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  1. Salaams!

    assalamu alaykum wa rahmutallahi wa barakatu. my Allah guide you. :sl: i wish you all the best. peace jeneen
  2. Greetings To Everyone!

    assalamu alaykum. i wish you all the best and i hope your rewards double enormously for reading the quran. may Allah also guide you. :sl: peace jeneen
  3. Marriage

    Thank you brother
  4. Marriage

    Can some one please help me with finding the website i mentioned and just post it here.
  5. Marriage

    I just punish myself for not saying "hang on a minute if you don’t agree with me then let me a least tell my mother about you" , instead I asked him to call his imam. Which he really thought i do stuff.
  6. Marriage

    I think I have been misunderstood in here which is partly my fault. I just wanted a lawful conversation so I can freely express my self. Never had an issue with my family knowing it and hence why I told them so early which isn’t the normally done, as far as I know. Obviously I am not getting married to him as he proved disrespectful. I wanted my father the waali to know but only after my mother checks of him and finally me and my mom agree on him together.
  7. Marriage

    Also is the norm in my community not to let your parents know when you’re chatting to someone. It may not even be about marriage. Notice as long as you reach the age of chatting that’s fine with the parents it’s a time you’re suppose to go through. And seriously NO I have not done anything with him apart from chatting to him on my phone. I forgive you for thinking that you’re not from my community so your not use to it. Such questions are wrong to ask too.
  8. Marriage

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmtuallahi wa barakatu. You’re properly right there is no marriage before marriage but what about engagements would that has been the right aspect to use in such matter. I am really confused so I was allowed to chat with him on subjects freely, don’t you think that sort of chatting include lot’s deep considerations and attention as well as emotions been exchanged. But to me engagements are almost like marriage. PEACE
  9. Marriage

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmtuallahi wa barakatu. I really can’t find where I read it from remember my main source been the Egyptian Islamonline which have changed now. I am missing the website greatly. PEACE
  10. Marriage

    wa alaykum a ssalam wa rahmautallhi wa barakatu, Yes brother, I asked him to marry me for the conversation period according to what I read that was correct. Then I would decide whether I want to marry the person. Obviously I wanted my parents to know both ways.
  11. Need Help

    Welcome sister and congratulations and Alhamdulillah. :sl: May Allah bless you and may your wishes become true. May Allah guide your husband. May Allah also give you all the strength to stay and become the course of his guide to Islam. peace jeneen
  12. Marriage

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmtuallahi wa barakatu. I don’t really know how to phrase this but I have been contacted by a brother who found your number from a relative (assuming) I just couldn’t ask him. And so I asked him to marry me to make the conversation lawful. Although he said it wasn’t necessary because he was going to be straight forward I demanded. He asked how, I told him to ask his imam how to marry a girl for talking only. I was expecting a hassle out of it but he phoned again and I assumed he had done it as he told me so and then we continued chatting which I hope Allah forgives me for it. In a very short time e.g. 4th day I asked him to talk and meet my mom he agreed but then appeared at my house with his bike and showed really disrespectful. Did I need a muhram ? peace jeneen
  13. The French Attack On The Prophet And The Consequences

    I am ever so sorry I made a mistake it should be (pbuh) instead of (ra).
  14. New To The Forum

    HELLO TonyJ i wish you all the best and i hope you enjoy the forum. peace jeneen
  15. Newbie Here

    HELLO I welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy time here. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST :sl: jeneen