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  1. Du’aa’ Being Suspended

  2. Du’aa’ Being Suspended

  3. Dua For Husband And Wife's Good Relation

    respect each other and say prayer 5 times
  4. Divorce Plz Pray

  5. A Humble Request For Dua For Me

    say Ya khaliqu ya bariu and badio 100 time and move your on the hairs. InshaAllah Allah regrow your hair.
  6. Please Pray

  7. In Need Of Du'a

    Allah bless you and fullfill your demand but one thing is sure the way you can make dua for yourself with lots of attention and tears with heart no body can so you must awake in the middle of night and due for the blessing al Allah
  8. Dua Request Please

    ok may Allah grant her and show the right path and bless her from above.
  9. Dua For My Brother

    May Allah bless on him
  10. Dua For A Relative

    pray to Allah if you need anything even need you the salt
  11. Dua For A Relative

    Ameen May Allah bless all the needy people and ease there life by Allah blessing.
  12. Fortification Of The Muslim

  13. Du’aa’ Being Suspended

    thanks for sharing.
  14. The Power Of Dua