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  1. North Korean Leader Dies

    The problem lies with the youth of South Korea. Most of them don't feel a connection with the North. They are really two separate people. It would probably be better for the N. Koreans to come out of the trance and join the world on their own, first. The South would have to open up too many mental hospitals(I'm not kidding about this point), and their ecomnomy would suffer so much.
  2. Observers To Enter Syria

    Your posts are always intelligent and well stated. You dropped the ball on this one. Ask all the old eastern block nations that the Soviets controlled by force, about Russian interference. The Chinese are spying on and interfering with every country they want to influence for their own strategic reasons. They are just as nasty at this as the U.S.
  3. North Korean Leader Dies

    It's a nice thought, but it really can't happen without a very high cost, economically and socially. The North and South Koreans are as different as Saudia Arabis and Enland. The Germans did it but the Soviet indoctrination was mild compared to the mind f...k placed on the North Koreans.
  4. North Korean Leader Dies

    It's not love. It is fear induced by a lifetime of brainwashing. NOT LOVE....FEAR.
  5. I've seen plenty of crying mother Marys. I'll pass. If God wants to talk to me, and he wants me to hear Him, He'll do it in English.
  6. Turkey and Tunisia are almost completely Muslim. How else should they be judged? There are many nasty things done in the name of your religion. You should speak out against them because they give the world its impression of Islam. We are not going to study the quar'an so we only have actions of others to form our opinions. You should care about what the rest of the world thinks about your religion. You live in the world and your God favors no one over another. This is one thing I am absolutely sure of.
  7. Muslim Brotherhood Looks Poised To Win Egyptian Election

    It's all over the news, both left and right wing, in the west. Many Christians from the offending countries are interviewed and it's well known that churches are burned and people murdered because they are Christian. Facts are facts. Wearing a cross is illegal in Saudi Arabia. A Christian minister of the Pakistani government was murdered for speaking out against blasphemy laws and thousands cheered his death. Coptic Christians have been treated very poorly in Egypt. This is a fact. Look it up. There are multitudes of accounts. If I go over them one by one, it'll take forever and you'll decide not to believe it anyways. So, look it up yourself. You will find it.
  8. It is not an analogy. It is a fact regarding the discussed subject. The vast majority in both countries are Muslim. My point is that even some Muslim countries have a problem with Islamic (or arabic dress, to be more precise ) traditional dress, and of course, the Turks are not arabs.
  9. Muslim Brotherhood Looks Poised To Win Egyptian Election

    ,I have huge doubts, but I hope you are right because I don't know of any Muslim countries that treat Christians equally or even well.
  10. Stance On Israel.

    Are you even remotely aware that you are anti- semetic(I'll use the term semite when refering to Jews). Do you even comprehend that God loves all his creations? Such hatred will get you no favors from your God. Shouldn't a person decide as a human being how they feel about something? A religious concensous in any religion about many subjects does not exist.
  11. Stance On Israel.

    I can think of a lot worse countries, mostly communist, but others too. Your statement is ridiculous.
  12. Hey, lets get real here for a minute, Muslim countries such as Tunisia and Turkey have even banned the hijab in public schools and uiversities. If Muslim countries can ban Muslim traditional dress, then maybe, just maybe you might want to take it up with them.
  13. Most western countries have not banned them. The populace doesn't like them and the symbolism behind them unnerves us.
  14. I don't think of them as having a disease. It is not possible for me to relate to them when their faces are covered. As far as not having prejudice against women who wear western clothing, it would be a miserable life for you, if practicaly everyone around you in the society you live in, offended you. I have nothing against a woman wearing the burka in a Muslim society, if she's not forced to, and many are(let's agree to disagree on this point).