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  1. Muhammmad And Ayesha

    okay we're getting off topic enough
  2. Muhammmad And Ayesha

    Did you ever think that God has been speaking to you, but you are rejecting it because you're leaning to your own understanding?Hence he cannot show you more.
  3. Muhammmad And Ayesha

    I don't know, maybe your attitude isn't right or you're proud and wanting God to meet you on your terms instead of meeting Him on his terms or maybe he is preparing you for a revelation of Himself for a reason, but many of us have had encounters with God that we cannot deny just because others don't get it. You can always importune God. Do you remember the story of the unjust judge? The widow kept asking until the judge got weary and gave her what she wanted. You can pull that on God, but God resists the proud and sends them away empty but the humble get grace sooner or later. Sure God can reveal himself to you without your believeing first. He might honor the prayer of a believe on your behalf and show you something inspite of yourself. I hope you get what you want soon. I am not saying your proud and that is the problem I am saying I don't know, but it can be any one or none of these reasons. The Bible says the heavens delcare His glory. I wonder why that isn't enough for you? Or enough to get your faith primed to receive further revelation. Once God speaks to your heart you won't be the same on this forum. I can tell you that. Everyone will see the difference.
  4. Allah And Jehovah

    I used human attributes because I am human. Life on earth is a physical manifestation of what goes on in the spiritual realm. If there weren't a pararell then we wouldn't be able to relate to the spiritual realm at all. What does that have to do with me recognizing Jesus when he comes? What makes you say I would have a hard time? Everyone will recognize Him when He comes according to Scriptrure. Some will be see Him with joy and be caught up to meet Him in the air; others will be in shear terror at the sight, but all will bow and confess Jesus is Lord to the glory of God regardless of their eternal destination!
  5. A Question About Forced Conversion?

    I am not an expert and I don't know the details. I don't know if peaceful Muslims lie about their agendas, but I just believe that radical Islam gives me a true picture of Islam. I am just calling it the way i see it. I get this information from people who have witnessed it and know the laws described in Sharia. I am not paranoid about this, but I see it comming in the very near future such has our generation. Just like I see a judgment day comming for all mankind.
  6. The God Of The Bible And Allah In The Quran

    When someone is a witness to a crime and gives the police a description saying the man was well dressed, 6' tall, slim a beard and he was last seen in at WalMart with gun in his hand. When the police get to WalMart, they find a man that is 5' 8" with a gift in his hand without a beard and his family is with him. Could they be the same person? If the portrayal doesn't match the description, how can they then be the same person?
  7. Allah And Jehovah

    Look at it this way. If you were told there is a person that lives on the top floor who has a son that has a gift for you, but you must get it from his son that lives just to the right of him. So you go up to the top floor and a man opens the his door and asks who are you looking for? You tell him and the man says there is a man that lives to the left of me that has 3 daughters and no son and there is another man to the right of me that has no daughters or sons could they all be the same person? If the description doesn't match, how can it be the same person?
  8. What Parts Of Bible Is Not Truth?

    The same can be said of any book
  9. Allah And Jehovah

    That is fine, but I am not doing that. You are misunderstanding me. I was sincere asking you what Christians were you referring to? What Christians are saying differently than what I said? When you tell me who they are, then I can do the weeding, but how can you accuse me of weeding before it is done? It is written. "The spiritual man judges all things, but he is not judged of any man." If you are referring to Mormons they are not Biblical Christians nor are Jehovah Witnesses. Were you referring to someone else or them as Christians? I like for you to call me on what I say about Christian doctrine especially.
  10. Muhammmad And Ayesha

    This is true, but I wasn't referring to the things they witnessed, but did you ever think that they saw what they did because of their faith? It is written that faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of the things not seen. I believe God is preparing you for something through this frustrating trail. His delay is not a denial. Maybe you are just too analytical with your over average intelligence; maybe you could try thinking with your heart a little harder or for a change. I didn't say that. Lord, I ask you for Clown. You love him. I believe. Help his unbelief. Help him to call on your name and let your Spirit bear witness with his spirit that a connection has been made in Jesus name! Good night friend
  11. The God Of The Bible And Allah In The Quran

    What's so funny? You're the one who originally brought up that term not me. I am under the impression you're directing it toward me. If so, I hope you're wrong, but you might not be, but if you are, you have another problem. With that, I say good night!Peace in Truth.
  12. Muhammmad And Ayesha

    Clown, it wouldn't take any faith to believe what they witnessed. But how much faith do you think they needed to suffer the kind of persecution and death they were to go through for their faith in Christ? To whom much is given much is required. Clown, I will pray that God shows you a sign. If you really want it keep asking and you'll receive it. You are asking but can you do it with all your heart? God showed me, and it knock me for a spiritual loop.
  13. Allah And Jehovah

    I am not using those verses to prove any such a thing. I believe the Chruch of God consists of many different Christian denominations all over the globe. As far as those that wear denominational tags, they will simply fall off in heaven and burn off in hell if they end up or should I say down there.I hope we are clear on this now! According to Christianity and Islam, you're the one with the problem friend!
  14. Muhammmad And Ayesha

    Sad Clown this is not my theory, and the verse is not an interpretation of mine; it is simply self-explantory. Even after seeing miracles, you still need faith to trust God for your salvation. How much more blessed will you be if you believe without seeing anything?
  15. The God Of The Bible And Allah In The Quran

    I would guess that would depend on who you are referring to. As for me, I would like the Lord to decide what unjustified is in this case.