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  1. Ask A Catholic Anything!

    The Bible does not specify praying to the dead for their intercession. Jesus said when he prayed for all believers, "May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me." John 17:23 Why do you think God loves Mary more?
  2. Not Quite Goodbye

    I agree, a lot of the discussions are not spiritual (and I don't mean mystical). I mean, Islamic spirituality, encouraging faith, living a good life - rather than topics about what not to do to avoid the hellfire, wisdom.... It's rules and rules.
  3. Bringing back Rahimi and not being rude and cold to non-Muslims. Good idea
  4. Is It Allowed To Impose Sharia On Non-muslims?

    But I'm talking about killing them by fighting them if they refuse Islam. What is the point of killing them since they will go yo hell, whereas if they are not killed their life as non-Muslims will lead them to the hellfires? Why not just leave them? Perhaps they could also convert out of free will.
  5. The views of the author: "The most important figures -- established with academic certainty -- are these: Approximately 15,000 have been killed over the course of the israeli-Palestinian conflict. This number is accurate within a couple of thousand, and includes all Jewish and Palestinian fatalities: civilians and combatants. The number of innocent Palestinian civilians killed since 1948 is in the four figures. These numbers have been calculated by rigorous institutions, whose sympathies lie with the Palestinian cause: They are not contested by serious scholars. I confess that I was amazed at just how low these figures are -- I found myself returning to the data again and again to check that I had not misread them. (I urge you to do so as well.) Hence, I can hardly condemn others for not pursuing them more rigorously, even if they have swallowed a vastly more bloated distortion. " "israel is not in the same league as the world's genocidal nations. It is not in the same moral universe. It does not matter whether you use the term "genocide" accurately, or loosely, or incorrectly. To apply this term to israel -- in any imaginable sense of the word -- is slander. If you obsess about israel's supposedly murderous nature, yet feel neutral about Guatemala, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc. -- each of which (though arguably not guilty of genocide) is responsible for the outright massacre of at least 100,000 innocent civilians -- then you are a bigot. You may not be an anti-Semite. But you have a problem with Jews. " "Because israel has been conflated with the most vicious regimes in history -- the Mongol Empire, the Third Reich -- many simply assume that every atrocity in the area must be a Jewish act. When an israeli couple and their children, including a baby, were stabbed to death on the Sabbath while sleeping, Huffington Post user Anbreen -- who can always be counted on to explain Zionism -- argued that the murderer "could be a settler. Quite few [sic] of those people are whet [sic] would be called 'monsters' or 'criminall­y insane' in the US." Surely they can be expected to murder sleeping Jews during the Sabbath. I urge you to read the entire conversation. Agreement all around. Hamas took no credit for the butchery, but expressed "full support." When two Palestinians confessed that they had murdered the family, and had no regrets, Anbreen fell silent. Not a word from the once-eager claque. Not a single apology, despite the sickening depth of the libel. If you put out the lie that a nation is genocidal, you strengthen its enemies. You weaken its friends. You convince otherwise well-meaning liberals that they are allied to a monster, that they enable this monster and its genocidal weaponry. Decent people do not wish to be complicit in genocide. Decent people cut off funding." "Yes, al-Naqba, the "Disaster,­­" was caused directly by tactics now embraced by Finkelstei­­n: the deliberate inflation of atrocities­­. Deir Yassin was vile, and unforgivab­­le: Jewish terrorists butchered about 120 peaceful villagers­­. Pregnant women, however, were not raped; their bellies were not slit open. We have Palestinia­­n testimony, on video, to the *fact* (not the opinion) that the atrocity was deliberate­­ly embellishe­­d in order to inspire resistance­­. Hazem Nusseibeh was the editor at the Palestine Broadcasti­­ng Service who put out the exaggerate­­d report: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_######­­.youtube.­c­om/watch­?v­=GkhSHi­wza­IY"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_######­­.youtube.­c­om/watch­?v­=GkhSHi­wza­IY[/url] "I asked Dr. Khalidi (Hussein Khalidi, a Palestinia­­n leader) how we should cover the story. He said, 'We must make the most of this.' So he wrote a press release stating that at Deir Yassin children were murdered, pregnant women were raped: all sorts of atrocities­­." Abu Mahmoud, an eyewitness from Deir Yassin, reports that villagers objected: "We said, 'There was no rape.' He said, 'We have to say this, so the Arab armies will come to liberate Palestine from the Jews.'" Deir Yassin was worse than a sin. It disgraced our people. The magnificat­­ion of that atrocity, however, was a catastroph­­e: it became THE Catastroph­­e. Nusseibeh admits as much: "This was our biggest mistake. We did not realize how our people would react. As soon as they heard that women had been raped at Deir Yassin, Palestinia­­ns fled in terror. They ran away from all our villages." You can read the rest here: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yethuffingtonpost.ca/douglas-anthony-cooper/israel-genocide_b_1169993.html?ref=Islam&just_reloaded=1"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yethuffingtonpost.ca/douglas-antho...just_reloaded=1[/url] Who agrees and who disagrees with him? Is israel unfairly accused of genocide? Are some people exxaggerating/demonising israel?
  6. Sex Slavery Bust Arrests Several Muslims In Uk

    Is refusal to accept Islam a justifiable reason for ensalving someone? Can someone be enslaved mearly due to the fact that they are not Muslims? I'd just like some clarity please. Thank you.
  7. Is It Allowed To Impose Sharia On Non-muslims?

    What does the West have to do with this? And I don't condone their actions. So where does a lifetime as a slave or second-class citizen (in some instances having to give their children into slavery as tribute) fit into your view of what is better and what isn't? If they refuse Islam and are bound for the hellfires, killing them solves it? They might as well be left alone if hell is their destination anyway. Killing them doesn't change that.
  8. "israel Is Not Committing Genocide"

    Interesting... Do you agree with the author that the situation has been blown out of proportion or not?
  9. Is It Allowed To Impose Sharia On Non-muslims?

    Do they have the option to kill or enslave them? Or subdue them to Sharia in another way?
  10. Sex Slavery Bust Arrests Several Muslims In Uk

    Even if she is an unbeliever?
  11. Sex Slavery Bust Arrests Several Muslims In Uk

    In Islamic jurisprudence, slavery was an exceptional condition, with the general rule being a presumption of freedom (al-'asl huwa 'l-hurriya — "The basic principle is liberty") for a person if his or her origins were unknown,[2] though enslavement was sanctioned by God as punishment for unbelief.[37] Lawful enslavement was restricted to two instances: capture in war (on the condition that the prisoner is not a Muslim), or birth in slavery. Islamic law did not recognize the classes of slave from pre-Islamic Arabia including those sold or given into slavery by themselves and others, and those indebted into slavery.[2] Though a free Muslim could not be enslaved, conversion to Islam by a non-Muslim slave did not require that he or she then should be liberated. Slave status was not affected by conversion to Islam.[38] Slave women were required mainly as concubines and menials. A Muslim slaveholder was entitled by law to the sexual enjoyment of his slave women. While free women might own male slaves, they had no such right.[61] The purchase of female slaves for sex was lawful from the perspective of Islamic law, and this was the most common motive for the purchase of slaves throughout Islamic history.[62] (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Islamic_views_on_slavery"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Islamic_views_on_slavery[/url] This snippet is informative, but hopefully a Muslim member of this site can answer the rest of my questions.
  12. Sex Slavery Bust Arrests Several Muslims In Uk

    Yes, I hope that they may assist. May a non-Muslim woman be enslaved only during war or upon refusal to accept Islam? I know that a Muslim cannot be made a slave, but a non-Muslim can. The answer will be very interesting because Muslim slave traders enslaved non-Muslims without there being an ongoing war, and without in many cases asking them to convert to Islam... Thank you for your response.
  13. Is Jesus God?

    God seems to be very cleary about his own identity in the Old Testament, why not continue that???
  14. Christians Belief About Muslims

    Yep, but Christian Universalism is growing - which denies the belief in Hell...
  15. Sex Slavery Bust Arrests Several Muslims In Uk

    right on. Sad Clown perhaps you can help me. If I am not mistaken slavery of non-Muslims is allowed in Islam and so is sex with slaves. I read that Muhammad had Jewish and Christian sex-slaves so is it compatible or incompatible with Islam??? I'd like to understand better.
  16. In Nigeria, Boko Haram Is Not The Problem

    I did not notice spacegoat! :sl:
  17. Sinaiticus Codex

    Yes, there are texts which predate the Nicene council. There are also works in which ancient Christians quoted from Manuscripts... There are texts older than the Sinacius. Stop obssessing over Barnabas. The Epistle and Gospel of Barnabas are not the same thing. Although the work is not gnostic in a theological sense, the author, who considers himself to be a teacher to the unidentified audience to which he writes (see e.g. 9.9), intends to impart to his readers the perfect gnosis (special knowledge), that they may perceive that the Christians are the only true covenant people, and that the Jewish people had never been in a covenant with God. His polemics are, above all, directed against Judaizing Christians (see Ebionites, Nazarenes, Judaizing teachers). In no other writing of that early time is the separation of the Gentile Christians from observant Jews so clearly insisted upon. The covenant promises, he maintains, belong only to the Christians (e.g. 4.6-8), and circumcision, and the entire Jewish sacrificial and ceremonial system are, according to him, due to misunderstanding. According to the author's conception, Jewish scriptures, rightly understood, contain no such injunctions (chapters 9-10). He is a thorough opponent to Jewish legalism, but by no means an antinomist. At some points the Epistle seems quite Pauline, as with its concept of atonement. The Epistle reinterprets many of the laws of the Torah. For example, the prohibition on eating pork is not to be taken literally, but rather forbids the people to live like swine, who supposedly grunt when hungry but are silent when full: likewise, the people are not to pray to God when they are in need but ignore him when they are satisfied. Similarly, the prohibition on eating rabbit means that the people are not to behave in a promiscuous manner, and the prohibition on eating weasel is actually to be interpreted as a prohibition of oral sex, based on the mistaken belief that weasels copulate via the mouth.[1] It is likely that, due to the resurgence of Judaism in the early 2nd century, and the tolerance of the emperor Hadrian, Christians, such as the text's author, felt a need to resist Jewish influences polemically. In this case, the author seems to aim to demonstrate that Jewish understanding of the Mosaic legislation (Torah) is completely incorrect and can now be considered superseded, since in the author's view the Jewish scriptures foreshadowed Jesus and Christianity when rightly understood. The author quotes liberally from the Old Testament, including the apocryphal books. He quotes from the New Testament gospels twice (4:14, 5:9),[2][1] and is in general agreement with the New Testament presentation of salvation-history. He quotes material resembling 4 Esdras (12.1) and 1 Enoch (4.3; 16.5), which did not become part of the Biblical canon except in some traditions (e.g. 1 Enoch is considered scriptural in the Ethiopian church). The closing Two Ways section (chapters 18-21), see also Didache, which contains a series of moral injunctions, presents "another gnosis and teaching" (18.1) in relation to the body of the epistle, and its connection to the latter has given rise to much discussion. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Epistle_of_Barnabas"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Epistle_of_Barnabas[/url] Sounds nothing like the 'Gospel of Barnabas' which actually contains geographic and historical mistakes and claims that Jesus was never the Messiah but Muhammad was.... I don't know if corrections is the right word. Yes, cross-refrencing is done with the thousands of articles of NT parchment. Read the rest of the Wikipedia article as it will answer the rest of your questions. ???
  18. Who Is The Spirit Of Truth?

    Strong's Concordance is used to help bible readers better understand the Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic texts. It is the most authoritative lexicon, however you are free to search online for other Koine Greek dictionaries for Biblical as well as historical research. 1. The verses are in the Sinatius for example, and the Peshitta. Counselor / Parakletos in Greek which is derived from Aramaic means counselor or intercessor. The Jewish Encyclopedia discusses in detail how it was understood by Jews: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetjewishencyclopedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/articles/11899-paraclete"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetjewishencyclopedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/articles/11899-paraclete[/url] This is why in some translations, Paraclete is translated as one who ends the curse. A paraclete could be human, a sacrifice, a spirit or an angel. Jesus clearly stated he was referring to a spirit. Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010) “And I shall request from my Father and he will give you another Redeemer of the accursed, that he will be with you for eternity.” The word is used in Aramaic and Greek, but may be applied differently. In this context, though, we are not talking about a person. It is used various times in texts, I don't have time to look for you. The internet as at your disposal.... I'm really amused at this point. First, Muslim apologists claim that the word was originally periklytos - to mean 'Ahmad', and now it means Paraclete but it refers to Muhammad not a spirit.... So if nothing is known for certain, why on earth do you bring up this verse to claim it is Muhammad? I don't understand what you are getting at. Please re-phrase. Please re-phrae again, perhaps I can help you understand. But if you understood the meaning of Paraclete, you might understand it... Your statement does not answer my question. Manuscripts prior to Muhammad's verse already said 'forver'.... And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever-- John 14:16 How is Muhammad with us forever since he is deceased??????????? I'd love the answer to that one!
  19. Sex Slavery Bust Arrests Several Muslims In Uk

    I dont disagree that you did not accuse myself or Wesley of that, I was merely clarifying. Personally I hold the opinion that while the ME is gaining notoriety for sex trafficking, most sex traffickers and sex tourist source women are interested in markets such as Brazil, Thailand especially, Europe and the U.S. - although not limited to these countries... It's very sad.
  20. Sex Slavery Bust Arrests Several Muslims In Uk

    Neither myself nor wesley have claimed that sex trafficking is unique to the middle East. I think we are all aware that it is a global issue. The fact that according to your statistics, sex trafficking and sex slavery in the ME only amounts to 10% of he trade does not change the fact that the attitude to sex crimes including sex trafficking is despicable - women getting raped by their employers and being punished instead for fornication, having their passports removed, etc. Some of the worst labor laws are in the ME (which may or may not have to do with the culture of slavery), and I think this contributes to the horrific cases of abuse of domestic workers. "In his book, A Crime So Monstrous, journalist E. Benjamin Skinner points out that his $16 ticket to get into the Cyclone brothel actually bore the official stamp of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce. Skinner interviewed many of the prostitutes, some of them in their early teens. Most of them, seeking to escape desperate poverty in their homelands, were offered the chance to be smuggled into Dubai with the promise of jobs as maids, etc. Then the snakeheads (people smugglers) sold them to brothels and kept their passports. Now they were trapped and powerless in a nightmare world. Some Eastern European women were kept in line by threats to murder their families back home. Other women smuggled into Dubai do get jobs working in households. Again, their employers keep their passports. Again, they are utterly in the power of men who rape and beat them and pay no wages. Some Dubai married men keep foreign sex slaves in special apartments popularly known as "shag pads." If a desperate captive woman flees, the "owner" - in an echo of the "runaway slave" advertisements in pre-Civil War USA - will run an "absconding servant" advertisement in Dubai newspapers. " (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetraisethehammer(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/article/781"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetraisethehammer(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/article/781[/url]
  21. Missjupiter

    hello. i am really curious about Islam and would like answers to my questions - especially the things i find hard to to understand and unacceptable. Hopefully we can all engage in peaceful and informative discourse. I look forward to it! i am really curious about Islam and would like answers to my questions - especially the things i find hard to to understand and unacceptable. Hopefully we can all engage in peaceful and informative discourse. I look forward to it!
  22. Who Is The Spirit Of Truth?

    It is not used. But if the Islamic claim that Jesus was a Spirit from God is true, then the statement that "another/similar" spirit - the Spirit of truth - can't be a spirit wrong. If Jesus was a man referring to "another/similar" man it could work here, but Jesus already identified the counsellor and did not say it was a prophet. We could also debate whether Muhammad and Jesus were similar... Refer to posts #22 and #23.
  23. In Nigeria, Boko Haram Is Not The Problem

    Your post consists of snippets of a one-sided article that seems to imply that Boko Haram are scapegoats and wrongly accused of extremism or terrorism.