to see woth his own eyes
  5. Surah Al Falaq

    Salam Im general Envy IS wishin that The person property, happiness ... to end or lost.
  6. Prophet Muhammad And Love.

    Salam I do Not recall the Hadith related on the prophet Mohammed sallahu Allehi wa sallam in witch meaning : We will not belive till we wish for our brothers what we wish for ourselves
  7. Question About Repentance

    Salam Do you mean Istighfar (asking for forgiveness)?
  8. Lies And 'lying'

    In Arabic When U say : Anta Kaddab means you are a liar and may imply repeated offence Anta Kadeb mean you are lying about a specific matter.
  9. Muslim Brotherhood Vows To Protect Churches

    Salamu Aleikom The Churches of the coptics were allways protected for centeries. Why just now The Coptics started theire propaganda. If the Churches and the Coptics were endangered you should have seen it in the late events where there was no protection. if that was the case the muslim could take advantage of the situation and distroy all the churches but it s the opposit that happend the Muslim communities and organization protected the churches risking theire lives while the Christians stayed Home during the Revolution risking Chenouda The third the pope of the christians wants power and this was his aim sins The Sadat president who Toke him off the Top of the church and put Some one else Cause He knew His goals. Coptis in egypt have all kind of rights and enjoy life and they control a lot of the egyptia economy. The guy who says that Coptics are raped or forced to convert. I don't know where did he get this from. No one can be forced to change his belief. if you want to convert in egypt you have to go to the Azhar willingly and apply for a Certificate and according to the egyotian law they bring a Priest to talk to you and try to bring you back. lately the coptic church hold so many converts in theire protected Churches as prisoners and somtimes kill them.
  10. Bad Thoughts.

    Salam I d like to correct that Conecpt That you said : God Loves You. In quran Allah Said He He loves Good People and Doesnt like The Idolators, Pagans, PPl who do Mischief in the land. For the fact He created us doesn't mean He Loves all of us. Yet Allah is AL-rahman witch mean he is Mercifull to all Creation. that means he provides for all of us eben if we sin. If you want me to provide proofs from the Quran please let me know
  11. The Divinity Of Yeshua

    Salam Burning Light. It is paul's Claim That Jesus came to die for our sin. Jesus of the bible answered when He was asked about his creed from the chief. He answered That He Proclaimed in public his creed and in secrecy he didn't say anythink. Now I have an isue Here If jesus came to die for the sin of mankind everyone would have known it. Now Give one verse that Jesus Talked about the Idea or even he mentioned Adam once. By the way The orthodox also say God the Son God the holy spirit. Orthodox and Catholic represend uo to 80% of christianity. In the bible We Find the the "Godfather" yet we can't find God the Son God The Holy spirit. Peace
  12. The Divinity Of Yeshua

    Jesus Pbuh Never was named in the new testement as Imanuel , No one called him so, Nor His mother Called by that Name thus your prophecy is false. Brother Rahimi I do know That Jesus peace be upon him didnt hear the word Jesus. But I m just adressing an english speaker.
  13. The Divinity Of Yeshua

    Salam. Bring me one person who called Jesus Imanuel from the bible. Or any historical documents that supports your claim. Jesus was called Jesus. His Mother named him Yesua not imanuel?
  14. The Divinity Of Yeshua

    Salam. Jesus Was never call immanuel. his name was Jesus.
  15. Fire With A Capital F

    Salam What is meant with, "untill god ressurects you on the Day of Resurection? The day of resurection is in futur. Allah will cause the universe to collaps and everthing will be destroyed. The Allah will cause everyone to come to life (resurrection) again In a his/her earthly body for Judgement. Then Everyone will go to hell or paradise. if disbelievers will abide in hell forever, whats happens to them when they become believers again?" One you are dead all your deeds stops to be recorded except 3 ( a continous charitry, a good Son who makes dua for you, a Science that benefit humanity). After you are dead when you get resurructed, you will certainly believe cause you are watching ppl waiting to be judged. it is too late to repent. salam
  16. Fighting Against Fitnah

    Salam 2:192 : And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression This translation makes more sense cause it if you read before it and after it surely talk about the persecution of the muslims. montheisme had nothing to do with the verse. opression does. In Islam even if you are polytheist We are required to deal justly to you as long as the non-muslim not practicing any type of opression to muslims or to other non-muslims. Christians not just worship 3 but also worship saints and jesus's mother ( peace be upon them both) depending on what sect of christianity they follow. That s why they are not monothiests.
  17. I'm Me

    Salam Brother and Wellcome to this community. I suppose that you are muslim as your profile indicates. What advice are you looking for?
  18. How To Pray

    Salamu Aleikom: The Five Ritual prayers(Salat) must be in arabic, Since the Quran is Arabic , you can't use a translation. But You can do dua during the Salat in your own tongue. Duaa(supplications) Can be in any language. The words you say During The salat are not too complicated, it is better to say them in arabic because some of them have a long meaning that cannot be translated easily in any language I ll try to translate some of the Key Words ALLAHU AKBAR : GOD IS THE GREATES Subhana Rabia Al 'Azim : Exalted (be and far is He from any low qualites) my Lord The The Magnificent Subhana Rabia Al 'Ala : Exalted (be and far is He from any low qualites) my Lord The Most-High Sami'aa Allahu Liman hamidah : Allah Hears To Those who Praise Him Rabbana Wa Laka Al Hamd : Our Lord To You Be All Praise I suggest That U start to Memorize these.
  19. Introduction

    Salamu Aleikom I m a muslim born and raised in morocco and Allah willed that I migrate to USA, where I live for about 10 years. I m here to learn how to do Dawah to non-Muslims. Hope you all a nice day inshallah