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  1. Christmas

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sister. May Allah subhana wa ta´ala guide us all. Christmas is coming up and since im a newly revert and have no muslims around me, i am looking for some answers towards this. Can i be with my family on christmas eve? And should i? How about presents for my family and am i allowed to receive presents? Also i am planning to volunteer as a helper for "christmas to the homeless", where you provide the homeless with food and beverages and the christians will do the traditional thing with christmas trees, presents and so on, but can i be a part of this or is it haram to be near christians in their celebrations? Also, if you have any advice or somethings you think i need to know right away, please tell me and may Allah reward you.
  2. New Brother

    Thanks for the answer(s). I am asking Allah to guide me and inshaAllah i will learn to behave properly, gain knowledge and be able to make dawah. For now thou, im still just learning to crawl, so i will be patient in learning inshaAllah. I am far from sure how to make Dua´s, but i pray for us all. Be more then welcome to throw more information and knowledge towards me, Brother. I have no brothers or sisters in Islam near me that i know of, other then here on the internet. May Allah reward you. Walaikum salaam Sister. I will pray for you and may Allah subhana wa ta´ala guide you to be steadfast and keep us all on the path. Alhamdulillah
  3. New Brother

    wow, thank you all for your answers and blessing. May Allah bless us all. Is it not permissible to talk about your sins openly? I saw a online lecture with Abdul Green online where he told about what he had been doing in he´s young age. But yes i know of course that he could be wrong. I called myself an atheist, even thou that in some specific occasions prayed to god (like i think all human beings do at some point, because Allah is in our basic instincts, alhamduillah) and i lived a pretty common atheist danish guy´s life. As i said, when i was around 13 i got "confirmated" but that has much more to do with my country´s culture then with religion, even thou the priest might think otherwise. And why i became muslim? Cause i had to. Allah showed me the truth and i cant or wont ignore it. Everything made sense like nothing ever had, wich also proves to me that this cant be man-made, like the Christian rituals and the capitalistic consumer society. Islam has yet to prove me wrong, in being the most perfect way of life. Beautiful painting, keep it up. Yes thank you, i have seen that video. Yusuf Estes is doing some magnificent lectures. It is hard with no one around and not even anybody who (or want to) understands me but it doesent matter, beacause it still has been easy to follow Islam from the best of my knowledge Allahu musta´an and i feel so at peace. Allahu Akbar
  4. New Brother

    So as promised, i want to share my story with you inshaallah. My English im affraid, is not very good but i´ll try to make it understandable and keep it short inshaallah. Bismillah Ir-Rahman Ir-Raheem. I was born on a little island called Bornholm, that has Denmark to the west, Sweden to the north, Russia to the east and Polen/Germany to the south. My parents got divorced when i was around 8 years old (wich is nowadays a common thing for most children in Denmark) and after that i mainly lived together with my Mother. In Denmark we got a Christian/Lutherisk thing, called "The Confirmation". Basicly, it is that when you are around 13 years old, you are supposed to confirm your faith in Christianity, al tough as any other Christian traditions in Denmark, it no longer really has anything to do with God and religion. Actually the way you celebrate it, is by allowing the new "Confirmant" his/hers first alcoholic drink and the whole family get´s wasted together. I went and said "yes i believe in Jesus (alayhi wasalam)", but mainly so that i would get presents and alcohol. I was never really religious. I always knew that Christianity had so many flaws and couldent be true and both my parents was/are atheists. At that time (13 years of age) i already had started sneaking around in the bushes at night, for drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Actually we also smoked some pot that we got from one of the others big brother. When i was around 15 years old i was drinking atleast once a week and have had my sexual debut at that time. Still, what i have described so far is not a unusual childhood in Denmark. Also when i was 15, i started listening to alot of heavy and deathmetal music. I played the drums in a band for around 3 years, that mainly had anti-christ lyrics to it. After those 3 years, i became 18 years old and moved to the big city (Copenhagen) so that i could drink and do what i wanted. At that time, my relationship with my Mother and Father was at a very bad state. My Father was/is a hard alcoholic. Back when i was around 10 years old, he would sometimes beat me and the fall asleep, so i had to take care for myself with food and so on. My Mother was/is a pretty conservative/right-wing when it comes to politics and i was pretty opposite to that, so i never really respected her. In Copenhagen i was partying almost every night of the week for around two years, not thinking about getting any kind of education or anything else to be honest. I was in and out of jobs all the time (mainly with organisations like Amnesty and Greenpeace) and i grew a pretty radical anarchistic vision (sorry my lack of better expression) and started to think that this capitalistic world had no meaning to it. What really was going on, was that because of my lack of money, my big amount of alcohol og weed (once or twice i also did cocain, but i cant really remember Astaghfirullah) and my general hate towards the norms of society. It was at this point i heard and read about true Islam for the first time. Of course, since being in Denmark, i heard about those terrorist in the media all the time, but because of my radical left believings, i never watched television or anything like that. We sat and smoked joints and listened to reggae/rap music and one of the guys being there was a Muslim. I started to ask him about Islam, but he wouldent really talk about it, so i started looking it up for myself on the internet and on the library . 2 years went by and i became 22. I was still drinking, smoking (3-4 times a week) partying, having random sex (sorry, just telling the truth), but also i was lying, stealing money and clothes from my friends, shoplifting, being lazy with no job or education and i felled miserable. I was not depressed, but felt like nothing in this world matters and got indifferent with life. However i was still searching and reading about Islam and in the Quran, cause i always felt something when the subject came to that. I started to realize some of the true evidences and beauties of Islam, but was still thinking "a God cant be real and even tough these thing fits, there is still so much i dont understand" so i started coming to the point where i would be out drinking, partying and at the same time be talking about The Quran and Islam, but always going in the end "Hah, if i diddent knew better i would become a Muslim". Then about 7-8 months ago i moved back to Bornholm, because i couldent take care of myself anymore and i was pretty messed up. It gave me time to read The Quran in silence and peace, alhamdulillah. Also it made me completely forget about alcohol, so i diddent really drink anymore. I read it trough and everything made sense to me, but i was still "affraid" that this could be the truth, cause that would change my whole life. Then one day i used around 16 hours on just looking at scientific reports and going back and forth in The Quran and searching on the internet for articles and videoes about Islam that would give me answers. I remember that i got stuck on the question of "if it should be a prove of God, that the univers is expanding but could it not just be going back and furth like big band/big crunch thing?" and i put my hands to my face and prayed that, wich many non-belivers do at some point of their life "if you a true, prove it to me!". I then looked up surat Ar-Rahman and i felt complete. Everything came clear to me. The gardens benath, the seven heavens (know thats not in that surat, but it was everything) the wisdom behind why the deen is healthy and correct for mankind, why Allah subhanahu wa´tala wants us to pray (tough i still cant figure out why we cant have a full night sleep during summertime since it is supposedly good for us, but Allah knows best) and so on.. Mixed with my logical thinking, i really felt Islam (still in lack of better words) and so i said the shahada and kept saying it, turning my mind to the creator and for the first time in my life i feel comfortable being human and on this earth. I just know now so i have no choice. I must be the best Muslim for the sake of Allah and mankind, that Allah subhanahu wa ta´ala has meant it and will guide me to be. Allahu Akbar
  5. New Brother

    Thank you AHMAD, Younes and SaracenSoldier. Thank you very much for your answers, welcomings and may Allah protect you and guide you.
  6. New Brother

    Thank you very much, also for the link and this lead to my first two of many questions. I have done alot of mistakes both doing wudu and the prayers, but i have also read somewhere that as long you do what you know to do and it´s not because of ignorance, the prayer is valid? Can you or anyone confirm or deny this to me? Also, i have learned the recitation of the prayer for almost all parts, except not the parts where you recite other parts of The Quran. I have yet to learn arabic and it takes time for me to remember all these parts. Is this a valid reason and does the prayer then counts? Allahu alam
  7. New Brother

    and i meant to say that, i will give you the story as soon as i get the time inshaallah
  8. As-Salaamualaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh My name is Marker. I am a Danish male, so sorry for my bad English. I have been searching into Islam for about 3 years and about 3 months ago i said my sincere shahada, alhamduillah! but!.. as any other new muslim i have my problems. Biggest thing right now: Im all alone. I live on a small island where there, as i know of, is no muslims at all. Surdently not a Masjid. No muslims have seen me since i said the shahada, wich is the reason why i dont say "took" the shahada, because i´m not sure if it is valid? The nearest Masjid is over 3 hous away, and cost a minimum of about 50 dollars (converted from Danish kroner) each way. I am planning on moving there, but i got no money (read no job) at the moment and the place is not that easy to find an appartment. What do i do until then? Otherwise i am so happy and thankful that Allah subhanahu wa ta´ala has guided me back to his way of life and given me this peace in my heart. I´ll give you the story (and with modesty, i think it will be exciting for you to read about inshaallah) and i am looking forward to be sharing, caring and chatting with you all. May Allah guide us
  9. Yo! Salam!

    As salamu alaykum! Danish brother here.