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  1. Mohammad Hajj Amin Al-husayni

    there was no such thing as palestinians and palestine. it was invented by the english. what are called palestinians now were arabs of the o.e. they speak arabic, not palestinian. no such thing. they thought that fighting with the nazis was the best way to get a state. they were on the wrong side of history and it cost them dearly. when the muslims spread across southern europe and north africa they fought wars and took the land. that was o.k. the spoils of war. well israel is also the spoils of war. taken from the arabs by the jews. turn about is fair play, as they say. i don't think the so called palestinian leader want peace. it would put them out of business. and like arafat did, they would have a harder time of lining their pockets with cash.
  2. 2. Open Letter To Israel.

    but it is required according to muslim text. you wish to defy ?
  3. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    i am not too sure. khomeni said it was ok to have sex with animals and he was a muslim bigwig so to speek. no offence, but you are just a guy on a forum. i'm sure you are o.k. but i dont think you are an ayatollah or mufti or anything. are you ? i have to think this khomeni studied the quran for decades. inside and out back and forth. nothing against you my fiend but are you a scolar or something ? i dont know. just asking.
  4. Mohammad Hajj Amin Al-husayni

    but anyway the muftis collaboration with the nazis is not something that you here much about. i feel that the fact that there was a special unit of the waffen ss for arab muslims is just captivating. you alway here about the french or ukrainian units of the ss but never about the arab waffen ss. fascinating.
  5. Mohammad Hajj Amin Al-husayni

    it was only a small sliver of land. the whole of the arab lands dwarfs what was given to the jews. and as newt gingrich has so indelicately but truthfully said palestine and palestinians were a creation. the didnt exist before. they were arabs jews and christians. not palestinians.
  6. Mohammad Hajj Amin Al-husayni

    see, now i gave something and you gave something. good. true. the fall of the o.e. did leave a vacuum as far as large political/military entities were concerned. but organization on the grassroot religious level didn't waver. guys like the mufti were still there and powerful in the twisted streets and bazaars of jerusalem, beruit, damascas and the like. not in a global sense but in the region. i don't think the mufti played any role in the outcome of the war except to cut an interesting figure. now did he help shape the muslim worlds veiw of the jews going into the future ? sure he did.
  7. Muhammmad And Ayesha

    is truth inappropriate here ? i am a new member.
  8. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    soldier does have to accept association with khomeni in so far as they are both muslims. hindus sometimes do bad things. i don't say they arent hindus. theyare. they are just hindus that did something bad.
  9. Mohammad Hajj Amin Al-husayni

    does everyone just want to sit back and be entertained ? o.k. i find the grand mufti interesting because Islam is rarely if ever associated with this period of history. very strange.
  10. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    really when you think about it, who is soldier to determine if khomeni and iran are anti Islamic. i bet millions of iranians would like to take issue with soldier on that point
  11. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    he needs to accept nothing. but it seems that if what khomeni says goes against what he beleives then khomeni isn't a muslim. cant soldier disagree with khomeni and khomeni still be a muslim in soldiers eyes ?
  12. This Is Different

    very good my friend. looking forward to our chats
  13. Mohammad Hajj Amin Al-husayni

    come my friend. dig a little
  14. Sodomy And Bestiality In Us Military Legal!

    when it doesnt go your way you say hey they arent one of us ? pretty lame dude. take the good with the bad :sl: