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  1. Thanks, that means allot to me. I have much to read and I will never leave Islam behind, I will never drop it. Not even if Islam drops me. I will allways return to Allah, and without the remembrance of Allah, my heart will wither away like a dry leaf on fire. Turns into ashes and dries all water into boiling steam. Without Allah, existance has no meaning. I will read the Qu'ran and learn all the meaning of all that Allah has ever given us. I will keep on learning untill I drop dead or be forgiven and only will I sleep when Allah wills for it.
  2. Does the Qu'ran have a verse about this? Does anyone know about it? I have been trying to disproof Islam and then I felt fire in my heart ever since. I tried to outsmart the prophet, because I believed the prophet was wrong and I knew better. I felt responsible for having believed in Islam and then I felt responsible to help other people break free of believe. And rebel like Shaitan. Only back then I did not know it was Shaitan. I thought it was the True way of peace and submition. They are creating a counter book and the deception is great!! Since I was guided, after reading the true Qu'ran, a month or two ago, to take a very cold and hot shower, even as I was tormented with despair and felt completely lost and confused. I felt such great regret for what I have done, even though it is only one or two persons that I might have affected and fought against and deceived into greater disbelieve. I don't know from all the people I spoke on the internet how many have been using my words to plunge into greater rebellion. I myself am now feeling great sickness in my heart and I know I deserve this. I have been feeling the need to kill myself, but I am afraid to do it. So the torment just grows more and more. So I will read the Qu'ran instead. Now that all of this is happening, obviously, I know that Allah does exist. Without a doubt. Allah is capable of taking my eyes away from my and has done so. My ears and has done so. And tongue, and has done so. And yet, no saw it but me. And now I have my tongue and ears and eyes. Allah is the Most Merciful and Allah can take it away whenever He so wills. Allah is the Greatest and Most Powerful. Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi
  3. Actually, I performed on the top of my school, thanks to video games that kept me locked up in my room and seduced me into leaving my muslim friends, leaving me with nothing but homework, my studies and online computer games. The day I quit games was the day my performance dropped all the way to absolutely zero. I could not even focus on a subject for two seconds, it was that boring to me compared to real life. When you think games are real life, homework is just plain fun extra gametime. Especially math is a great fun challenge, it's like a video game. You also get scores for it. Quiting school and choosing to face real life has been a difficult challenge, but quiting video games helps. All video game players go to school and share the same school concerns. Joining online gaming communities will just keep you locked into a mindset of prioritizing your career and school performance over your own peace of mind and contentment.
  4. Is there such a thing as traitor? One who has completely and utterly submitted to Allah and then one day suddenly decides to never obey Allah ever again, and completely disbelieves everything that he/she has ever learned. Completely chooses to forget everything. To let go of the entire faith. Die to Islam. Embrace hell and eternal hellfire, in delight of pain and addicted to hatred against his/her creator. The people of the fire, worshipping the sun and boiling with passion in life. Becoming famous, seducing the people into submition to their own desires. Living for the joy of life, just for the sake of joy and fun itself and not being afraid of Allah or any of the warnings. There are plenty of such people, but which one of them, EVER has been a muslim, prior to such a life? Was Ke$ha a muslim prior to promoting mass orgy? HAS THERE EVER BEEN A MUSLIM WHO DENIED THEIR FAITH?! NOT ONE?!
  5. The earth is for everyone, and no one specificly owns the planet. Only lunatics are capable of dwelling in the idea that someone can own the planet. It's all in the mind of the people, it's a roleplaying game. No matter how much people want to believe that they are the owner of earth, the sun will rise every single day, to support their lunacy. No matter how much people run away from hell, they will dwell therein eternally. No matter how much people walk towards heaven, they will walk towards it, eternally. You are an expression of the one eternal dreamer. Sleep tight and dream on! We'll be there when you wake up...
  6. Yes, we're suppose to finance and support poverty in anyway we can! POVERTY IS THE BEST!
  7. An Easy Way To Remove Your Sins

    Thank you very much
  8. Why Do Muslims Believe God Is In Silence?

    Then you are a believer if you believe that.
  9. Believer Or Disbeliever?

    Am I asking a stupid question? Maybe this question is more easy to relate to: If you were to exist in a heaven and no hell would exist, how would you be able to define heaven as pleasant? Are heaven and hell not mutually dependant? One supports the other. If heaven did not exist, hell could not be experienced as displeasant, is that not so? How would you define hell as displeasant, if heaven did not exist? How would you define heaven as pleasant if there was no hell to diffrentiate heaven from?
  10. Believer Or Disbeliever?

    You mean you want to make people singular? If so, why?
  11. They were kinda hoping to not recognize that aspect of Allah. :P
  12. Guys, you are totally missing the big picture here! This is actually his way of toasting to Muslims. It is a kind and friendly gesture! Believe it or not, thats what "man buddies" do. They drink beer and ridicule the people they love the most. You know why they ridicule? Because they love to stretch and pull the friendship bond, as a statement of its strength, flexibility and durability. If they don't ridicule you it means they don't care about you! Thats how these guys work! These guys allways shred mahines and rip appart dollar bills in front of one another to show eachother that nothing can come in between their friendships. They will eat your icecream, but they will also buy you a new one. They will rip appart your books, and well... They don't care about books, lol. They are merely stating the power of simplicity and inviting people to let go of unecessary bagage. That is there intention, to invite people to set aside books and live simple. It is a gesture of loyalty, dependability. To some degree also care and belonging, but they usually translate that into "mutual independance" lol. It's their way of saying "I don't need you, you don't need me. Lets fcking not need eachother together!" when you put it in their language ;)
  13. I don't get it. What does "false desire" even mean? I usually just want something or I don't.
  14. Transgendered Brother

    Then there is no issue. I guess you're bi-sexual. That is not transgender. Bi-sexual means you're still a male, even when you become feminine. Males can be very feminine and express themselves feminine. It seems you switch roles often, and you have to find out if your woman is okay with that. I personally think this could be very beneficial for a family person. You'll be like girly friends 50% of the time and estblablish a strong bond with your wife and you'll be lovers the other 50% of the time. I mean, women tell me all the time that they wish that gay men could just turn into lover on command and then back into friends. Unfortunately gay people don't like woman. You on the other hand do, so your wife is lucky! Just be okay with where you are. You still feel attracted to your wife when you're masculine and she's still part of your family even when you're feminine! You don't have to be attracted to her all day long anyway! I think it is much more difficult to be a male who is constantly attracted to his wife then it is to be a male who is only attracted sexually to his wife 50% of the time, because then you'll have the other 50% of the time to develop a strong bond with her that is unbreakable. So I think, no harm done. Especially if your wife already loves you for who you are, and not for who you think you're supose to be.