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  1. Reverted Today.

    Assalam alaykom my dear brother, I'm so proud of you guys that though you've just reverted to Islam ,you're so keen to know the regulations and to do it on time! It's a very big responsibility for me to give "fatwa" though I was born Muslim.! Anyhow.It's very important to pray 5 times a day even if NOT on time, Allah is the most generous and inshallah Allah will accept our prayerss ... But .... not praying at all? Please don't "waste" the harvest of prayers :sl: Dear sis n bro, you don't have to "suffer" that much if Masjid is far from your homes, May Allah guide us to the good deeds and gift all of you happiness n prosperity ..
  2. Salam Alaykom I'm Bio

    Salam Alaykom my dear sisters & brothers, I'm so happy that I made it to this forum :sl: I had to go through about 12 security check so it was much fun, I admit :sl: Anyhow,my name is biofena,Icm Egyptian, 32 yrs old... I was born Muslim so I hope this will be of any help to someone here.... Thanks for the warm welcome drink '