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  1. Can Allah Communicate With Us Through Angels

    Actually, whether Allah is or can be close to us seems to be a hot topic for some reason. Anyway, ibn Kathir implies that it is impossible for Allah to be close to us, commenting on: 50:16. It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein he writes: In his view, Allah never comes close to anyone, not even Muhammad. This, to me, is a great error, coming from over-defending against the opposite error that Allah becomes incarnate or indwells in creation. Please note, depending on how these terms are understood I can either agree OR DISAGREE with them: I can say that Allah never became man or dwells in creation. For me, Allah is outside of creation, but also present with his Light; this Light which comes from Allah but also is Allah. (As the Quran - I am almost thinking 'holy' Quran, see I'm getting somewhere! - says, "Blessed are those in the fire") Hence the ambiguity, but I am being totally truthful: I can agree with the Islamic understanding of Allah, but treat it as logically one-sided. By being able to distinguish between Allah and his Light – a distinction in thought only because Allah can not be divided up and is a simple unity – we can discuss such questions as Allah’s remoteness and his nearness without falling into opposite errors. Richard PS. “It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein” - so the angels created man also did they? And I was told by Muslims that ‘We/Us/Our’ in the Quran could not include anything apart from plural of majesty. I can’t help but thinking of Christian polemics regarding ‘we’ being a veiled reference to a unity beyond comprehension …
  2. Double Talk & War On The West

    Can I just jump in and add a little balance here? There was a convicted terrorist who spent a lot of time on this forum. As I've been trying to discuss elsewhere, it is the lack of heartfelt compassion for those who might end up in hell forever. Keep your beliefs, but can't you let compassion into your heart for those rejected forever?
  3. Real Islaam

    As ibn Kathir commented: You can find similar verses in the Bible about God favouring only the believers. However, the question is what is the highest understanding of Allah? I have read that Muhammad was sent to the pagan Arabs who had very little knowledge of the truth. They needed drastic waking up, hence the stark contrast of heaven and hell with Allah acting accordingly. Yet Adam shows a higher level of knowledge by his crying for those going to hell. We need to learn from him. Do you feel sorry for those in hell for eternity? Adam does, and so too should we: to ignore this is to sink down to the level of newly converted pagans. I am not twisting the Quran at all, but interpreting it from Adam’s level, from knowledge of the Merciful and Compassionate. Regarding Adam, I will ask again: “Did Allah the Merciful the Compassionate create someone more compassionate than himself?” 57: 27. …We sent after them Jesus the son of Mary, and bestowed on him the Gospel; and We ordained in the hearts of those who followed him Compassion and Mercy. Compassion and mercy are not of laws, but built into us. Laws exist for good, but can be used for bad. But mercy and compassion will always do what is good, hence they are higher than laws. Richard PS. Given that there was a terrorist learning from this forum, I would suggest that universal compassion independent of religion or morals should be the hallmark of ‘moderate’: punishments must exist, but not with a condemning heart; it is the attitude which matters.
  4. Great Lecture About Music...

    Hi, I went to your blog but could not find anythin titled music. Which one is it? I don't feel like listening to 11mins of a lecture, but will happily read. Richard
  5. Just jumping in - isn't it clear that no matter what points are brought forward such topics like this (god vs. no god) are going to go on and on without reaching any agreement? And both sides asking the other to do more research and to open up ... (!) The true difference between believing in god or not believing is merely an emotional state. It is necessary to address this first. (That is why these ‘debates’ go on and on, each trying to force the other to open up emotionally, except that this rarely happens) Given any piece of evidence for or against any intelligent designer, it will be interpreted by someone’s prior emotional attachment. Two minor points on ‘theism’ and ‘atheism’: To say that you believe in god SOLELY based on physical evidence is a very poor level of faith in god. Properly speaking, the existence of our Creator is known from deep within our being, but we have to find this by opening up our hearts to love our neighbour as ourselves. Without doing this, our faith in god will be skewed. To quote from a ‘holy book’ (Bible or Quran) is pretty pointless, unless you accept the superstitious belief that quoting from it will magically force your god to act upon the reader. There is divine truth in atheism. Consider this emotive line of reasoning: If there is a god then god is all loving (else why bother to create?). Eternal punishment is said to exist (and there is certainly much pain in this life), so therefore god cannot be all loving because he clearly is not trying to stop pain nor will he end the eternal torment. Therefore god cannot exist. If such a person thinks like this BUT keeps an open heart towards his fellow human, I say he will be accepted on the Last Day: “Well done, you good and faithful servant, because you refused to ascribe evil intentions to me - even if this caused you to disbelieve in me - yet by loving your fellow human as best you could you showed true devotion to me”. I guess about 3% of the time, it could be better for people to be atheists than to believe in a god who desires some of his creation to suffer eternally (as some on this forum believe …). The whole debate should not be about whether there is a god or not, but whether we are encouraged to love our fellow human – and that means also trying not to give in to emotions which may cause us to slander someone else’s beliefs. Right, I’ve said my bit, you can throw e-stones at me now … Richard
  6. List Of Imam Bukhari's Teachers

    Thanks! :)
  7. Terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalib Has A Gawaher Account!

    I found this post about a week ago - and it shocked me to the core. I had to leave off the forum while it sunk in. EVERYONE who looks at this forum, ESPECIALLY those who have joined, are being watched by the FBI, CIA, MI5 etc. They have files on us all. Spiffing!! :no: :mad: Muslims, ask yourselves this: is there anything on this forum which allows for respect for your fellow human (even if they live a moral life) to be ignored given certain conditions? Think, think, think ... Richard
  8. List Of Imam Bukhari's Teachers

    One thing I did notice when reading through Bukhari is that a hadith would say, for example, 'Aisha narrated ...', but without giving the full list of names (isnad?) between her and Bukhari. Perhaps it could be that they are omitted in the English translation. Are there lists for each hadith (or groups of hadith) with the names of the consecutive people who passed them on? Richard
  9. Truly & Falsely Christianity

    Let's ignore everything else for now. What you wrote below totally stumped me. I referred to this (following the link above) in http://www.gawaher.c...20#entry1246954 -but I guess it is hard to track everyone's posts! :) In that post I quoted from a post from Muslim, here it is in more detail: Decius was the ancient Roman Emperor. "There is no evidence that the Companions of the Cave were Byzantines, or shared their faith.": actually, they are the only ones mentioned ... Have you really never heard that the Companions of the Cave were Christians, and woke up during the Christian Byzantine Empire? Richard
  10. Truly & Falsely Christianity

    However, what I really would like to hear from Muslims here is how certain pieces of pro-Christian evidence can be interpreted as being wrong. I have mentioned about the Companions of the Cave having the same Christianity as the official Roman/Byzantine Empire when they woke up. Also the Najran Christians would have perfectly understood the references in sura 3:39,45 (revealed especially for their meeting with Muhammad) to Christ being the Word; the Quran never tries to give them a different interpretation. The Najran Christians even worshipped in the Masjid. These points I raised much earlier (see link in my first post), and have yet to be addressed. So you can see how I am thinking: the Quran and Muhammad treated mainstream churches radically differently. A new example is the fact that Muhammad also prayed inside a Christian Church: During his night journey, Muhammad therefore prayed in a Christian church (almost certainly the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, bring the Patriarch's church, where Jesus was buried and rose up). Therefore Muhammad must have been in agreement with the faith practised in that church. Or what am I misunderstanding? Richard PS. This hadith also seems to say that Muhammad's ascension into heaven did not occur at the place in the Dome of the Rock, but in the Holy Sepulchre. Controversial, but it is what the hadith seems to imply ... I'm just the messenger telling you about this hadith, don't shoot me down!!
  11. Truly & Falsely Christianity

    As I said at the end of my post, "Christians share the same terminology as the tritheists, but are very different from them". Elsewhere, you reminded me of this verse: Here we see that the term 'children/sons of Allah' means someone who is not human. Mainstream Christians have never made such an absurd claim for our people. Therefore this passage (amongst others) of the Quran is not to be recited against the mainstream churches. It also implies that the term 'son of God' implies that someone is less than fully human. The mainstream churches always have fervently defended the full humanity of Jesus Christ. Such verses of the Quran are therefore actually against those who took Christian terminology and denied the humanity of Christ. Richard PS Regarding calling Jesus 'Lord': in the Quran 3:40 Zachariah said "O my lord" (rabb), but it is addressed to Gabriel, according to Tanwīr al-Miqbās min Tafsīr Ibn 'Abbās ("(He said: My Lord) Zachariah said to Gabriel: O master!..."). It is therefore not wrong to address certain people as Rabb, Lord.
  12. Real Islaam

    If Adam loves all humans because of parental love (especially when the ability to procreate is not of himself but from Allah who created him), then how much more does Allah have love towards all he created! Did Allah the Merciful the Compassionate create someone more compassionate than himself? One verse from the Quran puts these comments into their proper perspective: I am following Jesus perfectly in seeking to be compassionate and merciful, imitating the Great One, Allah Himself, the Compassionate and Merciful. This is greater than the rulings of the Torah which was given to those who had hardened hearts. It is clear that Muhammad was sent by Allah to the pagan Arabs in imitation of the Old Testament prophets, because the Arabs too were descendants of Abraham with "hardness of heart" (Matthew 19:8) like the israelites. Yet the love of Allah for his creation is (and always was) greater than this 'Old Testament' type, which rulings were abrogated in Jesus. We do not deny eternal punishment, nor justice in this life with laws and punishments, but know that within ourselves adhering to such outward laws does not raise us to knowledge of Allah. We seek to have the compassion, mercy, and love of Allah within us, which means that such love manifests itself for all humans. We also consider our own sins before condemning others in our hearts. Say a man has two children, one good and the other bad. They are both his sons, loved by him and equal in his sight. But he relates differently to each one, for their own good. His punishments to the bad son are actually a sign of love. Indeed, instead of punishing his bad son, he might even show him more gentleness and love to win his heart over, which is indeed the greater path. Richard
  13. Why Islam's Denial Of Christ's Crucifixion?

    Seeing as it is Good Friday in the West, I thought I would share this quotation which I found a few days ago. I was looking in "Sirat Rasoul Allah, The earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn Ishaq" (there is a pdf somewhere on the internet) for references to the Najran Christians, when in one place I noticed the next section "11- The Trinity" (page 58 in my pdf). Here he writes the following about Jesus: I was originally intending to read his work, until I found that Muslims have serious doubts about its historical accuracy. Nevertheless, the above affirmation of Jesus' crucifixion and death is his own personal view, and so probably those of his disciples, and of those who taught him. When his work was criticised during his lifetime, his view on the crucifixion does not seem to have been mentioned. (See http://www.answering...-Ibn-Ishaq.html ) So at least some important early Muslims did accept Jesus' death on the cross! Richard
  14. Woman Changing Her Maiden Name

    We have a different culture, which is not based on clans. (I wonder what the traditional view of this was in the celtic clans in Scotland, Ireland etc) Richard
  15. Make Bradford "british"

    Dear ParadiseLost (or better, Lost_In_Eden, Lost_In_Jannat?), I am sorry for posting that, but it is an emotive issue for me, as I am sure that it is an emotive issue for you. It does show how misunderstandings will bread fear. People do fear that Islam is nice now, but will change when it can. Then again, in the TV programme I was totally shocked when an ex-policeman spoke of 'paki-bashing'. Fear is on both sides. (Also the Muslim lady went into a pub to help there - how brave was this! - but the customers were so rude and horrible to her without cause.) But moving on, I have been thinking that Islam could seriously help the West. 50 years ago, marriage was held in honour. Sex outside of marriage happened (and always will do), but society acknowledged that for the good of society marriage was best. Films were more strictly regulated for their content, elders held in respect, and so on. While I know people here will think I am a puritan in favour of censorship - which I am not - it is clear that something fundamental has been lost: I heard of a teenage mother where the commitment of the father of the baby did not go beyond calling round to her twice a week for sex! This is absurd. I repeat, I do not want to go to censorship, but the balance in society needs readjusting. And it must come from the population as a whole. Christians in general will be in favour of this, but it is our culture which has been ruined. There must be a way forward, and I think Islam can help a lot, but it will have to compromise to help to get the core of marriage and respect back into society. Richard PS Joke: Why wasn't Jesus born in America? Because they couldn't find a virgin! Funny, but in reality totally tragic ...