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  1. Plant ( industrial)
  2. Gay Rights

    Does the Quran or Hadith say to hate them? I don't want to go against Allah swt and I know their lifestyles are wrong but I don't see why we can't associate so maybe the Surah or Hadith could help me understand.
  3. Gay Rights

    I just want to say I lOVE THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER! Especially with sour cream :) Joking aside if gays want to marry why not? I don't care it's their souls not mine and as long as children aren't brought up in the midst of it then whatever. A few of my friends growing up are gay/lesbian and aside from their sexual preferences seem to be good people.
  4. I resent that article btw. I don't know a lot of people who choose a Csection as the easy way out. In fact it takes longer to get back on your feet, causes more long term pain, and other complications. Most people I know who've had a Csection wish they could have gone through labor or had a natural childbirth and celebs are just stupid in general.
  5. I've had three because of preeclampsia, lack of dilation after 72 hours of my water being broke ( my first one), my second was preeclampsia and lack of dilation after 15 hours of labor, and my third was an emergency Csection because of preeclampsia and a blood clot/abruption. I would think in cases where it's life threatening to both involved it's permissible.
  6. Too Much!

    Eh I've had some bumps in the road but Alhumdillilah I'm doing well. :)
  7. I've been looking over my friends recently and found out that one just got beaten so bad she miscarried her third child, one just broke up with her baby's father in a high risk pregnancy as she's lost several in the past, more than a few have kids and no one in life for support, and their Facebook posts are just so sad to read. I wonder if while that girl was being beat and the baby died if Allah swt sat and cried with her, or while my friend writes how even though she's pregnant and the baby is finally doing okay she wants to die because of her situation if Allah swt hears her... Everyone's lives are so messed up right now I almost feel guilty mine is finally steering on track.:(
  8. Circumcision

    Not so. I'd have to get their fathers permission to do it... That won't happen period. They will probably be force ton make the decision when they're much older.
  9. "you Have No Claim To The Holy Land"

    I agree with you in both respects but feel obligated to point out that this type of integration was tried in Russia and has been an utter failure to date breeding more antisemitism in Russia than any other European nation.
  10. Circumcision

    This is what's so hard about being a revert, life before Islam wasn't condusive to what now is... I was wondering about circumcision because my sons aren't circumcised as my husbands family and culture considered it mutilation. They are 2 and 4 and I'm not sure I could put them through that pain! Do they absolutely need to be circumcised to be raised Muslim?
  11. Any Ideas On What Is Going On?

    I don't smoke anything and didn't on a regular basis ever. Sure I've tried it at parties with friends but I can't afford to do drugs regularly since I have one kidney. And I don't think it's laziness, I'm not a lazy person. For example in high school I worked, maintained a 3.8 GPA ran Crosscountry, Track, Wrestled, Studied languages, religion, and had time to babysit and hang with friends. Or in college I was broken up with my husband and watched my two boys, maintained a 4.0 and worked full-time. This is why this tiredness is freaking me out because I've NEVER felt tired like this before.
  12. "you Have No Claim To The Holy Land"

    I'll agree but also play devils advocate here. I am personally against the occupation and have several issues with Zionism but two arguments for it. Number one is that after the Holocaust there was a huge rise in antisemitism throughout Europe and 6 million Jews couldn't just immigrate to other nations so I've always wondered the solution to someone opposing israel In theory would offer the Diaspora. number two is technically according to the Torah, they do have a claim to the land itself if they've returned to observing the Torah or God gave them back the land. This happens plenty of times in the Torah and laying claim to the land, specifically the Temple Mount, is an absolute prerequisite for sacrifices. Other than this Zionism in it's form today is not Judaism in my opinion and I havent seen a prophet coming to the Jews today to tell them to lay claim to the land or take over the inhabitants therein. Most forms of Judaism today are so watered down and unauthentic anyways.