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  1. Who is being defeated in Afghanistan? let's take stock of the embarrassingly pathetic state of affairs for the Taliban death-cultists: you're being wiped out by the hundreds whenever you try to engage infidel troops; you can only secure victories when you ambush Afghan cops, blow up kids and women in marketplaces, or kidnap some poor farmer and behead him; we've taken out your leaders and put them on display for journalists to photograph, like some cheap work of grotesque art. How does it feel to be a tiresome joke of a fighting force?
  2. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    I'm never disappointed (they're all comical), by the self-entitled "experts" on Islamism who presume to know more than other Islamists about what is "true" Islamism and what isn't. I guess it's a shame that your gods are so inept at delivering a clear and unambiguous message.
  3. It may not be for you, but I have no reason to believe that you speak for all muslim women. It might be easy to ask women wearing the Fem-Tent why they wear it but those answers may well be agenda or fear driven. We shouldn’t need to be reminded that most Islamist nations tend to be male dominated and patriarchal in nature. Women are typically reduced to positions that relegate them to roles subservient to men. We shouldn’t need to be reminded where those attitudes come from. In order to form opinions, it’s therefore correct to seek varying experiences or to apply the experiences of others to form our positions on these issues. I found it totally believable that someone wearing a burqa could experience precisely feelings related to isolation, extreme self-consciousness, overly sensitive about anything related to her body, "I felt as if I am inside a tentâ€, etc. My own opinion is that there is a certain pathology that afflicts people who would consign women to those feelings of helplessness and inadequacy as described above. It is unhealthy to treat women in a manner such that they become mere possessions-vessels/repositories of the impotent and inadequate male's fragile “honorâ€. That men and women could relate equally in every sphere of human endeavor is a concept that is so alien and so threatening to so much of the Islamist world; I suspect it is what partly fuels the engine of ineptitude that grips so much of the Islamist Middle East.
  4. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    If we look at the Islamic Middle East currently, what strikes me is just how fiercely resistant the politico-religious ideology actually is to any sort of revision or reform. This is its single most buttressed impediment to compatibility with the rest of the world. If we listen to so many of Islam's Sheiks, Imams, ayatollahs,,etc., they tell us in clear and uncompromising terms that Islam is held by Muslims to be the only legitimate law for all of mankind, in all places, at all times. By words and actions, Muslims tell us that they are resolutely convinced that their religion came to them in perfect and uncreated form from God so that it will be in all places, for all times. That is the foundation of its unyielding intolerance and contempt (that's not too strong a word, BTW), for all other worldviews. The result of this rigid literalism in Islam is that muslims exempt the koran and much of the hadith from the debate that one will find in the other (reformed) Abrahamic faiths. Islam is the most static of all the world's faiths. The koran and the amending / correcting hadith are the backbone, brains, heart, and martial law of Muslim life. No matter what you're doing, however mundane, insignificant, or personal, if you're a Muslim, you must do it the way that the koran and the hadith have prescribed. There is nothing is Islamist sharia that even remotely allows for the personal freedoms and human rights that are a hallmark of liberal democracies. In fact, democracies are staunchly opposed to the all-around intolerance that is inherent to a religious ideology which has remained static since medieval times. Such an ideology is antithetical both to human rights and to the illuminating spirit of inquiry and openness which led us out of the darkness of theocracy and totalitarianism.
  5. I believe Canada has taken the correct action. Such symbols of oppression as sacking women is an act that highlights the polarizing nature of Islam's politico-religious practices that are at odds with Western values. Ultimately, the West has no obligation to make allowance for such imposed standards as gender apartheid, subjugation of women or to endorse those practices that represent sneering disdain and a direct challenge to our laws and customs. Such symbols of oppression are relics of the 7th century. In addition, there is no concensus among Islamists as to whether this symbol of apartheid is even a religious obligation. Western standards of liberal democracy and of equal rights under the law is the best leveler of disparate cultures, integrating different peoples into a free and working unity, while preserving their cultural and ethnic identities. That in no way suggests that we should abandon core principles of equality under the law in deference to others' cultural sensitivites that are, at their core, oppressive and denigrating of women. The West is under no obligation to accept such intolerance,
  6. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    We are certainly NOT left with such a narrow definition of Islam as the Koran and hadith in isolation. We have the ahadith, and the biographies of Muhammad. We also have 1400 years of Islamic commentary, theology, law, history and behavior to consider as well. When we examine ideologies, it is ludicrous to limit the examination to literature and manuals. Ideologies do not exist in a vacuum, but instead in the context of their culture, time, place and their relationships with competing ideologies. Furthermore, ideologies have implications in action that serve to explicate and clarify both its foundational literature, and resulting theology.
  7. So then, you have decided that you will respond to comments directed at others, on their behalf?
  8. Did you fail to notice that my post was not directed to you? Have you tasked yourself with answering on behalf of others? Have others asked you to do that for them?
  9. Actually, that's not the case. I gave you a clearly delineated rebuttal to your claim: "...It's a religious institution [u.S. justice system] and is biased towards Christianity and Christian sentiments", and you have made every effort to deny or minimize your claim.
  10. I think you desperately need my help. Your weak attempt at a snide remark simply made you look foolish.
  11. I'm still disappointed that you cannot resolve that you had earlier posted "...It's a religious institution [u.S. justice system] and is biased towards Christianity and Christian sentiments", when the comment is spurious and indefensible.
  12. I'm trying to help you resolve your myriad confusions.
  13. You're forgetting what you wrote or you're confused regarding what thread you're posting in. I'm already convinced you don't understand what thread you're posting in.
  14. You have this need to spam multiple threads with the same personal attacks that contribute nothing to the threads. Why not excuse yourself when you have nothing to contribute?
  15. You acknowledge that the thread is related to Canada yet you suffer from confusion that it was your post that claimed: "...It's a religious institution [u.S. justice system] and is biased towards Christianity and Christian sentiments". If you read through the thread, you will find the post you added.