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  1. Surah 5:46

    So, if it confirms the Torah and other books; we still have the first five Books of the Bible and they are the same today as they were during the time of Muhammad right?
  2. This is a good point God said "do not follow other gods." Even during pre Islamic history there were some 360 deities. Muhammad singled out Allah saying he is the only God, It is true that people can make gods of other people, money or other things, but God saying there are other gods and not to go after them is significant. Since you use to be Muslim, have you ever heard that Allah was once one of the 360 deities who took over for Hubal the moon god? do you know if it is true that the crescent moon plays a part in this? Any Muslim or ex Muslim can answer this please!
  3. If your referring to the Bible scholars know what the interpolations are. That doesn't mean wholesale corruption. Interpolation and translation errors are correctable. This is no reason for us Christians to disregard the Bible. That is a fearful thought!
  4. Surah 5:46

    So what your saying implies that man's corrupting power is greater that God's strength to preserve His word as He promised. It is written that thy word is established in the heavens forever. Forever would include today too. Was there a divine mandate that the Quran should have be written? Doesn't Quran mean recitation? Wasn't it designed to confirm the Scripture that came before?
  5. It is an interesting concept I never heard a Christian bring in the perspective before. I need to search that out. I always thought of it as the Holy Spirit because doesn't it say that the comforter is the Spirit of truth who will always be with you. Paul isn't always with me accept his world in the Bible maybe. For me he makes a better commforter than Muhmmad. But you got me wondering. How did you come to that conclusion?
  6. But aren't you going against the Quran? Doesn't it say that previous prophets must confirm the newer ones? Do you know thhe verse I am referring to? And doesn't it ask us to challenge the Quran if there be any discrepancies?
  7. It's All About Me

    Big Bang - umh, I tell the atheist: Yea, I believe in the Big Bang; God spoke it and Bang it happened!
  8. It's All About Me

    Sorry, I meant to say I know you wouldn't disagree that God exists regardless of our different views.
  9. I never heard that before, but I could believer that a lot easier than it being Muhammad.
  10. How? We need prophets and scripture to confirm Islam; otherwise, Christians can't accept Islam. The burden is on Muslims to show Christians why we should believe the latter over the former Scriptures. Saying the Bible is corrupted doesn't cut it. If God couldn't protect what He said is established in heaven forever (the written word before Muhammmad was born) than why would we trust newer Scripture as being preserved by Allah? Muslims are telling us that mans' power to corrupted God's word in the past is stronger than God's power to protect from corruption today. God is the same yesterday, today and forever! Isn't He???
  11. It's All About Me

    LOL, Sure, all I was trying to do is make my case that God exists. I know you don't agree with this
  12. Why Was The Wtc Bombed?

    I will answer your question, This is a classic example of how it ties together. Jesus said, "My God, my God why have you forsaken me?" because, Jesus became sin for us; He became a curse for us because all our sin went on Him. This broke fellowship with Him and God. God turned His back on Him for a short time as stated in the OT. Isaiah 53 ties it together even further along with the other stories and there are more OT stories that tie it together even more that I haven't shared with you yet. When we receive Jesus, we become the righteousness of Jesus and stand prefect before God. Our sin on Him His righteousness on us; that is the hope of glory and why we know we have eternal life. I am not saying this to preach, but I share a reason for the hope we have within us and what the Scriptures say regarding Jesus, His relationship to the father and ours with Him. When Jesus prayed asking God to let the cup pass him; he was more distressed about breaking fellowship with His father than suffering on the cross, but that opened the door for us. This is what Christians understand from the Bible
  13. Exactly, very good analogy. Satan according to the Bible is the father of all deception and he would try to cause deception that would lead billions to hell. He wouldn't hesitate to masqurade as God or an angel of God either. No Muslim seems to think that he can do such a thing among those I speak with. Why don't you tell me what you think leads to people worshipping Jesus, because this obviously not what Satan wants us to do according to the Bible? The only way to stop Jesus worship is to get us to believe Jesus didn't die for our sin and rise from the dead. Satan must serve God's purpose or he wouldn't let him stick around. Angels were commanded to worship Jesus. Angels are greater beings than us on earth so go figure. Peace
  14. It's All About Me

    The triangle didn't but you did, before you created it. So you prove my point and make my case!
  15. No. it wouldn't mean I was a moron; it would mean I misread what you wrote. Do you know the difference between a moron and a mistake? Why are you so rude?